How to build a wheelie bin shed

The Need for Wheelie Bin Storage

Though wheelie bins obviously have their purpose, they are not very attractive waiting on the kerb ready for collection, lined up on your driveway or stored in your garden. If there is one common blight on how homes look up and down the country, it is the selection of wheelie bins that simply look untidy and, let's face it, ugly. While there is not too much that can be done about how scruffy our streets look on collection days, having a wheelie bin shed to store your bins for the remainder of the week can have your home and garden once again looking tidy and pretty.

It may sound strange, but wheelie bin storage also provides security. There are those who steal wheelie bins or who, perhaps returning from a night out, think it amusing to tip over, move or hide a household bin. Removing a wheelie bin from its store is much less tempting and, with the help of a padlock, a store can prevent any nuisance behaviour. This protection also extends to preventing the neighbourhood cat, fox or other pests from having a rummage and leaving a messy trail for you to clean up in the morning. In fact, even a windy night can result in the need to don gloves and tidy up an upturned bin. A bin store really is a wise investment.

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There are three main options when it comes to wheelie bin storage: buy a purpose-built wheelie bin store; buy a larger garden storage unit that can accommodate bins and various other equipment; or build your own wheelie bin shed. Here we will consider all three. You will need some basic carpentry skills to build your own bin store. If in doubt, hire a carpenter or buy a ready-made wheelie bin store. The materials can cost around £100-£150. A carpenter will average about the same for a day's work. A ready-made storage unit will range from £100-£300 depending on how many bins it stores and whether its pressure treated to eliminate the need for yearly treatments. It's up to you which you choose.



How to Build a Wheelie Bin Shed

Tools and materials

You will need basic carpentry tools such as a saw, hammer, drill, spade and shovel.

The materials you will need include the following:  timber such as that from wooden pallets; a few paving slabs; and, depending on design, some corrugated iron for the roof of the shed.

You will need to allow yourself at least a day to build the bin shed.

How to build

There are a number of video tutorials that can be found on YouTube that will be able to better explain what needs to be done and the specifics involved, but this guide will give you a brief overview of what you will need to do.

First you will have to decide how big you want the wheelie bin shed to be and that will usually depend on just how many wheelie bins that you have. You will then have to decide where the most practical place to have the shed located. It is a good idea to have it as close to your home as possible to make it easier to throw out your rubbish.

Once you have the location all sorted out and you know how big you need the shed to be, simply cut out an area of turf so that when you put the paving stones down they are level with the remaining turf. Level it all out and then place your paving slabs.

You then have to concentrate on the shed itself by using timber to make the frames for each side of the shed. Do remember that one side of the shed will have to have a door that can be opened so that the bins can be easily removed and put back.

You will need to use hinges for the door and the roof of the wheelie bin shed and everything must of course be completely level to ensure durability and strength. The roof will be constructed of a frame much like the others and can either be hinged for easy access or a piece of corrugated iron.

If you have used old wooden pallets, these can be cleaned up and treated with wood stains.


Ready Made Wheelie Bin Storage

Here at Shedstore, we offer a wide range of wheelie bin storage. From simple willow screens to large double bin stores, and in a choice of timber, metal or resin, there is sure to be a bin store that matches your needs. We even stock a recycling box storage unit too. Look out for pressure treated bin stores as they won't even need re-treating. Simply click on the images below to be taken to each product page. Or click here to be taken to our full range at Shedstore.

2x3 Rowlinson Recycling Box Storage Unit

3x3 Rowlinson Wheelie Bin Store

4x3 Suncast Resin Kensington Six Wheelie Bin Store5x3 Rowlinson Double Wheelie Bin Storage5x3 Duramax Metal Bin Store

5x3 Forest Bi-fold Double Wheelie Bin Store

5x3 Rowlinson Heritage Bin Store

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Other Units for Storing Wheelie Bins and Other Garden Items

Our useful video below shows some of the small storage options we have, perfect for hiding wheelie bins and keeping your back garden tidy: