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  1. How to Turn Your Shed into a Home Office

    How to Turn Your Shed into a Home Office

    Create a Garden Office

    The Utopian vision of working from home, relaxed by birdsong and totally immersed in nature, yet still producing results even the most ferocious of employers would reward is achievable – if you’ve got somewhere to work. That’s where your shed comes in.

    Adapting an existing shed to become a fully functioning workspace is relatively easy.

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  2. How to Turn Your Shed into a Christmas Grotto

    How to Turn Your Shed into a Christmas Grotto
    If you have a garden shed, some energetic children and a little bit of free time, then you have all the ingredients you need to create a magical extravaganza this Christmas – by making your very own Santa’s Grotto.

    It’s simple to do. Some Christmas lights, tinsel and a seat for Father Christmas are the basic components of a Christmas Grotto.  It will be great fun for the children to hel

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  3. How to Insulate a Shed - What You Need To Know

    Shed Insulation

    Thinking about insulating your shed? Not sure where to start? Read our guide to shed insulation for all the top tips you need.

    shed insulation

    Can I Insulate My Shed?

    When it comes to shed insulation, it is important to understand that not all sheds

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  4. Garden Planning Permission - What Do I Need It For?

    Garden Planning Permission - What Do I Need It For?

    Understanding Garden Planning Permission

    The way that gardens are used today has changed from the past.  The garden area is often seen as land on which to create additional living space, becoming an extension of the home.  The clever way of adding extra space without needed planning permission is with outbuildings.  Larger plots of land offer opportunities to build multiple outbuildings under permitted development.  

    There are rules that govern outbuildings such as sheds, gara

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  5. Looking After Your Garden Tools

    Looking After Your Garden Tools

    Any outdoor work is far easier with good tools.  Purchasing the highest quality tools you can afford is generally a rule of thumb when it comes to gardening and outdoor work.  Quality garden tools pay for themselves over time since they will have to be replaced less often and will also lessen the time required to complete your task.  

    Good garden tools are not cheap, so you want to keep your tools in the best possible condition.  Fortunately tool maintenance is

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  6. How big can I build a shed in my garden?

    How Big Can My Shed Be?

    Planning permission regulations differ from area to area, so it is always best to check with your local council.

    However, here are some of the most common, widely used rules for erecting a shed on your land*

    The common rules:

    • Sheds should be single storey.
    • There should be no platforms, balconies or verandas on sheds.
    • Sheds should be a maximum of three metres high
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  7. How to prepare your shed for winter

    We all use sheds for different reasons; some sheds are used for household storage, others are used for storing garden items and some are even converted into extra living space. When winter is approaching it is important you evaluate everything inside and outside your shed to ensure it is weatherproof. It is easy for us all to forget about the shed/garden building until spring comes around again, we all think “it will be ok for a few months” but really, you need to take good care to keep it in g

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  8. Firewood information and tips

    We’re sure that you will need a good, log fire this winter; you may have been preparing logs since early spring to ensure you have the best quality fire burning in these cold evenings to come. If you are not one of these professional log burner owners, don’t worry, you can be now! Here’s some information and top tips for storing and maintaining the firewood.

    Whatever wood species you use, it will burn more efficiently and be more convenient to use if it is properly seasoned!

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  9. Cold frames and greenhouse clean up!

    Cold frames and greenhouse clean up!

    Well, it’s that time of year again to clean out your greenhouse and cold frames, ready for next year! Refreshing that soil and cleaning those pots now, prepares yourself and your garden for the spring/summer that is ahead of us!

    View our full range of greenhouses

    Tip number 1: Do no

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  10. Working from your garden shed – the options

    Working from Home the Options

    Working from Your Shed

    A staggering 1.5million people are now working from home. It does make sense to avoid unnecessary travelling time – a hop, skip and a jump into your garden office and, in a few clicks, you are up and running.

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