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All of our wooden playhouses have a unique theme and colour scheme along with a whole range of great features. From porches and verandas to shutters, playhouses on stilts, and even 2 story wooden playhouses with balconies, we have it all. For a little extra fun, why not also consider a wooden playhouse with slide. Your children will enjoy these playhouses for years to come. Think of the fun they, and you, will have decorating and painting their very own wooden playhouse.


Shedstore also provides free delivery within the quoted price to the majority of UK mainland postcodes on all wooden playhouses. Simply click on any image below to explore our entire range of children’s wooden playhouses or click on “View Details” under each product. We strongly recommend reading our playhouse buying guide, which contains lots of useful information about our diverse range of playhouses.

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8' x 5'6 (2.40x1.67m) Shire Loft Playhouse
42% Off
2 Weeks 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Dip Treated Shiplap Tongue and Groove Construction
Special Price £740.99 Was £1,279.00
7'x6' (2.1x1.8m) Shire Wigwam Playhouse
33% Off
2 Weeks 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Dip Treated Tongue and Groove Construction
Special Price £507.99 Was £764.99
6' x 4' (1.79x1.19m) Shire Command Post Playhouse
41% Off
7 Working Days 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Dip Treated Shiplap Tongue and Groove Construction
Special Price £346.99 Was £589.99
5'3 x 5'6 (1.60x1.67m) Shire Croft Playhouse
36% Off
7 Working Days 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Dip Treated Shiplap Tongue and Groove Construction
Special Price £643.99 Was £1,019.00
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Why are wooden playhouses the best material choice?

The majority of playhouses sold in the UK are wooden. They are a perfect choice for a traditional or classic garden scheme and blend in well with other garden furniture (especially timber furniture).

With a little carpentry skill, wooden playhouses are more customisable when contrasted to metal and plastic playhouses. They do require more maintenance, which we discuss in our treating playhouses section below and can also be easily painted. Wooden playhouses are much heavier than plastic playhouses and will not move or (in extreme winds) blow away.

Buy our children’s wooden playhouses as a long-lasting and durable piece of outdoor furniture. Our entire range feature either shiplap tongue and groove, or standard tongue and groove, which makes them weather-resistant, insect and rodent repellent and built to last.

Choosing a base for your children’s wooden playhouse

Depending on the type of wooden playhouse that you choose, you will probably require a base to ensure that the playhouse sits on level ground, while also protecting it from water damage. Make sure you research the best options when choosing a base. 

Wooden playhouses on stilts (tower playhouses) are not affected by water damage as the fact that they are raised on stilts allows them to avoid contact with water.

Treating your timber playhouse

Some of our wooden playhouses come pressure treated, which means that they are protected against the elements and no further treatment is required.

However, those that come dip-treated will require an annual treatment to keep them free from rot and keep them standing for years to come. This is a simple process and can be carried out using wood treatment found in most hardware stores.

Painting options

One of the benefits of wooden playhouses is that they can be easily painted, allowing you to customise your playhouse and make it unique.

Painting your playhouse will also double up as a treatment, helping to waterproof the wood and keep it strong against whatever the British weather has to throw at it.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of buying a wooden outdoor playhouse. They last throughout childhood and often last for several generations! For the thousands of hours of fun, they bring the cost is appealingly low.

They are also an attractive garden feature in their own right and keep the kids happy when you are entertaining. Children’s wooden playhouses promote outdoor play, create happy memories, and get kids off technology!

There are many health benefits of buying wooden playhouses, these are discussed in our “Can I buy a wooden playhouse with slide and swing?” section below. One final benefit is the space they bring, this is of immeasurable value in reducing clutter and enables garden toys and games to be safely and securely stored.

Do you have options for a wooden playhouse with slide and swing?

Yes, a number of our wooden playhouses manufactured by Mercia are supplied complete with slides or swings.

Why choose a playhouse with a slide?

Add a bit of fun to your garden by choosing a wooden playhouse with slides, your children will never be short of playmates! Using slides, kids improve their sense of location and position mid-slide using proprioception, whilst also developing their vestibular system. Slides help children to experience nature, the colours, and the smells and are also great for developing balance, reflexes, and coordination.

Our wooden playhouses with slides are not just fun, they're safe too. Crafted from high-quality European sourced timber, these playhouses are built to withstand the elements and provide years of outdoor fun. The interlocking tongue and groove panels ensure a sturdy construction, while the slide adds an extra element of excitement for your little ones.

Why chose a playhouse with a swing?

Transform your wooden playhouse with slide into an outdoor children’s play area by adding a swing to your slide. Swings are great in helping kids release excess energy and also help with the absorption of Vitamin D. A place to destress and calm down, garden swings help to develop motor skills and coordination. A number of the wooden outdoor playhouses for sale on this page are also sold complete with a swing within the price. You can also buy swings separately on our swings and slides page.

Why not choose a playhouse on stilts or 2 story wooden playhouses?

Playhouse on stilts

Take playtime to new heights with our playhouses on stilts. Sometimes referred to as tower playhouses, these elevated structures provide a unique and exciting play experience for children, encouraging imaginative play and physical activity. Built with durable, weather-resistant materials, these playhouses are designed to last, providing endless fun for your children.

2 story wooden playhouse

Double the fun with our 2 story wooden playhouses. These multi-level structures provide plenty of space for children to play and explore. Whether they're hosting a tea party downstairs or playing make-believe upstairs, there's no end to the fun they can have. Plus, with our high-quality construction and weather-resistant materials, these playhouses are built to last.

Playhouse with a porch or veranda

Our playhouses with porches offer the perfect space for children to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The porch or veranda area serves as a great spot for children to engage in creative play, read a book, or simply enjoy the fresh air. Made from high-quality materials, these playhouses are built to withstand the elements and provide years of enjoyment.

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Don’t delay, order now and let the fun begin!

Our collection of playhouses offers something for every child's imagination. From the thrill of a wooden playhouse with a slide to the elevated excitement of a playhouse on stilts, we've got it all. Our playhouses with verandas and porches provide a quaint and relaxing space for children to unwind, while our 2 story wooden playhouses double the fun with their multi-level design. Crafted with care and precision, our playhouses are more than just toys - they're a gateway to a world of imagination and outdoor fun.

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Don't wait to bring home the joy of imaginative play. Explore our range of playhouses today and find the perfect fit for your family. 

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