a Probase plastic shed base on a lawn

Do I Need A Shed Base?

Yes, you certainly need a shed base.

It is false economy to place a new shed directly on top of soil or grass.

Building or buying a shed base is essential because it helps ensure the longevity of your shed.

Purpose of A Shed Base

a large wooden shed on a paved shed baseA shed base, whatever material it’s made from, needs to achieve 3 things:

1. Make the ground level

2. Support the weight of the shed

3. Allow air to circulate beneath the shed

Providing this is done, it will help keep the shed’s interior dry, prevent rotting, allow the door to open properly, and keep the shed firmly in position.

Preparing the Ground for A Shed Base

Clear vegetation, rocks and stones from the area in question.

Mark the size of your shed, plus an extra 20cm on each side, using string and pegs.

Then use a shovel to dig a 6cm-deep hole in the marked area. This provides the necessary depth to create a hard, level surface.

Your shed will need a hard, level base, otherwise the frame will distort and the door won’t open properly.

If your shed includes bearers, you can place it directly onto this surface.

The bearers will further protect the shed from moisture damage and create the space for air to circulate.

Building Different Types of Shed Base

Concrete Shed Base

Shovel a mixture of 8 parts sand and 1-part cement into the hole.

Evenly distribute the mixture with a rake until it looks level. A spirit level ensures greater accuracy.  

Use wooden shuttering to keep the concrete in a fixed state before it sets, and before weight is placed on top of it.

a man building a concrete shed base

Slab Base

Paving slabs are an easier way to create a solid foundation.

They need to reach just above ground level to ensure efficient rainwater runoff.

Starting in one corner, use a rubber mallet to hammer down the slabs and get the surface as even as possible.

Sand placed underneath the slabs can help rectify any problems on this score.

Again, using a spirit level is a good idea.

Wooden Shed Bases (Including Garden Decking)

Take a look at our video for a visual guide on building a wooden shed base:

Wooden garden decking achieves the same solid, level base.

Plastic Shed Bases

somebody assembling a plastic shed basea plastic shed base on grass

a partly assembled shed on a Probase shed basePlastic shed bases are a very popular option as they are the easiest to prepare.

In combination with shingle, they create a hard, level surface for the shed, and allow for excellent water drainage too.

Plus, plastic shed bases can always be reused if you move your shed

Take a look at our ProBase Shed Bases. They are expertly made, eco-friendly and come in an extensive range of sizes.

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