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  1. 10 Tangible Reasons Why You Should Buy a Forest 4Life Summerhouse

    8x6 Forest 4Life Double Door Apex Summer House with 4 Windows

    Now winter’s drawing to a close, it’s time to look forward to the warmer months, as we show you a brand-new range of extra-special summerhouses.

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  2. Top 10 Cheap Sheds at Shedstore This January

    6x4 Yardmaster Castleton Anthracite Pent Metal Shed

    If you want to buy a cheap shed, you’re in exactly the right place. Find our best high-quality, low-price sheds here…

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  3. Why A Forest Beckwood Shiplap Shed is The Best Garden Shed for You

    8' x 6' Forest Beckwood 25yr Guarantee Shiplap Pressure Treated Pent Wooden Shed

    Shiplap sheds are the perfect choice of shed if you want to combine quality with value for money. Discover all you need to know about Forest’s market-leading range of Beckwood shiplap sheds here…

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  4. Innovative Wooden Shed Designs & Ideas [UPDATED]

    6x8 shed with veranda

    Welcome to our world of wooden shed designs, where functionality meets creativity. Whether you need additional storage space, are considering a shed project, or exploring various possibilities our collection offers a wide variety of options. Discover

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  5. Shed Roof Designs & Types: Which is Better Apex or Pent? [UPDATED]

    Shed Roof Designs & Types: Which is Better Apex or Pent? [UPDATED]

    Exploring shed roof designs opens a realm of possibilities that extend beyond mere functional considerations, this guide explores the distinct features of these roof styles.

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  6. Creating Shade in the Garden: Creative Garden Shade Ideas, Structures & Solutions [UPDATED]

    Creating Shade in the Garden: Creative Garden Shade Ideas, Structures & Solutions [UPDATED]

    Whether you are thinking about creating a cosy nook or a spacious patio retreat, the right shade solutions turn your garden into a welcoming sanctuary where you can unwind and fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

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  7. How to Choose the Best Garden Shed [UPDATED]

    wooden tongue and groove shed with door open and window ajar in a garden setting

    It's decision time!

    Choosing the best shed for your garden is a big decision. It can also be confusing.

    So, let The Shedstore Team guide you through all the factors you need to consider when buying a shed. You'll soon discover which shed

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  8. Choosing the Best Wooden Greenhouses: A Buyer's Guide [UPDATED]

    an 8x6 wooden greenhouse full of plants

    Owning a wooden greenhouse is one of life's great pleasures for any gardener. Take a look at 5 of the best wooden greenhouses for sale right now.

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  9. The 10 Top Reasons to Choose Plastic Garden Storage

    4'9 x 2'8 Saffron StoreAway 1200L Plastic Garden Storage Shed

    Our fantastic range of plastic storage is flying out of the warehouse. Discover why so many people have cottoned on to the benefits of plastic garden storage here…

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  10. What Is Pressure Treated Wood & Why This Is Essential for Long Lasting Garden Sheds [UPDATED]

    10' x 8' Forest Timberdale Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Shed with Logstore

    Are you wondering “what is pressure treated wood”? Or maybe you are looking to buy long-lasting garden sheds, or perhaps you are wondering how long do wooden sheds last? Click ‘Read more’ to find out the answers.

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