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Our range of wooden and concrete gravel boards provides essential protection to your fence panels by preventing direct contact with the ground and minimising the risk of rot and moisture damage. Choose from various materials and styles to complement your fencing and create a cohesive and long-lasting outdoor space. Shop at Shedstore now and enjoy reliable and sturdy gravel boards that will enhance the lifespan and appearance of your garden fencing.

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6ft x 6 x 2in (1.83mx150x50mm) Lightweight Concrete Gravel Board
3 - 4 Weeks Free delivery on orders over 100 pounds
6ft x 6 x 1in (1.83mx150x25mm) Pressure Treated Gravel Board
2 - 3 Weeks 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated Free delivery for orders over 100 pounds
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Why invest in gravel boards?

Gravel boards play a vital role in enhancing the durability and longevity of your fence, offering a range of benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for any garden. Here is why you should consider incorporating gravel boards into your fencing project:

  • Barrier - gravel boards function as a barrier, keeping soil, dirt, gravel, and debris away from fencing panels. This helps provide protection from potential costly damage and extends their lifespan
  • Moisture prevention - gravel boards prevent moisture and dampness from rising and causing damage. This is particularly important for wooden fences, as excessive moisture frequently leads to rot and decay
  • Security - gravel boards provide an additional security layer, acting as a deterrent to animals and pests. They deter burrowing creatures and prevent them from accessing your garden, offering peace of mind, and protecting your plants and property
  • Easy installation - our gravel boards for sale are designed for easy installation, requiring no specialised tools. This makes them accessible for DIY enthusiasts and ensures a hassle-free set-up process
  • Versatile - gravel boards are suitable for many garden types, whether you have a traditional or contemporary style. They complement various fence designs and materials, allowing you to maintain a cohesive and visually appealing appearance

Concrete gravel boards

Investing in concrete gravel boards for your fencing offers several advantages. Concrete gravel boards provide a solid and robust foundation for your fence panels, preventing them from coming into direct contact with the ground. This helps to protect the panels from moisture damage, rot, and decay.

Concrete is a durable material that can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, concrete gravel boards offer added security and stability to your fencing, enhancing its overall strength and durability. Choose concrete gravel boards for a dependable and low-maintenance solution that will protect and prolong the life of your fencing.

Our 6' concrete gravel board

Discover the durable and versatile 6’x6”x2” lightweight concrete gravel board at Shedstore. This high-quality gravel board is specifically designed to enhance the stability and longevity of your fencing. Made from lightweight concrete, it offers excellent strength and resistance against rot, decay, and insect damage. The 6’x6”x2” size is ideal for providing a solid base for your fence panels, preventing them from touching the ground and ensuring they stay protected. Upgrade your fencing system with this lightweight concrete gravel board and enjoy a robust and low-maintenance solution for your outdoor space.

Wooden gravel boards

Opting for wooden pressure treated gravel boards brings several benefits to your fencing project. These boards are treated with preservatives, making them resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations. The pressure treatment process ensures that the wood is protected from moisture and extends its lifespan, providing long-lasting durability. Wooden gravel boards also blend seamlessly with wooden fence panels, creating a cohesive and attractive aesthetic. With their natural charm and reliable performance, wooden pressure treated gravel boards are an excellent choice for enhancing the durability and appearance of your fence.

Our 6' pressure treated wooden gravel board

Enhance the durability and longevity of your fencing with the 6' pressure treated wooden gravel board available at Shedstore. High-quality wooden gravel boards are treated with a preservative to provide excellent protection against rot, decay, and insect infestation.

Measuring 6' in length, it offers a sturdy and reliable barrier between your fence panels and the ground, preventing moisture damage and extending the life of your fencing system. The pressure treated finish ensures long-lasting performance, making it a low-maintenance solution for your outdoor space.

Contacting Shedstore

Investing in gravel boards is a smart choice for anyone looking to protect their fence, increase its lifespan, enhance security, and maintain the overall appearance of their garden. With their practical benefits and ease of installation, both wooden gravel boards and concrete gravel boards are valuable additions to any fencing project.

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