Monthly Archives: May 2021

  1. Small Greenhouse Gardening and The Benefits of Owning A Cold Frame

    a small, grey greenhouse full of plants

    Whether you're looking to 'dip your toe into the water' of greenhouse gardening or are keen to expand your existing growing area, discover all you need to know about small greenhouses and cold frames here.

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  2. Why A Secure Shed Is So Important and How to Improve Your Own Shed Security

    an anthracite-coloured metal security shed with double doors and high windows

    Garden sheds are often used to store valuable tools, bikes and other equipment, which can make them a target for thieves. Find out all you need to know about shed security here, so that you can keep your shed safe from unwanted attention. 

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  3. The Brilliant Reasons to Make or Buy A Proper Shed Base

    a Probase plastic shed base on a lawn

    Find out why a shed base is essential for a sturdy, long-lasting shed and discover the ways you can achieve the perfect shed base here. 

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