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  1. How to grow an indoor herb garden

    How to grow an indoor herb garden

    Throughout history people have been using plants called herbs to flavour food, for dye, perfume, and even for cosmetics.  Certain herbs are thought by many to have the power to repel insects, evil, and even vampires, while other herbs create good luck and attract the perfect lover.  Herbs are used by some people to cure headaches and burns, but culinary herbs are usually the most widely used.  In fact, many kitchen gardeners relish the opportunity to use fresh herbs at home.  It is quite convenient to

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  2. The Best Foods To Grow In Greenhouses

    If you're considering investing in a greenhouse and taking your grow-your-own gardening to the next level, you want to know the best crops to choose for gardening success. Professional gardener, Phil McCann offers up his favourite greenhouse goodies:

    A greenhouse is invaluable if you want to grow crops for longer periods of the year. It’s fair to say that most greenhouse crops will actually grow outdoors in an average, or as we have seen this year, extraordinary summer i

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  3. 5 Must See Gardens in the UK

    5 Must See Gardens in the UK

    Visiting one of the famous English gardens is probably a highlight for any keen gardener travelling around the UK. Many of these gardens are influenced by the 18th and 19th century botanical collectors, horticulturalists, and landscape artists, but interest in gardens today crosses all social boundaries and ages. Fortunately, England has a number of beautiful gardens; many offering something for people to see throughout the entire year. Here is a list of a few

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  4. Sustainable Turf - An Interview with Thomas Bolles

    Sustainable Turf - An Interview with Thomas Bolles

    Thomas Bolles works with the Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) and specialises in the areas of sustainable turf and sustainable vegetable gardening. We were fortunate enough to interview Thomas, and found out some really interesting information about sustainable vegetable gardening that we can implement in our own back gardens.

    Our Interview

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