Gardening Guides

  1. Designing Your Tranquil Garden Retreat: Garden Design Ideas for a Serene & Peaceful Space

    Forest Modular Seating

    In this article, we will explore various opinions and tips to help you create a serene and peaceful garden retreat that brings a sense of tranquillity to your outdoor space.

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  2. From Vertical to Container Gardening: Creative Ideas for Small Gardens, Patios & Urban Spaces

    Vertical Wall-Mounted Planters

    Discover the world of urban gardening and unlock the secrets to transforming small urban spaces into flourishing green sanctuaries. From vertical gardening to container gardening, this comprehensive guide offers innovative ideas to make the most of limited

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  3. Embracing Sustainable Living: Achieving Self-Sufficiency through Sustainable Gardening, Homesteading, Off-Grid Living & More


    Welcome to the world of sustainable gardening and embracing sustainable living! Get ready to embark on a journey towards fulfilment and sustainable living.

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  4. Embracing Eco Gardening: From Sustainable Design to Encourage Biodiversity, Wildlife & More

    Bug Hotel

    In this comprehensive guide to eco gardening, we scrutinise the principles of sustainable gardening, providing a step-by-step guide to eco-friendly practices.

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  5. From Trash to Treasure: Garden Upcycling, Recycling & Repurposing Ideas for a Sustainable Oasis

    Fairy Garden

    Join us on this eco-friendly journey and transform your garden into a treasure trove of sustainability with our upcycling ideas for the garden.

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  6. Container Gardening for Autumn

    Container Gardening for Autumn

    Just because summer has fizzled out doesn’t mean you can pack everything away and hibernate. Leave that for the bears in the woods.

    Clean down and plant up your containers for instant colour and continued interest until 2020 brings whatever 2020

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