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You have bought your greenhouse and you can enhance the enjoyment by adding some top-quality greenhouse accessories. Add shelving, control airflow, provide a firm base and much more when you shop at Shedstore.


It is also great to know, Shedstore also offers free delivery to the vast majority of UK mainland postcodes. If you would like additional information about greenhouses our detailed greenhouse buying guide is perfect. Various sections discuss greenhouse accessories, but this section, in particular, is likely to be of interest.

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Palram Silver Steel Work Bench for Greenhouses
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
Palram Canopia Greenhouse Shelves x2
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
Palram Lighting System
5 - 7 Working Days
Portable Fan Greenhouse Heater with Digital Thermostat
21 - 28 Working Days
2' x 1' Palram Canopia Leaves Greenhouse Shelves - 2 Pack (0.65m x 0.26m)
5 - 7 Working Days 1 Year Guarantee
Rion Greenhouse Roof Vent
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
Palram Canopia Rion Eco Base Kit for 6x8 Greenhouses
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
Palram Canopia Rion Automatic Side Louvre Window Opener
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
Palram Greenhouse Anchoring Kit
5 - 7 Working Days
Palram Greenhouse Irrigation Kit
5 - 7 Working Days
Palram Automated Vent Arm for Greenhouses
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
Palram Greenhouse Shade Kit
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
Palram Greenhouse Trellesing Kit
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
Palram Side Louver
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
Palram Heavy Duty Greenhouse Shelf Kit
5 - 7 Working Days 1 year guarantee
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What greenhouse accessories are for sale?

Shedstore has a wide range of greenhouse accessories to choose from. Each accessory for sale is detailed below.

Note: each accessory may only be compatible with certain models and ranges. This needs to be checked at the time of purchase, as certain accessories may not be compatible with all greenhouses.

Airflow products

For an essential greenhouse accessory, you can improve airflow whilst also reducing humidity with additional easy to install, manually controlled roof vents.

Also, improve greenhouse airflow with our greenhouse side louvre window. This is easy to install and features manually controlled shutters. These louvre windows are a great aid in managing the temperature of the greenhouse.

Anchor and base kits

Our greenhouse anchor kit is an easy to install greenhouse accessory and is used to provide extra stability by anchoring a greenhouse to the floor surface. Use this kit on both soft and hard surfaces to protect your greenhouse from strong 60+ mph winds.

A Base Kit provides additional stability and headroom for a greenhouse. Typically manufactured from heavy-duty black resin, and 100% UV-protected, base kits provide extra strength and durability to a greenhouse. When filled with soil, a base kit provides a solid foundation for a greenhouse and gives around 5” extra headroom.

Irrigation kit

Irrigation kits provide an automatic or manual irrigation system to carefully control the supply of water within the greenhouse. This greenhouse accessory kit includes drip lines, droppers, an adaptor, and connectors. There is also a filtering system to remove potentially harmful sediments within the water.

Lighting Accessories

Designed for use in greenhouses and other outdoor buildings our garden lighting kit is easy to install. No plug is required, and all cables are hidden. The lighting system is a perfect accessory for your greenhouse and includes an aluminium profile, LED strip, light-diffusing panel, an integrated transformer, and cables. This lighting kit is indispensable if you intend to use the greenhouse in the hours of darkness.

Easy to install and reposition, our shading kit retains heat whilst protecting plants from direct sunlight exposure by up to 70%. Attach the kit directly to the inner frame of the greenhouse with the ten plant hangers provided.


Browse and shop for additional greenhouse shelving, which will greatly help with the organisation of your greenhouse. These easy to install greenhouse accessories offer indispensable, low-cost shelving and will greatly improve the usage of your greenhouse by converting vertical air into horizontal shelving.

Trellis kit

Buy a trellis kit to help train and support climbing plants whilst also protecting them from damage. Compatible with all greenhouses this trellis will allow climbing plants such as courgettes, cucumbers, and tomatoes to thrive.

This greenhouse trellising kit is a great accessory for your greenhouse and includes 6 roller hooks, a 25m spool of twine, 3 different types of vine support clips, 48 tomato clips, 12 courgette clips and 12 radial support hooks.


Easy to assemble, perfect for staying organised and completely maintenance-free, this portable workbench is a great greenhouse accessory and ideal for other garden buildings such as sheds and garages. Constructed from galvanised steel, this workbench provides storage space and a convenient area for potting. Operating over two tiers this workbench is built to last.

The top level can be used as a workbench, a greenhouse shelf or turned upside down to act as a soil tray when potting plants. The lower shelf’s height is fully adjustable, making it suitable for storing a wide range of pots and tools. Each shelf holds a weight of up to 75kg.

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