We have seen an influx in customers asking how to build a cocktail shed in the past few years, they seem to be somewhat about to come into fashion! Be the first out of your friend group to throw a cocktail shed party and influence them all.

Cocktail sheds are a great escape from the house, creating an area that you do not have to worry about spilt drinks if the party gets a little too out of hand. Of course, the size of the party will depend on the size of the shed you have but one thing is certain is that it is a cheap conversion that will see plenty of use!

With the kids grown up and gone, the shed that once stored bikes, toys, furniture and various other items seems the get less cluttered until it is just a few things left. If that is not the case then take a look at our range of fabulous sheds that we have on offer at the moment which can become your cocktail bar or your new storage space!

So now you have an empty shed. Perfect.

Getting started

All cocktail sheds need a bar and seating as well as various other furnishings. The first process you will need to undertake is either fixing the shed if it is older and needs a little TLC or insulation. Below are two in-depth guides that will show you just how to do that!

Once both above have been done then it’s time to build your seat inside the shed. Yet again here we have an in-depth guide on how to prepare and create your own seating. When combined with Barstools it adds an authentic look and more space for people to seat when partying.

Now, what every cocktail shed needs. A bar area for serving, creating and storing all your liquors and mixers.
Essentially the bar is just a taller and less wide version of the seat that we show how to build above. You will need to measure how large you want the bar and if it will fit nice in the shed and get to making a frame. Using 4 main posts and then creating a rectangle using 4 lengths you have the basics of the bar. Then you will need to use four more lengths to attach the posts at the bottom to create a solid frame. To then finish the bar you will need to use tongue and groove and clad the front side of the bar and find a nice piece of timber to act as the bar surface which you can cut down and sand until perfect. With the front covered you can use the inside of the bar for storage by creating shelving.

Essential items

Once your bar is built there are certain items that are essential to creating the perfect bar. Of course, everyone will add their own personalisation and theme to the cocktail bar but here is a list of essentials.

  • Cocktail shaker 
  • Strainers 
  • Measuring jiggers
  • Bar spoon 
  • Ice bucket 
  • Juicer 
  • Cutting boards and knives 
  • Corkscrew 
  • An abundance of glasses, straws and umbrellas.

If you have electricity available in the shed then here is a further list!

  • Electric blender
  • Mini fridge
  • Ice freezer

Now you have your bar and essentials. Time to go and spend the most money in the entire process – Alcohol. If you can afford to then print off some recipes and make a list of required drink and ingredients. Alternatively, throw a welcoming party and ask guests to bring a bottle and then experiment when they arrive. Leftovers are then for your shelves and over time you will build a great library of drinks.

The process of creating your bar is very easy and can be done over the course of a weekend. Once the bar is made you can enjoy hours of fun inside during the winter and then when it heats up a little you could even add a service hatch for outdoor parties giving you use all year round. Bring the stools outside and maybe build an outside section to maximise the fun and potential that the cocktail bar can bring!

Restore the party element to your life with this convenient shed cocktail bar today by taking a look at the garden sheds we have to offer and creating your own!