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  1. An Interview with Froglife

    An Interview with Froglife

    Earlier this month, we caught up with Silviu from Froglife, to talk about amphibian conservation, habitats, and their 'Toads on the Road' project. Check out the great interview below:

    Our Interview with Frog Life

    1. Why should the public be concerned with the conservation of amphibians in the UK?


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  2. What is pressure treatment?

    Vacuum pressure impregnation, often simply referred to as pressure treatment, should be considered as the preferred factory treatment process for the long-term protection of softwood-based garden products; such as garden buildings, fencing, arbours and furniture.

    Once in use, the impregnated preservative will enable the timber to resist rot and insect attack, ensuring the product purchased will last longer and so enhance your enjoyment of it.

    Commonly having a green-tinge finish

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  3. Should I Buy a Wooden, Metal or Plastic Shed?

    Should I Buy a Wooden, Metal or Plastic Shed?

    Which Shed Material is Right for You?

    Choosing the right shed material is a big decision. It is one that you'll have to live with for many years to come.

    There are a number of factors that might influence your choice. Perhaps you want a shed that complements your style of house or garden? Do you need a shed with particular specifications? Or are you looking for your shed to be as secure as possible?

    Whatever the reason, let’s t

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  4. Working from your shed: the options

    Working from your shed: the options

    What are the benefits of working from home, especially in the shed?

    The benefits of working from home are numerous: no more early rising to factor in the commute; no traveling costs; perhaps the choice to work in casual clothes; access to homemade food rather than expensive shop bought lunches; less disturbance from unnecessary chatter in the office...

    However, if you work from home in the main area of your house you will replace these benefits

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  5. Top shed security tips

    Shed Security

    Do I really need to think about how I secure my shed?

    The short answer is yes. Thefts from gardens are more common than you may realise. Plus, most of us underestimate the value of the contents stored in our humble garden shed. Your garden furniture, the lawn mower, bicycles and, of course, garden tools quickly add up in value.

    On average, us Brits store over £2000 worth

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  6. How to Choose the Right Garden Shed

    The most important decision when it comes to choosing the right shed is what you are going to use it for, and how often it will be used.

    A garden shed is a great addition to any home as they add that additional, useful storage space; perhaps you may have been looking for to store all of your tools, furniture or gardening equipment. Not only that, you can transform a standard shed into a summer house, a gym, an office, or even go all the way and create a guest house. Take a look at our

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  7. How to store your bike through the winter

    Looking after your bike pays off over time. If you keep it clean, store it well and repair any damage that may occur, you will be the owner of a long lasting, quality bike. You may require cleaning products to ensure your bike is spotless before storing away, it’s recommended that you use a standard cleaning soap with warm water for the exterior and then look into chain degreaser and engine cleaners, perhaps a dose of WD-40 too. You may like to go all out and use a wax to complete the cleaning s

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  8. Shed Design: is apex better than pent?

    Shed Design: is apex better than pent?

    Apex Sheds vs Pent Sheds

    When selecting a shed, one of the factors you will need to consider is whether you would like an apex roof or a pent roof? Or have you conisdered a reverse apex roof? We take you through what you need to think about when it comes to shed roof design.

    (Click on images for further product details)

    What are you storing?

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  9. How to felt a shed roof

    How to felt a shed roof

    A shed for your gardening supplies and various tools is great. The items are easy to find and out of the way. However, opening the shed and finding that all of the items are wet is not only irritating, it can prove costly as water can damage or ruin many items very quickly.

    Here we provide instructions on how to felt your roof; a link to a YouTube video demonstration; and an innovative alternative to shed felt.

    Instructions: Felting Your

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  10. How to build a shed base

    A shed base is necessary for sheds to maintain a dry interior, prevent rotting, and keep the shed anchored down during high winds. For this, the shed needs a dry, level foundation. This can be a patio, laying a concrete foundation or paving slaps. We advise that a 100-150mm size increase is provided, bigger than your shed and that you try to lower the edges for easy rain runoff.

    Take a look at our video for a visual guide to building a wooden shed base:

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