6x8 shed with veranda

Welcome to our world of wooden shed designs, where functionality meets creativity. Whether you need additional storage space, are considering a shed project, or exploring various possibilities our collection offers a wide variety of options. Discover the perfect blend of practicality and design as you explore our ideas for enhancing your outdoor space.

Editor’s Note [27.09.23]: Our guide about innovative wooden shed designs was originally published on May 30, 2017. Today’s update includes sections for lean to sheds, inspiring outdoor shed design ideas, how to maximise space, finishes to choose from, garden shed designs, adding elements for a cosy appeal, blending in aesthetics, and wooden shed design ideas including advantages of wooden sheds.

Navigating the options - Which are the best garden shed designs for you?

Here at Shedstore, we offer a wide range of wooden shed designs to cater to your shed storage and space needs. These come in a variety of sizes too. Have a look through our wooden shed designs gallery to see which shed is best for your needs. Need more help? Call our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team and they’ll be happy to help you figure out which shed is best for you and how to support your shed plans.


1) Traditional apex garden sheds

8' x 6' Traditional Shiplap Apex Security Wooden Garden Shed8' x 6' Traditional Shiplap Apex Security Wooden Garden Shed

Nothing beats the traditional look of an apex shed (also sometimes called a gable roof shed). A mini-house designed for all your gardening bits and bobs, machinery, and to store garden tools – not forgetting garden furniture and bikes. An essential part of the garden and home, a traditional apex shed will last for years. Explore more apex sheds here.

2) Traditional pent garden sheds

8' x 6' Traditional Shiplap Pent Security Wooden Garden Shed8' x 6' Traditional Shiplap Pent Security Wooden Garden Shed
7' x 5' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Pent Wooden Shed7' x 5' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Pent Wooden Shed

If you need to make full use of your garden space, a pent garden shed is a perfect choice. Pent sheds can be sited up against walls and fencing and, once inside, you still have all the usable space and headroom of any other shed. Pent sheds are invaluable when maximising the garden. Explore more pent sheds here.

3) Reverse apex sheds

6' x 4' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Reverse Apex Wooden Shed6' x 4' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Reverse Apex Wooden Shed
12' x 8' Forest Timberdale Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Reverse Apex Shed12' x 8' Forest Timberdale Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Reverse Apex Shed

When placed up against a wall or fence, the higher section of the roof is at the back of the shed – great for storing ladders and garden furniture and perfect for quicker access to everyday items elsewhere in the shed. They are particularly good for use as a workshop, as you have more wall space for benches etc. Reverse apex sheds are great to look at and highly practical – a superb combination! Explore more reverse apex sheds here.

4) Corner sheds

7'5 x 7'5 Shire Shiplap Wooden Corner Garden Shed7'5 x 7'5 Shire Shiplap Wooden Corner Garden Shed
7 x 7 Mercia Shiplap Corner Shed7 x 7 Mercia Shiplap Corner Shed

As the name suggests, these are perfect sheds for sitting in a corner of the garden to make full use of garden space. Embrace the convenience of organised storage that neatly fits a corner, while enhancing your garden's aesthetics with this shed range. The extra height in the eaves ensures you can store everything you need for your garden in an easily accessible and great-looking building. Explore more corner sheds here.

5) Sheds with log stores

10' x 8' Forest Timberdale Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Shed with Logstore10' x 8' Forest Timberdale Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Shed with Logstore
8' x 6' Forest Timberdale Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Apex Shed with Logstore8' x 6' Forest Timberdale Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Apex Shed with Logstore

Woodburners are becoming ever popular and dry wood is the only wood to burn. This shed style operates as a log store and is vital if you want to keep the worst of the weather off the cut wood and allow natural moisture loss. Wet wood simply smoulders and gives off smoke whereas dry wood burns like a dream. The bonus is that a neat stack of cut wood looks great in the garden. Explore more sheds with log stores here.

6) Sheds for grow-your-own gardeners

8'3 x 8'2 Mercia Wooden Combi Shed Greenhouse8'3 x 8'2 Mercia Wooden Combi Shed Greenhouse
6' x 8' Shire Sun Pent Wooden Garden Potting Shed6' x 8' Shire Sun Pent Wooden Garden Potting Shed

A simple shed is great for storage but add larger windows and a work area and suddenly it becomes a growing area, a stopping-off point to a greenhouse and a superb place to raise seedlings, chit potatoes and pot plants. Manufactured with attention to detail, this shed measures to ensure a perfect balance between form and function, making it a standout addition. Superb light, and great ventilation and your garden will never be as good. Explore more potting sheds here.

7) Lean to sheds - space-saving solutions for every garden

6' x 3' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Windowless Pent Wooden Shed6' x 3' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Windowless Pent Wooden Shed
Traditional Shiplap Pent Wooden Garden Tool Storage ShedTraditional Shiplap Pent Wooden Garden Tool Storage Shed

Discover the convenience of lean to sheds, designed to optimise your garden's space. These sheds cleverly use the back wall or fence of your property, making efficient use of available room. With a variety of shed sizes and lean to designs available, you can easily find the perfect fit for your needs. Constructing a lean to shed is not only practical but also remarkably easy, providing an accessible DIY project that maximises storage potential.

8) Great looking sheds – for those that like a beautiful building

7' x 9' Shire Casita Wooden Summer House including Veranda7' x 9' Shire Casita Wooden Summer House including Veranda
10' x 8' Mercia Shiplap Dutch Barn Shed10' x 8' Mercia Shiplap Dutch Barn Shed

With a designer’s eye and a little effort, a simple storage shed can become a structure of beauty. Barn style roofs blend into country gardens whereas a simple veranda adds a touch of class to your garden structure. Sheds need not be purely practical. Beauty is in the eye of the shed holder.

Inspiring outdoor shed design ideas

Improve your outdoor space with these inspiring storage shed design concepts. From enhancing style and functionality to maximising space efficiency, discover how to create sheds that perfectly suit your needs.

How to incorporate style and functionality

Installing a shed that seamlessly blends style and functionality requires thoughtful planning. Embrace cohesive colour palettes and architectural details that complement your outdoor landscape. Consider integrating versatile storage solutions that might be just what you need to keep your tools organised while maintaining a visually appealing interior.

Maximising space efficiency

When space is limited, strategic design can make a world of difference. Listed below are five tips to maximise space efficiency in your own shed:

1)     Utilise vertical shelving - install tall shelving units to make the most of vertical space

2)     Hang tools - use pegboards or magnetic strips to hang tools and keep them easily accessible

3)     Slide-out storage - incorporate pull-out drawers or trays to efficiently store smaller items

4)     Overhead storage - install overhead racks or shelves to store items that are used less frequently

5)     Stackable containers - opt for stackable containers to organise gardening supplies and lawn equipment

Hanging toolsHanging tools

Customising designs to fit your needs

A shed might become a versatile hub for various activities when tailored to your requirements, or it might just be a storage shed. Whether you need a peaceful reading nook, an art studio, or a gardening workshop, consider adding specialised storage, seating, and layout arrangements. Personalise the exterior with garden-inspired details to create a harmonious connection with your surroundings.

Materials and finishes

Creating a cohesive design involves selecting materials and finishes that harmonise with your garden aesthetics. Listed below are five tips to consider:

1)     Harmonious material selection - choose materials that complement your garden's natural elements

2)     Weather-resistant finishes - prioritise coatings that withstand varying weather conditions

3)     Functional roofing - select roofing materials that align with the shed's purpose and your preferences

4)     Strategic window placement - install windows to optimise natural light and offer scenic views

5)     Enhancing exterior details - incorporate decorative elements that tie the shed's design to your garden theme

The best garden shed designs for every landscape

Explore a diverse range of garden shed designs that seamlessly integrate with various landscapes. Whether your garden embraces traditional elegance or modern minimalism, these design-related shed ideas offer versatility for every outdoor setting.

Traditional designs

Traditional garden shed designs exude timeless charm, making them an excellent fit for various landscapes. Embrace the following features to capture the essence of enduring style:

 #  Feature Description
1  Cupolas or weathervanes  Architectural elements that accentuate the roofline
2  Decorative hinges  Intricate hinges that showcase attention to detail
3  Dormer windows  Delicate, protruding windows add character
4  Garden trellis accents  Trellice lattice panels for a touch of natural sophistication
5  Panelled doors  Sturdy and ornate doors that define traditional charm
6  Pitched roof with eaves  Traditional roof design offering both shelter and style
7  Rustic wooden finishes  Rich, wooden textures that evoke a classic aesthetic
8  Transom windows  Windows above doors for increased light and aesthetics
9  Whimsical roof shingles  Distinctive shingles with a touch of whimsy
10  Window flower boxes  Charming boxes for flourishing garden blooms

Modern designs

Modern garden shed designs embrace sleekness and innovation, adding a contemporary touch to your landscape. Consider the following features for a modern twist:


 Feature Description
1 Flat roof design  Streamlined roof that adds a minimalist edge
2 Geometric shapes  Unique shapes that stand out in the garden
3 Green roof options  Environmentally friendly roofs with vegetation
4 High-quality insulation  Ensure comfort and energy efficiency year-round
5 Large glass panels  Expansive glass surfaces for a light-filled space
6 Metal accents  Incorporate metal elements for an industrial vibe
7 Minimalistic lines  Clean lines and simple geometry for a modern look
8 Prefabricated materials  Efficient construction using modern materials
9 Sliding barn doors Space-saving and trendy entryways to the shed
10 Solar panel integration Energy-efficient option for a sustainable shed

Elements for a cosy appeal

Create an inviting shed space by focusing on these cosy design elements:

  • Compact heating - install a small heater for colder months
  • Indoor plants - bring the outdoors in with potted plants
  • Natural light - maximise windows to invite light and nature
  • Natural materials - incorporate wood and fabrics for an organic feel
  • Personal décor - display sentimental items to personalise the space
  • Small seating nooks - create corners with seating for relaxation
  • Soft lighting - use warm-toned lights for a comfortable ambience
  • Textured fabrics - add cushions, throws, and rugs for a homely touch

How to blend shed aesthetics with garden landscaping

Integrate your shed seamlessly into your garden with these landscaping tips:

  • Decorative arbours - frame the shed with ornate arbours or trellises
  • Garden borders - add flower beds or hedges around the shed
  • Matching colours - use shed hues that harmonise with surrounding plants
  • Natural screening - soften the shed's edges with shrubs or vines
  • Paved pathways - create a path for easy access to the shed
  • Strategic placement - position the shed to complement the garden's flow
14' x 10' Mercia Shiplap Apex Workshop14' x 10' Mercia Shiplap Apex Workshop

Showcasing the versatility of wooden shed designs

Explore the remarkable versatility of wooden shed designs, where timeless elegance meets modern adaptability. Discover how wooden sheds seamlessly blend into various landscapes while offering a wide range of finishes and styles.

Timeless wooden elegance

Embrace the enduring charm of wooden sheds, where the natural warmth of wood creates an ambience of timeless elegance. The traditional allure of wood evokes a sense of nostalgia and harmony, making your own shed a classic addition to any garden.

Versatile wood finishes and styles

Wooden sheds boast a versatility that few materials can match. With an array of finishes and styles available, you can tailor your shed's appearance to suit your desired aesthetic. From rustic to refined, wooden sheds effortlessly accommodate your own shed design preferences.

Advantages of wooden sheds

Experience the advantages that wooden sheds bring to your outdoor space:

1)  Adaptable styles - easily match architectural styles or create unique looks

2)  Aesthetic enhancement - wood ages gracefully, enhancing character over time

3)  Charming aesthetics - nostalgic beauty that captures a classic essence

4)  Customisable finishes - paint, stain, or seal wood for the desired appearance

5)  Durable and long-lasting - with proper care, wood withstands the elements

6)  Ease of customisation - tailor designs to fit your exact needs

7)  Easy maintenance - wood can be treated and restored with minimal effort

8)  Enhanced insulation – insulating properties for a comfortable interior

9)  Functional versatility - suitable as a storage shed, workshops, studios, and more

10)  Garden harmony - wooden sheds blend seamlessly with garden landscapes

11)  Natural aesthetics - blend harmoniously with the environment

12)  Renewable material - a renewable resource that supports sustainability

10' x 20' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed10' x 20' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed


In conclusion, our collection of wooden shed designs offers the perfect solution for your storage needs. Whether you are seeking extra storage space, planning a DIY shed project, want a tiny house outside, or are exploring various materials, our diverse range caters to every requirement. With comprehensive designs and a materials list to guide you, creating your dream storage shed has never been easier. Enhance your outdoor living space and embark on your shed-building journey with confidence. Discover the ideal storage shed design that aligns with your vision and practical needs today.

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