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Explore our exceptional selection of picket fencing and picket fence panels. Enhance the charm and character of your garden with these classic and timeless fencing options. Crafted with quality materials, our picket fences offer both aesthetic appeal and functional boundary definition. Discover the solution for your outdoor space today.


Why not also read our buying a fence guide, and in particular, Step four: other fence types? Within this section is information about picket fencing as well as other popular fencing types. Free delivery is available for the majority of UK postcodes on fencing orders £100 or above.

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Forest 6’ x 3’ Pressure Treated Contemporary Picket Fence Panel (1.83m x 0.9m)
8 - 9 Weeks 15 years Pressure Treated Free delivery for orders over 100 pounds
Special Price £124.99
Was £129.99
0.9m High Pressure Treated Pale Picket Fence Panel
26% Off
Pick a Day 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated Free delivery for orders over 100 pounds
Special Price £35.99
Was £48.99
Forest Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Pale Panel 0.9m High
25% Off
5 - 10 Working Days 15 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pressure Treated Free delivery for orders over 100 pounds
Special Price £35.99
Was £47.99
3ft High Rounded Pale Picket Fence Panel
28% Off
3 - 4 Weeks 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Dip Treated Free delivery for orders over 100 pounds
Special Price £29.99
Was £41.99
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An overview of picket fencing

A classic fencing style, picket fencing brings charm and character to any property. It consists of evenly spaced vertical pickets connected to horizontal rails. Typically pointed or rounded at the top, pickets creating a unique and recognisable appearance.

Wood is the most common material for picket fences, which is what we sell here at Shedstore. Picket fences offer an open design that allows visibility and airflow while also defining a property boundary. They are popular in residential areas, combining aesthetics, security, and a welcoming ambience to homes and gardens.

Picket fences can be customised by height, style, and colour to match individual preferences and architectural designs. With proper upkeep, these fences endure for years, providing durable and visually appealing fencing solutions.

About our range

At Shedstore, we offer a wide range of picket fencing options to enhance the charm and security of your property. Our selection includes various styles and designs, such as:

Crafted from quality materials like pressure-treated wood, these picket fences are durable and long-lasting. They provide a classic and timeless look, adding character to gardens and creating clear boundaries. With easy installation, low prices and customisation options, our picket fencing range offers both aesthetics and functionality for your outdoor space.

There is no need to search for picket fence panels for sale near me as we have everything you need right here. Everything can be ordered securely online in just a few minutes.

Benefits of 3’ high picket fence panels

At Shedstore we sell 3’ high picket fences, which offer a charming and traditional look that adds character to any outdoor space. These fences are often chosen for their decorative appeal and ability to define boundaries without completely obstructing views. With their lower height, they provide a subtle division between areas while maintaining an open and welcoming ambience.

3’ high picket fences are commonly used in gardens, but also along walkways, where their shorter stature allows for a more accessible and inviting feel. They offer a balance between providing a sense of enclosure and maintaining a connection with the surrounding environment.

While 3’ high picket fences may not offer the same level of privacy as taller fences, they serve as a decorative accent that enhances the overall curb appeal of a property. They can additionally be adorned with plants, flowers, or climbing vines to further enhance their visual appeal.

Is security an issue with this type of fencing?

The open design of picket fences with evenly spaced pickets allows visibility both inside and outside the property, which usually does not offer the same level of privacy or security as solid panel fencing options. The gaps between the pickets can potentially provide access for small animals or allow unauthorised individuals to reach through.

However, there are extra measures that can be taken to enhance the security of picket fencing. Adding additional features such as lockable garden gates, security cameras, motion sensor lights, or even planting thorny shrubs or hedges near the fence can act as deterrents.

It is important to note that if security is a primary concern, other fencing options, such as solid panel fences, may be a good alternative.

Compatible accessories

In addition to picket fencing panels, we also offer compatible accessories such as heavy-duty pressure-treated pale gates and contemporary picket gates. These gates provide seamless integration with our picket fence panels, ensuring a cohesive and functional fencing system.

Support and guidance from Shedstore

We are available and would be delighted to help with questions and enquiries including costs, technical information and other aspects of our picket fence panels and fencing accessories for sale. Please contact Shedstore by using these contact methods:

  • Telephone us on 0333 003 0518
  • Send emails using our contact page, which provides a contact form to complete
  • Live Chat, speak online NOW using text chat. To do this, click the green icon at bottom and left of any page.