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  1. How to Stop Slugs in Their Tracks

    How to Stop Slugs in Their Tracks

    Wet Weather Leads to a Slug Onslaught

    A mild winter + wet spring + a ban on a certain type of slug pellet = slug invasion!


    New Ban on Slug Pellets

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  2. Your Seasonal Guide to the Greenhouse and How to Enjoy Great Greenhouse Gardening

    a small wooden greenhouse with multiple doors and an automatic vent

    Make the most of your greenhouse by reading our Seasonal Guide to the Greenhouse. Learn when to carry out essential maintenance tasks and the best time of year to grow your favourite fruit and vegetables.

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  3. A Guide to Raised Beds and Garden Planters

    4'11 x 1'8 (1.5x0.5) Forest Victoria Planter

    Read our gardening expert's top tips on raised beds and garden planters to help your own container plants thrive.

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  4. Spring Garden Guide: May Tasks

    Spring Garden Guide: May Tasks

    As we bid farewell to April showers, you should be well into having created a wonderful spring garden.

    May promises to bring with it some warmer days, warmer evenings, and hopefully a bit less rain! So now is the perfect time to move plants from

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