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  1. Roll Out the Red Carpet in Your Garden with Our Fantastic Jubilee Deals!

    6x3 Forest Wooden Garden Bar

    Roll out the red carpet in your garden by shopping our right-royal range of Jubilee Deals! Some of these offers really do need to be seen to be believed, so come and take a look at them right now…

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  2. Our Biggest and Best Ever Garden Buildings Spring Sale

    Forest Xtend 3.0 Insulated Garden Office 2.98m x 2.9m (97mm)

    Our sensational Spring Savings are bigger and better than ever before! Some of these deals on garden buildings need to be seen to be believed, so come on in and take a look.

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  3. Father's Day giveaway

    Father's Day giveaway

    Here at Shedstore, we’re giving you the chance to win this great Forest Garden Workbench 


    We’re hosting the giveaway over on our Shedstore Instagram &am

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  4. Improve Your Garden Design with These 10 Fantastic (And Practical) Garden Features

    a garden sofa and stool on top of a brown composite deck kit

    Discover 10 fantastic ways to transform your garden design, all of which offer you some great practical benefits too.

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  5. Small Greenhouse Gardening and The Benefits of Owning A Cold Frame

    a small, grey greenhouse full of plants

    Whether you're looking to 'dip your toe into the water' of greenhouse gardening or are keen to expand your existing growing area, discover all you need to know about small greenhouses and cold frames here.

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  6. Top 10 Things for You to Consider Before Buying Your Dream Greenhouse

    an aluminium greenhouse full of plants

    Buying a greenhouse is a life-changing moment if you're a budding gardener. It's the best decision you'll ever make. In this blog, we explain everything you need to know before making your dream purchase so that you can confidently select the perfect greenhouse with minimal fuss.

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  7. Why A Secure Shed Is So Important and How to Improve Your Own Shed Security

    an anthracite-coloured metal security shed with double doors and high windows

    Garden sheds are often used to store valuable tools, bikes and other equipment, which can make them a target for thieves. Find out all you need to know about shed security here, so that you can keep your shed safe from unwanted attention. 

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  8. The Brilliant Reasons to Make or Buy A Proper Shed Base

    a Probase plastic shed base on a lawn

    Find out why a shed base is essential for a sturdy, long-lasting shed and discover the ways you can achieve the perfect shed base here. 

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  9. Why a Potting Shed is the Best Buy for an All-in-One Shed

    a blue and white potting shed with a pent roof

    A potting shed is a versatile garden building, sitting somewhere between a regular shed and a greenhouse. Discover their unique benefits here and view some incredibly stylish potting sheds for sale.

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  10. How to Choose the Best Garden Shed

    wooden tongue and groove shed with door open and window ajar in a garden setting

    It's decision time!

    Choosing the best shed for your garden is a big decision. It can also be confusing.

    So, let The Shedstore Team guide you through all the factors you need to consider when buying a shed. You'll soon discover which shed is best for your outdoor storage needs and for your garden.

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