Wheelie Bin Storage

Quite often we have no alternative but to store our wheelie bins either in our front or back gardens. Unfortunately, they're quite ugly and can be easily knocked over – spreading your rubbish everywhere. Luckily, we have the solution - wheelie bin storage!

We offer a range of bin stores which can hold one, two or three wheelie bins, featuring easy lifting lids and large doors. Choose from secure metal bin stores or plastic wheelie bin storage to suit your garden and its style needs. Click on “View Details” on any of the wheelie bin storage products or their images below to find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

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Store wheelie bins securely and discretely

So, you have just completed your perfect garden makeover, but there is one problem wheelie bins and how to disguise their presence! Whether you have one, two, three or even more wheelie bins to hide we can help.

We could not live without them, but we totally understand why you would want them out of sight. Read on to learn more about wheelie bin storage and browse and shop above for our single bin, double bin, and triple bin storage solutions, all available to buy online at a low cost.

Why is wheelie bin storage useful?

Here are some reasons to buy a wheelie bin shed for your garden:

  • Aesthetics – choosing storage which matches your garden is aesthetically pleasing and will hide the ugly appearance of the bin. This may be especially desirable if you are currently trying to sell your home. Choose from a range of plastic and metal solutions at Shedstore to match your style needs
  • Animal control – odours are enticing for many animals and as wheelie bins are prone to falling over in high winds, they can be a problem if upended. Animals such as cats, foxes, rats, squirrels, etc., will have another barrier between them and the wheelie bin
  • Extreme weather – in cases of extreme weather, your bin may suffer. Having your bin in wheelie bin storage prevents your bin from being blown over in high winds, etc.,
  • Privacy – if your bin is hidden, any sensitive information which could be used for ID theft are not accessible. Also, having your wheelie bins secured means that other people cannot dump their rubbish in your bin
  • Theft – wheelie bins can be stolen, mainly because another homeowner has an issue with their bin. Replacements have to be paid for and many councils price a replacement at a cost of £40+
  • Tidiness – keep your waste tidy and managed with our bin stores, which can house one or more bins and
  • Vandalism – wheelie bins have been known to be the target of vandals. With a peak at Halloween due to “Trick or Treat” pranks, they are all too often targeted. Again, having a wheelie bin shed prevents this type of vandalism

Do you have any ideas to hide plastic wheelie bin storage?

Here are a few other ideas to hide plastic wheelie bin storage:

  • Behind plants – grow hedges, bushes, and tall climbing plants in such a way that the wheelie bins are hidden behind the plants
  • Behind screens – such as fencing, trellising, arbours or other large buildings and
  • Partitioned area – place your bin in a hidden or partitioned area of the garden
  • Sheds – although not specifically mentioned here, dozens of our large sheds would be suited to storing wheelie bins as well as gardening equipment and other items

What sizes of wheelie bin sheds are available to buy?

Our wheelie bin sheds are available in the following sizes – 4’x3’, 5’x3’, 6’x4’ and 7’x3’. Shedstore source these from leading manufacturers, which are Keter, Lotus, Suncast, and Toomax. They are all guaranteed within the quoted price, with lengths varying from one to fifteen years.

Garden bin storage related articles

We recommend you read these wheelie bin storage articles as a part of your research:

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  2. How to build a wheelie bin shed

Contact Shedstore

As leading garden storage experts, we have a large selection of wheelie bin products for sale. Shedstore is available for advice about selecting perfect bin storage for your garden. Our choice of storage solutions is better than any “wheelie bin storage for sale near me” local supplier, as we are a UK-wide business, delivering free of charge to most mainland UK postcodes.

Call us now on 0333 003 0518 to discuss your options, send emails through our web-based contact form, or speak NOW using live chat.

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