Pet Houses

Our selection of pet houses are perfect for housing your pets, giving them plenty of room while keeping them safe and secure. A chicken house can provide cover from rain and are generally split into two sections, with a space outside and a room inside. Keeping chickens in a chicken house will protect them from other animals and give them space to retreat to from the harsh weather.

Our great little range of wooden animal structures will suit everything from your chickens to your dogs or even guinea pigs. Available in various designs, formats and finishes, your pets will feel right at home in these pet houses. We also offer the convenience of an optional installation service. Imagine having your own chicken coop.

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Refine search Comparisons (3)

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Our range of wooden pet houses will effortlessly blend into your garden and won’t look out of place. You can easily use one of our decorative treatments to ensure it matches the rest of your garden.

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