Buying Guides

  1. Top 10 Things for You to Consider Before Buying Your Dream Greenhouse

    an aluminium greenhouse full of plants

    Buying a greenhouse is a life-changing moment if you're a budding gardener. It's the best decision you'll ever make. In this blog, we explain everything you need to know before making your dream purchase so that you can confidently select the perfect greenhouse with minimal fuss.

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  2. Why a Potting Shed is the Best Buy for an All-in-One Shed

    a blue and white potting shed with a pent roof

    A potting shed is a versatile garden building, sitting somewhere between a regular shed and a greenhouse. Discover their unique benefits here and view some incredibly stylish potting sheds for sale.

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  3. How to Choose the Best Garden Shed

    wooden tongue and groove shed with door open and window ajar in a garden setting

    It's decision time!

    Choosing the best shed for your garden is a big decision. It can also be confusing.

    So, let The Shedstore Team guide you through all the factors you need to consider when buying a shed. You'll soon discover which shed is best for your outdoor storage needs and for your garden.

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  4. A Homeworker’s Guide to Successfully Choosing a Garden Office

    a garden office, made of structural insulated panels, with double doors and 2 full-length windows

    With the dramatic rise in working from home, it's time to rethink the home office.

    Most homes do not have enough space for a dedicated office. Discover why a log cabin is the answer and how to choose the right garden office for your work-life balance and your garden.


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  5. Contemporary Summerhouses for a Modern Garden

    Contemporary Summerhouses for a Modern Garden

    If, when you imagine a garden summerhouse, you think of a quaint octagonal garden bulding, think again. Today, you can discover a whole range of contemporary summerhouses to suit even the most modern of gardens.

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  6. A Potting Shed is a Joy to Own

    A Potting Shed is a Joy to Own

    Potting sheds are perfect for people who love gardening. They offer the benefits of a traditional shed and with an important addition – they’re a great place to nurture plants.

    Read on and find out more.

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  7. 9 Fantastic Shed Accessories to Improve Your Garden Shed

    a shed with solar lighting, kitted out as a home office

    Shed accessories improve a garden shed in many different ways. They can make it more functional, economical, secure or inviting, turning it from a good garden shed into a great one.

    Take a look at these great shed accessories now, all of which make a positive addition to any garden shed.

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  8. 5 Reasons to Buy A Garden Workshop

    5 Reasons to Buy A Garden Workshop

    Discover what makes a garden workshop different to a shed, and how you would benefit from owning one.

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  9. Christmas Gifts for in the Garden

    Christmas Gifts for in the Garden

    Choosing the perfect Christmas presents can be a bit of a challenge, so why not get some garden-based inspiration for gift ideas here? 

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  10. A Playhouse to Make Christmas Magical

    A Playhouse to Make Christmas Magical

    A playhouse makes a very special Christmas gift. It’s somewhere to learn, socialise and, best of all, have fun. View some our finest playhouses here and discover why they’re such a great investment.

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