Firewood information and tips

We’re sure that you will need a good, log fire this winter; you may have been preparing logs since early spring to ensure you have the best quality fire burning in these cold evenings to come. If you are not one of these professional log burner owners, don’t worry, you can be now! Here’s some information and top tips for storing and maintaining the firewood.

Whatever wood species you use, it will burn more efficiently and be more convenient to use if it is properly seasoned!

Good tips for firewood maintenance 
• You should begin to season the wood at the beginning of the spring season, ready for the following fall. (Larger pieces of wood may take a little longer to season properly)
• Short pieces of wood are always better for burning, it just makes your life easier, as they are easy to handle and maintain. 14” to 16” is a good length.
• Softer woods such as poplar, willow, aspen, spruce and pine act better when heat demand is low because they light easily, burn quickly and don’t leave a horrible long lasting charcoal bed.
Try to avoid
• Very hard wood like oak and maple are not very good for the relativity mild weather in spring and fall because their high density makes controlling heat output more difficult. 
• Don’t choose the larger pieces than 8” diameter, regardless of the fire pit size you’re dealing with.
• Logs that have been left in a pile on the floor for a while will not act well in fires; wet logs attract bug and mould. Dry logs are best for burning well.

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For the safety of people in your own home, it is advised that you do not store large amounts of wood in the house; this can cause mould and moisture which will have an effect on people with asthma.

Stacking your logs more than 4 feet high will cause them to become unstable and you need to keep a nice neat pile raised off ground for the best results.

To prevent infestation and mould, you need to keep the wood off the ground; wet logs will not perform as effectively as you would like them to.

For the very best results from your wood, you should stack them in an open area, exposed to sun and wind during the summer months.

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