For several years, sheds from around the world have grown from being simple storage to elaborate escapes for men and women to enjoy their time alone with their hobbies or enjoying games with a close group of friends. Given the fact that almost 50% of men claim to have spent an entire day in their shed, it stands to reason that these sheds are designed to be much more than a place to store the lawnmower and holiday decorations.

Uses and designs for garden sheds

A home-away-from-home office

The majority of our days are often filled with deadlines; after-school commitments, doctor appointments and several other pressures. Creating a personal office space may be just the thing you need to achieve a life balance.

Whether you work from home or just enjoy reading in solitude, adding a few comfy chairs, a personal workspace and a small library can transform the everyday garden shed into a quiet office or cosy reading nook. Make sure that the entire area is well lit and improve the atmosphere by adding an abundance of easy-to-care for plants, inspirational posters and other items to personalise your space.

A relaxing day spa

Let’s face it, not all of us can afford to live a life pampered by spa professionals. But with a little creativity and elbow grease, a drabby shed can be turned into a beautiful spa to enjoy whenever the mood strikes. While you don’t have to go all-out and install a complete plumbing system, there are a few simple things you can do to create your own soothing space:

  • Drop the technology: For the total getaway experience, make it a rule to not allow any kind of technology that might distract you from letting go of your stress.
  • Include tranquil colours and textures: Combine cool and relaxing colours such as blue-greens.
  • Space to stretch out: Whether you choose to go with a tub or want to enjoy the shed as a place to meditate, you’ll want to have a place where you’ll be able to stretch your entire body out. Consider investing in thicker yoga mats and comfortable blankets to lie on.
  • Candlelight: Combine a mix of coloured votive candles and place them on tall metal stands on a variety of end tables. The flickering of the light and warm glow will help set the mood.

A garden cottage greenhouse

For those that enjoy the outdoors for all it has to offer, converting a shed into a gorgeous cottage greenhouse is just one way to enjoy nature no matter the time of day. While there is always the option to grow seedlings in your kitchen window, having your own greenhouse can save you a significant amount of time in cleaning up potting soil out of your sink!

To get the best results for your garden, make sure that the shed is designed so that it lets in plenty of natural light, while also minimising exposure to direct sunlight. Having durable tools and a well-organised toolbox will be key to ensuring that you have the most efficient workspace for your garden.

It’s also important to maintain proper ventilation to help keep the greenhouse at a steady temperature throughout the seasons.

A fun playhouse

All work and no play? Nonsense! Every child deserves a place where they can run off with their imagination, and there’s no better place than a playhouse to inspire creativity!

Add child-sized furniture and surround the room in bright and playful colours. Whether your kids love to set off on pirate adventures or prefer playing dress-up, they will want to spend hours in a space that is dedicated to their imagination.

In addition to adding your children’s favourite toys and games to play with, be sure that the shed is in fact child-safe. Add edge bumpers to cover sharp corners, cabinets and counters. If there are electrical outlets, cover them with electrical plates that are big enough so that are unable to be swallowed.

A personal art gallery

Speaking of imagination, adults need to have a way to explore their creative side as well! Perhaps you should consider an inventive shed design such as an art gallery. Here you’ll be free to paint and complete art projects without having to clutter up your home with canvas and other art essentials.

In addition to having ample space for your easel and canvases, fill the room with natural light during the day with glass doors. If you happen to have a nice view, position the back of your easel to face the window with the best view. Set the mood at night by lighting scented candles.

Throughout the past few years, home-owners have become pretty creative when it comes to creating a space they can call their own. There are several uses for sheds that have yet to be made -- what ideas do you have?

Be sure to check out our garden sheds for some inspiration on what you can use your shed for.