How To & Technical Advice

  1. How to Treat a Shed: Wood Treatment & Protection Guide [UPDATED]

    Painting a shed

    Enjoy your garden's summer appeal when you indulge your garden building with wood treatment for sheds. When you are finally happy with your garden, you have planted all the new plants, mowed the lawn, and cleaned the decking. Your garden feature may be

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  2. How to Insulate a Shed or Garden Building: A Complete Guide to Shed Insulation [UPDATED]

    a man wearing a mask and gloves installing insulation into a timber wall frame

    For a more pleasant working environment and optimal storage conditions, insulating a shed can make a huge difference. Here are some top tips for how to insulate a garden shed. 

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  3. Plans for Building a Shed: How to Build a Shed Complete Guide [UPDATED]

    Wooden double door shed with doors open sitting on a grey patio with fencing and trees behind

    Follow our guide to building your shed for top tips and example shed plans.

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  4. Best Shed Roofing Materials & Options: EPDM or Shed Roof Felting, Which Is Best?

    Shed Roof Maintenance

    In this comprehensive guide, Shedstore explore various shed roofing materials, from traditional options like felt to modern alternatives like EPDM, metal, polycarbonate, and others.

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  5. Guide to Shed Roof Replacement, Materials & Options: Essential Tips for Shed Roofing

    Insulation Installation

    Welcome to our comprehensive guide to shed roof replacement, covering our essential shed roofing tips, and so much more. See our step-by-step roofing guide and a comprehensive review of the shed roofing materials and options available.

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  6. Embracing Sustainable Living: Achieving Self-Sufficiency through Sustainable Gardening, Homesteading, Off-Grid Living & More


    Welcome to the world of sustainable gardening and embracing sustainable living! Get ready to embark on a journey towards fulfilment and sustainable living.

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  7. Embracing Eco Gardening: From Sustainable Design to Encourage Biodiversity, Wildlife & More

    Bug Hotel

    In this comprehensive guide to eco gardening, we scrutinise the principles of sustainable gardening, providing a step-by-step guide to eco-friendly practices.

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  8. From Trash to Treasure: Garden Upcycling, Recycling & Repurposing Ideas for a Sustainable Oasis

    Fairy Garden

    Join us on this eco-friendly journey and transform your garden into a treasure trove of sustainability with our upcycling ideas for the garden.

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  9. Maximising Your Shed Storage: Garden Storage Ideas & Shed Organisation Tips

    Maximising Your Shed Storage: Garden Storage Ideas & Shed Organisation Tips

    Shed storage ideas are vital for maintaining an organised space outdoors. A well-organised shed offers numerous benefits, such as decluttering, improving safety by keeping tools/equipment properly stored, and protecting your belongings from weather damage.

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  10. Complete Guide to Shed Roof Felting and Replacement [UPDATED]

    Complete Guide to Shed Roof Felting and Replacement [UPDATED]

    In this comprehensive guide, we walk you through the step-by-step process of installing or replacing shed roof felt, ensuring a weatherproof and durable covering for your shed.

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