wooden garden products including an arbour, summerhouse, fencing and shed

If you’ve never visited our website before, we’re going to let you into a secret…

We love running deals on wooden garden products!

The reason we do this isn’t confidential, or some sort of mystery, it’s simply to get as many people as possible to shop with us and grab the occasional extra-special bargain. If it’s the first time they’ve bought through us, they will discover both the unrivalled quality of our products and our exceptional customer service, become loyal customers, recommend us to others, and so increase our sales. In short, everyone’s a winner.

And of all the fantastic deals that we’ve run on wooden garden products, over the course of the last year, one has proven particularly popular:

5% Off Forest Orders ON TOP OF Any Existing Deals*!

Well, we’re delighted to tell you, by popular demand, this great deal is back!

(*Applies to orders over £599. Deal ends midnight, Monday, 20th May.)

Why Get Excited About This Forest Garden Products Deal?

The beauty of this deal is threefold:

(1)    It encompasses a HUGE range of our wooden garden products.

garden seating underneath a wooden pergola
garden seating underneath a wooden pergola
Even brand-new products, like the 9' x 9' Forest Premium Radial Wooden Garden Corner Pergola (2.75m x 2.75m), are included in this fantastic deal!

Whatever type of wooden garden product you need, chances are that Forest makes it, so you’re going to save an awful lot of money if you buy what you want through us, this weekend!

(2)    Forest is Britain’s leading manufacturer of wooden garden products.

a wooden garden office
a wooden garden office
You won't find a better garden office than a Forest Xtend, and the whole range is included in our fabulous new deal!

Whether you’re after a wooden shed, log cabin, garden fencing, or any other type of wooden garden product, Forest should be your first port of call.

These guys have been in the business for over 50 years, and what they don’t know about making top-quality garden products isn’t really worth knowing.

(3)    The EXTRA 5% off is ON TOP OF any other deals.

a 12x8 wooden garden shed with double doors and 6 windows
a 12x8 wooden garden shed with double doors and 6 windows
This weekend, we're not just offering you up to 25% off brand-new Forest 4Life Sheds, we're giving you an EXTRA 5% off them too!

If you look around our website, you’ll see we’re currently running a wide range of other deals too. Well, as long as the product is made by Forest, your order exceeds £599 and you use voucher code OFFER5 at the checkout, you can save an EXTRA 5%, in addition to the other savings.


To give you an idea of the some of the bargains on offer, let’s take a look at 5 types of product covered by this great deal…

Save Extra Money on Sheds!

Every garden needs a wooden shed, so if you’re thinking of buying a new one, there’s never been a better time to do so than now.

Our EXTRA 5% off deal encompasses sheds within Forest’s 4Life, Beckwood and Timberdale ranges, so there’s sure to be one suitable for you.

Who knows, perhaps it’s this one?...

8' x 6' Forest Timberdale 25yr Guarantee Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Reverse Apex Shed (2.47m x 1.98m) - £1,599 £999.99 + an EXTRA 5% OFF

an 8x6 tongue and groove shed with reverse apex roof and opening window
an 8x6 tongue and groove shed with reverse apex roof and opening window
Get the best shed you've ever owned, and an EXTRA 5% off the advertised price, by using voucher code OFFER5 when you check out.

Like all Forest sheds, this garden shed is built from ethically-sourced wood, pressure treated to prevent rot and supplied with a market-leading 25-year guarantee, so further treatment is never required.

It also features a clever modular design, which means the shed is delivered in smaller sections of interchangeable panels but includes more overall timber. This makes it easier to assemble, offers you a choice of door/ window positions, and results in a much stronger wooden shed.

Forest’s Timberdale range is their luxury line of sheds, so you can expect a whole host of other great features too. These include premium tongue & groove walls, floor AND roof; a top-quality 140g reinforced-polyester mineral felt roof cover; toughened safety glazing and a key operated lock.

What’s more, we’re currently running a further deal offering up to 30% off this line of sheds.

Trust us – if you buy this wooden garden shed, it’ll be the best you’ve ever owned.

Make massive savings on this wooden shed now.

Save Even More on Summerhouses!

There’s no better garden building to own in summer than a wooden summerhouse, so we’re delighted to tell you that both Forest’s 4Life and Beckwood lines are included in our EXTRA 5% off deal.

At present, if you shop through us, you can save up to 30% on Forest’s beautiful wooden summerhouses, PLUS that EXTRA 5% with voucher code OFFER5!

Just imagine the joy a summerhouse like this one would bring you over the next few months, and for every spring, summer and autumn to come. And then imagine the joy of telling your neighbours how little you paid for it…

10' x 6' Forest 4Life 25yr Guarantee Double Door Pent Summer House (3.11m x 2.05m) - £999.99 £699.99 + an EXTRA 5% OFF

a garden summerhouse with glazed double doors and 5 large windows
a garden summerhouse with glazed double doors and 5 large windows
New for 2024 but still slashed in price, the 10' x 6' Forest 4Life 25yr Guarantee Double Door Pent Summer House (3.11m x 2.05m) will make your summers extra special!

Forest wooden summerhouses are pressure treated and supplied with a market-leading 25-year guarantee, to give you complete maintenance freedom.

They also come with a smart modular design, so not only will you have your new summerhouse assembled quickly and just to your liking, you can rest assured that it’ll remain standing proudly in your garden for decades to come.

This particular summerhouse features glazed double doors, which provide comfortable access to a spacious interior. It includes 5 extra-large windows too, all of which are made from shatterproof PET – just what you want in a busy, family-orientated garden.

Come on – at a price as low as this, you’d be daft not to.

Get an EXTRA 5% off this summerhouse now.

An Extra 5% Off Luxury Garden Furniture!

If you like spending time in your garden, patio furniture isn’t just a nicety, it’s an absolute necessity.

For this reason, we stock some incredibly cheap wooden garden furniture, which you can pick up for less than the cash you carry in your back pocket.

We also stock collections of luxury patio furniture, which will complete transform your outdoor area into the garden of your dreams. So, if you want to own the best for less, this weekend is the ideal time to make your purchase.

Here’s one of our favourite luxury garden furniture items…

11'8 x 6'9 Forest Modular Wooden Garden Seating Set Number 5 (3.56m x 2.06m) - £1,049 £799.99 + an EXTRA 5% OFF

a wooden garden seating set including 3 wooden planters, 12 trellis panels, 4 garden benches and 4 garden tables
a wooden garden seating set including 3 wooden planters, 12 trellis panels, 4 garden benches and 4 garden tables
You can buy more than just nibbles and drinks with the money you'll save, if you buy the 11'8 x 6'9 Forest Modular Wooden Garden Seating Set Number 5 (3.56m x 2.06m) through us, now!

This stunning garden seating set includes 3 x deep wooden planters, 12 x trellis panels, 4 x benches, and 4 x garden seats/ tables – in short, everything you need to relax outdoors in style, throughout the warmer months.

Thanks to its smart modular design, this patio seating can be arranged any which way you choose, so you can tailor it to match garden parties, wider family get-togethers or relaxing moments with your spouse.

And thanks to its premium pressure-treated build and fantastic 15-year guarantee, you can rest assured that this outdoor seating will remain a much-loved feature of your garden for many years to come.

Save an EXTRA 5% on this wooden garden seating set now.

Extra Money Off Greenhouses!

Just in case you haven’t heard, there are a multitude of reasons why you should buy a greenhouse. Well, now you can add another one to the list – an EXTRA 5% off Forest wooden greenhouses, over £599, using voucher code OFFER5!

Available in a range of sizes, Forest greenhouses all come pressure treated and backed by a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, so no retreatment is required. This saves you money on expensive wood preservatives and leaves you more time to nurture your plants.

Not only are Forest greenhouses beautifully built and guaranteed to last, they are also incredibly well designed.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at this one…

3' x 4' Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse with Auto Vent (0.9 x 1.2m) - £849.99 £599.99 + an EXTRA 5% OFF

a walkaround wooden greenhouse with auto vent
a walkaround wooden greenhouse with auto vent
If you'd like to start growing your own fruit & veg, now is a great time to buy the 3' x 4' Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse with Auto Vent (0.9 x 1.2m).

This wooden greenhouse is designed with 4 doors, so even though it fits a smaller garden, you can still gain complete access to your plants.

All of the glazing is made from styrene, which is completely shatterproof and far safer than conventional greenhouse glazing. An automatic vent is incorporated into the glazing on the roof, so your plants will enjoy optimal temperatures inside the greenhouse, even when you’re not around.

Other notable features include ethically-sourced FSC wood, a sumptuous smooth-planed finish, and removable slatted staging to accommodate your pots.

Buy this greenhouse for sale, with an EXTRA 5% off the advertised price, now.

The Best Log Cabins for Even Less!

In many ways, log cabins are the ultimate garden buildings, being suitable for work, rest and play. So, whether you’re searching for a garden office, in which to kickstart your career, or an idyllic garden retreat for the whole family to enjoy, buying a log cabin is a really smart move.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Forest makes some of our bestselling log cabins, particularly since we started offering up to 20% off their regular prices. Now, with that EXTRA 5% off ALL models, using voucher code OFFER5, demand is sure to go through the roof! So, if you want to secure the garden building of your dreams for a scarcely-believable price, you’re going to need to act fast.

At its current price point, this particular log cabin really does take some beating…

Forest Mendip 5m x 4m Log Cabin Garden Office (45mm) - £5,519 £4,099.99 + an EXTRA 5% OFF

a garden log cabin with double doors and 3 large opening windows
a garden log cabin with double doors and 3 large opening windows
The perfect garden building for work, rest and play, the Forest Mendip 5m x 4m Log Cabin Garden Office (45mm) is now available at a fraction of its usual price!

Comprising 17.5m² of interior space, this log cabin features thick interlocking walls and a 19mm tongue & groove floor PLUS roof! It makes a great garden office and wonderful garden room, suitable for use the whole year round.

The glazed double doors are fitted with a key-operated lock to keep valuable items safe, while the 3 extra-large windows include a tilt and turn mechanism, allowing either side or top opening. All of this glass is toughened double glazing, for enhanced insulation, greater security, and that extra touch of class.

This really is the type of garden building dreams are made of, and you can own it now for a fraction of its usual cost.

Make HUGE savings on this log cabin now.

Savings on Even More of Forest’s Wooden Garden Products

double slatted fence panels
double slatted fence panels
6' x 6' Forest Essential Double Slatted Fence Panels (1.83m x 1.83m) might be available for just £79.99, but if you're buying them in bulk to create a new fence run, you'll still save 5% if you shop with us, this weekend.

Forest doesn’t just make the type of garden products featured above. The company manufactures a huge range of market-leading goods, featured right across our website, including fence panels, garden storage, gazebos and more!

What’s more, our 5% EXTRA OFF Forest Products doesn’t need to involve buying one individual item costing over £599. As long as your TOTAL ORDER of Forest products exceeds this figure, you can show voucher code OFFER5 when you check out and still make the savings.

And don’t forget, because these wooden garden products are made by Forest, they’ll be sent to you using the company’s famed White Glove Service, so they’ll be delivered wherever you like in your garden, with all of the packaging removed.

Happy bargain hunting, from everyone at Shedstore!

Psst…don’t forget, this incredibly popular offer ends at midnight on Monday, 20th May.