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Wooden Playhouses

All of our wooden playhouses have a unique theme and colour scheme along with a whole range of great features, from verandahs to shutters, as well as second stories or even balconies. Your children will enjoy these playhouses for years to come. Think of the fun they, and you, will have decorating and painting their very own wooden playhouse.

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Wooden Playhouse Base

Depending on the type of wooden playhouse that you choose, you will probably require a base to ensure that the playhouse sits on level ground, while also protecting it from water damage.

Wooden tower playhouses are not affected by water damage as the fact that they are raised allows them to avoid contact with water

Treating your Timber Playhouse

Some of our wooden playhouses come pressure treated, which means that they are protected against the elements and no further treatment is required.

However, those that come dip-treated will require an annual treatment to keep them free from rot and keep them standing for years to come. This is a simple process and can be carried out using wood treatment found in most hardware stores.

Painting Playhouses

One of the benefits of wooden playhouses is that they can be easily painted, allowing you to customise your playhouse and make it unique.

Painting your playhouse will also double up as a treatment, helping to waterproof the wood and keep it strong against whatever the British weather has to throw at it.

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