an anthracite-coloured metal security shed with double doors and high windows

Is Shed Security Important?

The short answer is yes – shed security is very important. Thefts from gardens are far more common than you may think.

It’s easy to underestimate the value of items stored in your shed. Lawn mowers, bicycles, outdoor furniture and garden tools are worth a lot of money, making them very attractive to thieves.

What’s more, if you’ve converted your shed into a garden office or gym, you don’t need us to remind you about the new value of its contents.

How We Can Help

Shedstore stocks some great security sheds and accessories. We’re also very happy to offer you advice on how to keep your expensive garden equipment secure. 

How to Improve Your Shed Security

Type of Shed

a 7x7 green metal security shed containing garden equipment and a bikea 6x8 wooden security shed with a pent roof and a small strip of windows

Metal Sheds vs Wooden Security Sheds

Metal sheds are generally the toughest and most secure sheds. However, if you prefer a traditional wooden shed, tongue and groove and shiplap sheds are far more robust and secure than overlap models.

When choosing your new shed, look for key features like hidden fixings, braced doors and key-operated locks. 

a 6x4 green metal shed with a windowless designWindowless Security Sheds

It’s sometimes overlooked, but windowless sheds make excellent security sheds too. If valuables are hidden from view, they make a less obvious target for thieves. If you prefer a shed with windows, consider fitting blinds or curtains to deter prying eyes when you’re not around.

Secure Shed Location

If possible, site your shed out of view of the road or pavement, but within sight of your house. That way, it presents less of a target but you can always keep an eye on it.

a security alarm padlockShed Padlocks

A strong shed padlock is a simple deterrent against opportunist thieves.

Most sheds are supplied with a hasp and staple, ready for a padlock fixing. Consider a padlock with a short shackle, which will be harder to break with bolt cutters.

Some of our padlocks feature a built-in alarm, which is activated if any attempt is made to tamper with it.

a bike in a shed secured by an underfloor locking systemInterior Shed Security

Use an underfloor locking system to make your valuable stored items even more secure.

This way, even if an intruder makes it inside your shed, your larger, more expensive items remain safe. 

Another measure is to chain and lock valuable items together. After all, stealing a lawnmower is hard enough, let alone when it’s chained to a ladder.

a heavy-duty shed storage unitShed Storage Cabinets

If you have the space, add a lockable garden storage unit inside your shed. This gives an extra line of defence for expensive hand tools, with the added benefit of keeping your shed neat and tidy. 

a solar motion sensor wall lightGarden Lighting

Thieves love to operate under the cover of darkness, so outdoor lighting is an excellent preventative measure.

Motion-triggered outdoor lighting is particularly effective as its sudden operation alerts you to intruders and instantly frightens them.

Solar Lights

Consider the benefits of solar lighting, which is incredibly easy to install and generates free electricity. What’s more, it reduces your carbon footprint and is good for the environment.

a berberis plantShrubs to help with Shed Security

Although an overgrown garden can provide a hiding place for thieves, strategically-placed prickly shrubs act as a great deterrent.

Berberis, juniper, blackthorn and roses are all effective. Add to that, they look great. 


Loose decorative stone and gravel pathways, leading up to a shed, aren’t just attractive, they make it far more difficult for intruders to remain quiet. 

a home CCTV iconCCTV

If CCTV cameras are within your budget, they are certainly worthwhile, allowing you to keep an eye on your garden and providing evidence for the police too.

And If Shed Security is Compromised?

If the worst comes to the worst and your valuable garden tools and equipment are stolen, etching your postcode onto high value items means the police can identify them if they are recovered.

Buy A Secure Shed

an 8x8 wooden security shed with an apex roofShedstore is the UK’s premier supplier of all garden sheds. To safeguard your expensive garden tools and equipment, view our fantastic range of sheds now.