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  1. Creating Compost

    Creating Compost

    Advice on producing your own compost at home

    By making your own compost, you will save money and help the environment by recycling food scraps and reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill. Effectively you are using your kitchen and office waste as a free soil improver. You can use this compost to enhance your gardens soil to grow fruit, vegetables or other plants – either directly on the soil or within a 

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  2. It's winter, time to consider garden storage options

    As the nights draw in and gardeners retreat into various levels of hibernation, all the gardening equipment, furniture, tools and summer paraphernalia needs to be tucked up for a few months. 

    So what are my garden storage options for storing my bike or garden furniture?


    These are the obvious choice to house a lot of garden gear over winter. A new shed will not leak, will not be home

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