a blue and white potting shed with a pent roof

A Potting Shed Ticks all the Boxes

When deciding which shed to buy, don’t overlook the potting shed. It may conjure up images of allotments and the most green-fingered of people, but a potting shed has so much to offer even the ordinary gardener too.

Let’s take a look at why a potting shed is a contender for every garden and every gardener.

What Is A Potting Shed?

a front view of a wooden potting shedA potting shed sits somewhere between a conventional wooden shed and a greenhouse. It is the ultimate shed for anyone who loves gardening.

Why Don’t More People Own Potting Sheds?

Homeowners, searching for hardwearing garden storage, have traditionally favoured conventional sheds.

Gardeners, desperate to secure those few extra degrees of winter heat for their beloved plants, have found themselves seduced by the glamour of the greenhouse.

Lost in this no man’s land, a lesser garden building might have accepted its fate and vanished into obscurity, but not the potting shed.

The Potting Shed’s Time Has Finally Come

Those in the know have always seen the true value of the potting shed, and now more people are catching on.

So many people, in fact, that we could well be entering a new era in garden buildings: the reign of the potting shed.

So, what makes potting sheds so special?

5 Benefits of Potting Sheds

1. Potting Sheds Are Stronger Than Greenhouses

With the robust structure of a traditional wooden shed, a potting shed is not going to crack if hit by an errant pebble.

What’s more, with 3 wooden sides, a felt-covered roof and a lockable door, it keeps expensive tools completely protected from the weather and thieves alike. 

a blue and white potting shed with a pent roof2. They Help Plants Thrive

The large expanse of glazing, often made from near-unbreakable styrene, ensures potting sheds are never dark, dank places full of spiders and unseen hazards.

Position the glazed side south facing and you have an environment that is warm in winter and a great place to nurture young plants, exactly like a greenhouse.

What’s more, a potting shed still makes a cosy hideaway at the top of the garden.

3. Potting Sheds Offer Great Garden Storage

Is there a better place to keep your pots, trays, tools, soil and seeds than in the exact place where they’re needed? Of course not!

Potting sheds invariably include ample space for garden storage.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

The combination of wood and glazing makes potting sheds incredibly attractive.

Not in a showy, dolled-up greenhouse type of way, but more in the fashion of an understated English rose.

5. Potting Sheds Are Versatile

A potting shed gives you the best of both worlds, combining the very best aspects of a shed and a greenhouse.

What’s more, there’s a potting shed to suit any type of garden: the traditional, modern, and everything in between.

Here, come and take a look…

3 Great Types of Potting Shed 

7’ x 10’ Rowlinson Wooden Garden Potting Storage Shed

a wooden potting shed with a partially glazed roofWhen most people picture a potting shed, this is probably what it looks like.

The large bay windows with pots and seed trays on the ledge, the adjoining garden storage area, the wooden cladding and the apex-type roof – they’re all hallmarks of a great potting shed.

Furthermore, if it’s designed and built by Rowlinson, you know it’s going to be top quality.

To prove the point, this potting shed is made from premium 12mm tongue and groove cladding, and that includes the floor.

The roof is partially glazed and part solid sheet, with the latter including a mineral felt cover to keep out the rain.

The door offers easy access to the garden storage area, where there’s room for a wheelbarrow, garden tools, fertiliser and more.

This door can be secured by a padlock, so your valuable gardening equipment, and invaluable plants, remain secure.

Multiple windows and glazed roof panels ensure an abundance of natural light. They are made from styrene, which is near-unbreakable and far safer than conventional glass.

Three of the windows open, helping regulate the temperature inside for the benefit of your plants.

Potting benches are included too.

If this isn’t enough to tempt you, a 10-year anti-rot guarantee offers you peace of mind that you’ll enjoy its benefits for years to come.

6’ x 6’ Traditional Wooden Potting Garden Shed with 6' Gable

a wooden potting shed with a pent roof and 1 fully-glazed sideIt might be named ‘traditional’, but this eye-catching potting shed boasts a very fashionable design.

The clean, contemporary lines and smart pent roof speak of a thoughtful gardener who’s not stuck in their ways, while the charming stable-style door shows that en vogue doesn’t always mean avant-garde.

An entire side of glazing provides your plants with plenty of natural light.

There’s a separate opening window too. Together with the stable-style door, this allows you to control the temperature when you’re hard at work inside.

Other notable features include a full-length integral potting bench, a weatherproof felt roof cover, premium 12mm cladding (including the floor and roof!) and a beautiful smooth-planed finish.

This premium potting shed is available in a range of sizes, so you’re sure to find one suitable for your own outdoor space.

To top it all, if you select the optional upgrade, we convert the timber to pressure-treated 15mm tongue and groove cladding with a fantastic 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

12’ x 6’ Windsor Traditional Shiplap Wooden Apex Greenhouse Combi Shed

a 12x6 wooden greenhouse and potting shed comboPerhaps you’re tempted by a greenhouse’s style but are warming to the idea of the additional garden storage benefits offered by a potting shed?

Maybe you already own a greenhouse but are tired of the errant footballs and other little mishaps shattering the glass?

If so, we have the perfect answer for you – a greenhouse potting shed combi!

Available in 2 sizes, to cater for all of our customers’ needs, this versatile potting shed has it all.

The potting section provides as much natural light as a greenhouse and includes an opening window vent on the roof, providing the perfect conditions for your plants to prosper.

Don’t worry about accidental damage, either, because all of the glazing is unbreakable styrene.

The door is fitted with elegant decorative hinges and can be fastened by turn buttons.

There’s a special garden storage shed section at the rear too, with its own lockable door to keep everything secure.

Other key features include 12mm shiplap cladding, FSC®-certified wood, a mineral felt roof cover and a 10-year guarantee.

And you were thinking of buying a standard glass greenhouse?

Potting Sheds for Sale

The wonderful world of potting sheds doesn’t end there.

Select one that’s perfect for you, your garden and your plants from our fantastic range of potting sheds.

The shed and greenhouse certainly aren’t dead, but long live the potting shed anyway!