an 8x6 wooden greenhouse full of plants

Discover the allure of the best wooden greenhouses – a gentle blend of grace, structure, and enduring elegance. Embrace the quiet charm of a wooden greenhouse, fusion of utility purpose and timeless charm. A wooden greenhouse is more than a mere structure; it is a cherished sanctuary, a tranquil place nestled within your garden.

Coming in a range of sizes and styles, there’s a wooden glasshouse to suit any type of outdoor area. Wooden greenhouses provide a regulated setting for growing plants, providing essential outdoor space for beginners to skilled horticulturists alike. The controlled environment helps plants thrive, providing optimal conditions for growth and enhancing the quality of crops. An indispensable asset, read on as we explore how to choose the best wooden greenhouses.

Editor’s Note [25.09.23]: Our guide about choosing the best wooden greenhouses was originally published on June 23, 2017. Today’s update includes features to look for (including a features table) and the benefits to expect from wooden greenhouses.

Features to look for when considering the best greenhouse for your needs

When choosing the best greenhouse for your gardening needs, considering the right features and material is crucial. Here is a guide to help you make an informed decision on the best wooden greenhouse for you.

Wooden greenhouse features

Explore the key factors that make a wooden greenhouse a valuable addition to your garden. The essential features are highlighted in the table below to help you choose from among our range the best greenhouses for your gardening needs.

A photo of Several potted plants inside a wooden greenhouseA photo of Several potted plants inside a wooden greenhouse





High-quality Wood

Opt for durable and rot-resistant wood materials for longevity


Glazing options

Choose from glass, styrene, or polycarbonate panels based on insulation needs


Sturdy framework

A strong frame ensures stability and support for the greenhouse structure



Adequate vents and windows help regulate temperature and airflow


UV protection

UV-coated glazing protects plants from harmful rays while allowing light in


Built-In gutters

Integrated gutters channel rainwater away for proper drainage


Shelving and benches

Look for built-in shelving and benches for convenient storage and workspace


Double doors

A wide entry point eases the movement of larger items both into and out of the greenhouse


Lockable doors

Secure doors keep your greenhouse protected from unwanted intruders


Roof vents

These aid in heat dissipation and prevent overheating


Automatic openers

Motorised roof vent openers help regulate temperature without manual adjustment



Insulated panels keep the interior temperature stable, and plants protected


Foundation kit

A foundation kit ensures stability and proper anchoring for the greenhouse


Integrated shading

Shading systems help control light levels and prevent scorching


Pest prevention

Mesh screens or netting keep pests out while allowing airflow


Size options

Consider the available space and choose the right size to fit your garden



Opt for models with low maintenance requirements for hassle-free gardening



Choose greenhouses made from sustainably sourced wood for environmental consciousness


Easy assembly

Look for models with straightforward assembly instructions and minimal tools required



A reliable guarantee provides peace of mind and covers potential defects or issues. We provide guarantees on our entire range here at Shedstore

Benefits to Expect

an image of a wooden greenhouse filled with plantsan image of a wooden greenhouse filled with plants

Greenhouses offer numerous benefits for gardeners. These garden structures establish a controlled environment that facilitates plant nurturing, becoming crucial for garden enthusiasts of all levels of expertise. From extending growing seasons to protecting plants from adverse weather conditions, the advantages of greenhouses extend beyond their structures. They provide an ideal sanctuary to grow plants including vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs and more, all year round!

1)    Natural Aesthetics

Wooden greenhouses seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings of a garden, contributing to its aesthetic appeal. Their timeless charm and elegant presence enhance the visual appeal of any outdoor space. These structures not only protect and nurture plants but also enhance the overall ambience, creating a harmonious connection between nature and architecture.

2) Insulation and Climate Control

One of the standout advantages of wooden greenhouses lies in their exceptional insulation capabilities. The inherent properties of wood provide a natural barrier against temperature fluctuations. This insulation helps maintain stable and consistent temperatures within the greenhouse, creating an environment that is conducive to optimal plant growth.

3) Climate Regulation

Wooden structures help regulate temperature and humidity, creating optimal growing conditions. Whether during chilly winters or scorching summers, the wood's insulating qualities work to create a controlled and nurturing atmosphere for your own plants, ensuring their well-being and successful cultivation.

4) Sturdiness and Customisation

Wooden greenhouses offer robustness and durability, ensuring long-term use. Wood is easily adaptable, allowing for personalised design modifications. Offering natural Weather Resistance treated wood withstands weather conditions, requiring less frequent maintenance. Wooden components are easily replaceable, simplifying maintenance tasks. Wooden greenhouses are often DIY-friendly, allowing gardeners to construct their own structure.

A Tall Wooden Greenhouse filled with plants, situated in the corner of a walled gardenA Tall Wooden Greenhouse filled with plants, situated in the corner of a walled garden

5) Eco-Friendly and Sustainability

Wood is a renewable resource, making wooden greenhouses environmentally friendly. Wooden structures aid in carbon sequestration, contributing to a greener environment. Wooden frames and glass panels facilitate ample sunlight for optimal plant growth.

6) Variety of Sizes and Styles

Available in various sizes, wooden greenhouses accommodate different garden spaces. A wide range of wooden greenhouse styles suits various architectural preferences. Wooden structures allow flexible positioning of shelves, tables, and hanging baskets.

a wooden greenhouse leant against traditional brick walla wooden greenhouse leant against traditional brick wall

7) Personal Involvement

Building a wooden greenhouse offers a rewarding and hands-on gardening experience. This recreational activity is great for your health and creates a stronger connection to your gardening space. This develops a sense of pride and accomplishment as you watch your plants thrive within the structure you helped create.

8) Value for Money

Investing in a well-constructed and properly maintained wooden greenhouse pays dividends over the years, making it a cost-effective choice. The best greenhouses are known for their longevity, often lasting for decades when cared for attentively. Not only do they provide a nurturing environment for your plants, but they also contribute to the overall value of your property.

Best Wooden Greenhouses – Our Top 5 Picks

Discover the best wooden greenhouses with our top 5 picks, offering both functionality and aesthetics. These handpicked greenhouses combine quality artisanry, durability, and elegant design, providing the ideal environment for nurturing your plants and cultivating a thriving garden. Explore our selection to find the best wooden greenhouse to enhance your gardening experience.

1)   10' x 8' Forest Vale Victorian Wooden Greenhouse (3.2m x 2.4m)

This classically designed 10x8 greenhouse is expertly constructed from slow-grown, kiln-dried 12mm tongue and groove cladding on a robust 70mm x 45mm frame, so looks sublime and is built to last. The wood is pressure treated and backed by a fantastic 15-year anti-rot guarantee, so no further treatment is required, saving both time and money.

The glazing is 4mm toughened safety glass, which reduces the risk of breakages and sharp edges, and completes what really is a premium build.

Wide double doors offer easy access to the interior – ideal for wheelbarrows and staging. What’s more, these doors are fitted with beautiful stainless-steel fixings for a classy finishing touch.

Once inside, 2 full-length greenhouse shelves/ potting benches provide plenty of workspace and room to position potted plants, while the 2 automatic roofing vents allow the temperature to be regulated for the benefit of plants and gardeners alike.

View this greenhouse, at this link.

a large wooden greenhousea large wooden greenhouse

2)   4' x 2' Forest Wooden Small Mini Lean-To Greenhouse (1.2m x 0.62m)

This versatile mini greenhouse can be used as a standalone or lean to greenhouse, making it absolutely ideal for a smaller garden.

It is built from shiplap tongue and groove cladding, pressure treated and backed by a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, so no further treatment is required. The glazing is made from styrene, which is virtually unbreakable and far safer than conventional glass.

Easy access can be gained via full-width double doors or 2 lids. The latter open independently of each other and both have their own props so that you can control ventilation levels and optimise growing conditions.

Once inside, 2 sets of slatted shelves provide plenty of room for pots, while the floor space is just the right size to accommodate standard-sized grow bags.

Click here to view this best small greenhouse.

a mini wooden greenhouse containing plants and a bag of composta mini wooden greenhouse containing plants and a bag of compost

3)   3' x 4' Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse with Auto Vent (0.9m x 1.2m)

This glasshouse’s small footprint makes it perfect for smaller outdoor areas, but its innovative design allows plenty of growing room and exceptionally easy access to the interior.

Built from pressure-treated, FSC®-certified timber with a beautiful smooth-planed finish and 15-year anti-rot guarantee, this wooden greenhouse boasts both beauty and brawn. The glazing is made from styrene, so is virtually unbreakable.

Access to the interior can be gained by one of four doors, all fitted with their own latch, and which can be hung in a variety of positions to suit the orientation of your garden.

Removable slatted greenhouse staging gives you the opportunity to grow a wide range of plants, with ample room for growbags too, while the automatic vent and opening windows help you create an environment in which plants will thrive.

Click here to view another example of a best small greenhouse.

A luxurious traditional wooden greenhouse in the centre of a small gardenA luxurious traditional wooden greenhouse in the centre of a small garden

4)   5' x 2' Forest Cofton Wooden Small Wall Lean-To Mini Greenhouse (1.5m x 0.6m)

This stunning lean to greenhouse is the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of homegrown produce in a smaller garden.

It is built from premium tongue and groove wood on a robust 35mm frame; pressure treated and comes with a fantastic 15-year anti-rot guarantee. The safety glazing is made from styrene, so is nearly unbreakable.

Double doors offer easy access to the interior. They are fitted with 2 stainless-steel handles and a latch to keep everything secure.

Two sets of adjustable shelves allow you to accommodate a variety of plants, while the 2 opening air vents help you optimise growing conditions.

View more details about this greenhouse by clicking here.

a white wooden mini greenhouse against a brick walla white wooden mini greenhouse against a brick wall

5)   6' x 4' Forest Vale Victorian Wooden Greenhouse (1.8m x 1.2m)

This beautiful greenhouse has a classic wooden design that makes it a real standout garden building, and its relatively compact size makes it suitable for most outdoor areas.

It combines 4mm toughened glass with a tongue and groove frame. The latter is built from slow-grown, kiln-dried timber, which is pressure treated and backed by a fantastic 15-year anti-rot guarantee, so no further treatment is required.

The single door includes high-quality stainless-steel fixings and provides comfortable access to this 6x4 greenhouse’s tidy interior.

Once inside, 2 generously sized greenhouse shelves provide plenty of room for your potted plants, while 2 automatic vents allow you to regulate the temperature to help them thrive.

Click this link for further information about this greenhouse.

a wooden greenhousea wooden greenhouse

Wooden Greenhouses for Sale

A 8x6 Greenhouse Combi ShedA 8x6 Greenhouse Combi Shed

Whether you own a large or small outdoor living area, and whatever your growing requirements, Shedstore has a wooden glasshouse that’s right for you.

Take the first step to owning one of these beautiful garden buildings by viewing our full range of wooden greenhouses now. 

Final thoughts when reviewing the best greenhouses available

Choosing the best greenhouse to suit your needs is an important decision. This guide has explored the variety of features that make a wooden greenhouse great, from high-quality wood and glazing options to ventilation, insulation, and customisation.

The advantages of wooden greenhouses are numerous, providing a harmonious blend with the environment, exceptional insulation, climate regulation, and sturdiness. Among the diverse selection available from Shedstore, the top 5 picks of best greenhouses have been highlighted, offering both functionality and aesthetics, catering to both small and larger gardening spaces. Embrace the benefits of these structures and nurture your garden all year round with the best greenhouses in our review, including the best small greenhouse options available.

Shedstore assistance

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Top image: 8' x 6' Forest Vale Victorian Wooden Greenhouse

A wooden shed with attached greenhouseA wooden shed with attached greenhouse