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Practical, but stylish garden compost bins are an essential garden item for any keen gardener. Browse and shop through our collection and enjoy compost in your garden. Our compost bins are all pressure treated and come complete with 15 year anti-rot guarantees.


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2'5 x 2'5 (0.74x0.74m) Grow-Plus Beehive Composter
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5 - 10 Working Days 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated
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Forest Slot Down Wooden Compost Bin
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Out of Stock 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated
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Why is homemade composting best? 

If you compost at home, you are in control! You know precisely what has gone into your compost bin and can be confident of the compost that comes out! In addition, your own compost contains waste from your own garden’s unique garden bacteria, fungi, etc., Your compost is green-friendly and saves waste you would otherwise dispose of. What’s more, is that home composting saves the significant cost of buying it!

Why are wooden compost bins the material of choice?

Wood is undoubtedly one of the best materials around for a compost bin. Wood provides some insulation and enables the compost heap to breathe. The compost is far more likely to avoid excessive wetness.

Wooden compost bins with removable slats are a good idea, they enable easy loading and unloading of compost from the bin. Plastic bins are another good option, they are very popular and are not as good at retaining heat.

Are your garden compost bins built to last?

As you will see our range of wooden compost bins for sale near me are all pressure treated and guaranteed for fifteen years. They are built to last and require no annual preservative treatment.

Is it a good idea to use several small compost bins?

In essence the motto of “the more compost bins you have the better! In our opinion, it is ideal to have three, which is why for most gardens, small compost bins are ideal. If you have three compost bins, you could use them in the following ways:

  1. One with ready-to-use crumbly black homemade compost
  2. One with compost “work in progress”, that is cooking for use in the coming months and
  3. One that you are filling with garden and kitchen waste

Of course, if you have a larger garden, you do not have to use small compost bins, you could invest in large compost bins and have even more compost.

What should you put in and not put in large compost bins?

Below we have listed items to add and also items to avoid adding to your wooden compost bins.

Items to add

Think organic! Essentially adding organic material is a rule, but not all items can be used. Here are organic materials to add to your wooden compost bins – coffee grounds, cut-up cardboard, egg shells, fruits, grass clippings, leaves, manure (from vegetarian-based animals – e.g., cows, hamsters, and rabbits, etc.,), newspaper (black and white only), peels (potato, banana, etc.,) shredded paper, tea leaves, vegetables, weeds, and wood shavings.

Items to avoid

Avoid composting the following items, we have given reasons for each:

  • Colour newspaper – some of the inks used in colour newspaper do not compost well
  • Diseased garden waste – if you have diseased plants, do not add them, it will potentially spread the disease into your compost
  • Meat, fish, and bones - these will attract unwanted pests (e.g., rodents) and may possibly cause diseases to spread and
  • Non-vegetarian manure – meat-based manure (from cats, dogs, pigs, etc.,) carries diseases

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