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  1. Autumn Garden Guide: August tasks

    Autumn Garden Guide: August tasks

    With Summer here, there is still some work to do to help get the garden prepared for the next season. We look at all of the key August tasks that you need to do to make sure your garden thrives through the end of summer and into the start of autumn.

    Download our Autumn Garden Guide, print it and pin it to your fridge so you don’t forget what needs to be done in the garden this month.

    Download the August edition
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  2. Attracting birds to your garden this summer

    Attracting birds to your garden this summer

    Birds are undoubtedly the most common visitors to our gardens, bringing with them music, colour, and charisma – there is no wonder that so many of us are encouraging and attracting birds into our gardens. Many of the birds that are visiting our gardens will be making use of the nesting facilities and the feeding opportunities on offer. It has been estimated that 75% of gardens are providing food for wild birds at some point during the year.

    Our gardens are a great place to start

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  3. The best things to grow in July

    The best things to grow in July

    It’s not too late to plant a great garden, even in July. Warmer temperatures during July make this a good time of the year to start planting, especially if you are a beginner. Seeds will germinate much easier and seedlings will grow speedier meaning you will see the rewards of your hard work much quicker and with less hassle and fewer setbacks.

    What to grow in July


    There are still some great vegetables which you can plant now and continue producing vegetables r

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  4. How Eco-Gardening Works

    How Eco-Gardening Works

    With so much emphasis on environmental issues, now is the perfect time to take control and start making the change towards an environmentally friendly garden. Our gardens are often missed out when we think about becoming environmentally friendly and while many of us are starting to realise the importance of eco-living, making your garden eco-friendly is one huge step towards reducing your carbon footprint.

    What is Eco gardening?

    Eco-friendly gardening

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