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Whether you're looking for wooden, metal or plastic garden storage units, our huge range of garden storage units offer the perfect solution for your outdoor storage needs, giving you a wide range of garden storage options that break away from more traditional garden sheds.

Our garden storage units are extremely versatile, allowing you to store anything you want, including bike storage, tool stores, wheelie bin stores and log stores, not to mention all of your garden accessories.

If you don't know what type of garden storage you need, our helpful buying guide will help you make the right choice.

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All Garden Storage
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Outdoor Storage

Is your shed cluttered and untidy? Are you desperate for more outdoor storage space?

If so, why not consider purchasing a garden storage unit? Smaller than standard sheds, these invaluable outdoor buildings are perfect for anyone requiring additional storage space, or for those with modestly sized gardens.

We have a vast amount of outdoor storage units listed online, with options to suit every preference and budget. In addition, we offer free delivery to the vast majority of UK mainland postcodes. A ‘pick-a-day’ delivery service is also available on selected products.

Wooden Garden Storage

The traditional material for garden storage, wooden units remain extremely popular. As wood is a natural material, it looks terrific in classic British gardens, seamlessly blending in with fencing and foliage.

Wooden outdoor storage units are strong and durable, particularly when constructed in a shiplap or tongue and groove style. These building methods use interlocking timber boards to provide a robust structure well protected against the elements.

Pressure treated storage provides the best value for money. Dip treated products are cheaper initially, but they need annual retreatment which costs time and money. Pressure treated alternatives enjoy 15-year anti-rot guarantees and require no further maintenance.

Metal Garden Storage

If you need somewhere to stow away valuable bikes, sports equipment or gardening tools, metal garden stores are perfect for you.

Famed for their security, metal garden stores are immensely strong, and provide superb protection against the elements and theft. Many of our units feature intricate locking systems as well as heavy duty construction to ensure your possessions are as safe as possible.

Not only that, metal outdoor storage boxes are built to last. Our products boast incredible guarantees of 10 years or more - these buildings are a great investment for any outdoor space.

Plastic Garden Storage

The popularity of plastic garden storage units is ever increasing. The benefits of plastic as an outdoor storage material are numerous.

Firstly, plastic stores are incredibly easy to install. You don’t have to worry about screws and nails with most of our plastic products – they simply clip together. Plus, they are generally lightweight so you can easily move them around your garden.

Secondly, they are virtually maintenance free. You can clean plastic surfaces quickly and easily by wiping or hosing them down.

Finally, plastic units are affordable – you can purchase high quality garden storage at low prices.

Types of Garden Storage

Bike Sheds

One of the most popular types of garden storage, bike sheds are extremely useful. Cycling is increasingly popular; for instance, many Brits opt to bike to work to improve their fitness and cut down on transport costs. Also, its common to see big groups of cyclists out for longer weekend rides around the countryside.

Or, if you currently lock your bike to a fence or gate, surely a safe and secure place to stow it away would give you peace of mind?

Wheelie Bin Storage

Wheelie bins are necessary eyesores. Every household needs wheelie bins, but they look ugly, invite unwanted attention from garden pests like foxes and rats, and can even attract unwanted anti-social behaviour.

The solution to these problems? The wheelie bin store, of course.

Wooden, metal and plastic units are all available, so there are options to suit every garden.

These outdoor stores transform an otherwise unsightly area of the garden from messy to stylish and tidy.

Garden Garages

Garden garages are ideal for those looking for a suitable storage for their car or motorbike.

Serving the dual purpose of protecting your vehicles against weather damage and from theft, garages are a very worthwhile investment. A high-quality garage could even reduce your insurance premiums in some cases.

Plus, garages double up as handy garden storage buildings. They have ample internal space inside to store your gardening tools and equipment, as well as your vehicle.

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