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  1. Everything You Need to Know About Shedstore’s Christmas Delivery Service

    a drawing of reindeer, a sleigh and Christmas presents

    If you’re planning to order products from us in the run up to Christmas, you can get the latest news on our Christmas Delivery Service right here…

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  2. Choosing the Best Wooden Greenhouses: A Buyer's Guide [UPDATED]

    an 8x6 wooden greenhouse full of plants

    Owning a wooden greenhouse is one of life's great pleasures for any gardener. Take a look at 5 of the best wooden greenhouses for sale right now.

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  3. Embracing Sustainable Living: Achieving Self-Sufficiency through Sustainable Gardening, Homesteading, Off-Grid Living & More


    Welcome to the world of sustainable gardening and embracing sustainable living! Get ready to embark on a journey towards fulfilment and sustainable living.

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  4. Polycarbonate vs Glass Greenhouses: Are Polycarbonate Greenhouses with Panels Better? - Pros, Cons & Comparisons

    6' x 8' Palram Canopia Hybrid Walk-In Silver Polycarbonate Greenhouse
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  5. Growing Eco-Friendly Plants: A Guide for a Better Environment [UPDATED]

    Growing Eco-Friendly Plants: A Guide for a Better Environment [UPDATED]

    At Shedstore, our products are designed for the great outdoors. We love our gardens &, naturally, the environment. So, here we explore the fascinating world of eco-friendly plants & their essential role in promoting a healthier & more sustainable planet.

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  6. How Palram Canopia's Innovative, New Products Can Transform Your Garden

    10' x 10' Palram Canopia SanRemo Grey Lean-To Conservatory

    Palram Canopia has been exceptionally busy this year, releasing a host of brand-new garden products. Discover more and see which could improve your garden, right here…

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  7. 7 Seriously Good Reasons Why You Should Buy A Greenhouse Now

    3'9 x 1'6 Forest Georgian Tall Wall Lean to Greenhouse with Auto Vent

    If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution to make a genuinely positive change to your life, then buy a greenhouse. Find out the many benefits of owning one here…

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  8. A Potting Shed is a Joy to Own

    A Potting Shed is a Joy to Own

    Potting sheds are perfect for people who love gardening. They offer the benefits of a traditional shed and with an important addition – they’re a great place to nurture plants.

    Read on and find out more.

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  9. Your Seasonal Guide to the Greenhouse and How to Enjoy Great Greenhouse Gardening

    a small wooden greenhouse with multiple doors and an automatic vent

    Make the most of your greenhouse by reading our Seasonal Guide to the Greenhouse. Learn when to carry out essential maintenance tasks and the best time of year to grow your favourite fruit and vegetables.

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  10. A Guide to Feeding Plants in the Garden

    A Guide to Feeding Plants in the Garden

    It’s been a great growing season up to now with plenty of rain and a good dollop of sun. Soil and compost are getting tired and some are struggling to keep up with the demands of voracious root systems. Feeding time! 

    Plants in containers

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