8x6 Forest 4Life Double Door Apex Summer House with 4 Windows

Now we’re entering the final week of February, there’s just a little inkling that spring is in the air. And if, like us, you’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of the warmer, sunnier weather, your mind might already have started wandering out of the house and into the garden, as you make plans about how best to enjoy your time outdoors, this year.

Well, we’ve got a suggestion for you. Why not buy a summerhouse?

A Sensational New Range of Summerhouses

an infographic showing the benefits of a Forest 4Life summerhousean infographic showing the benefits of a Forest 4Life summerhouse
Here are just some of the reasons why Forest 4Life summerhouses are so special.

With their usual impeccable timing, Forest - the UK’s leading manufacturer of wooden garden buildings - has just released a brand-new range of summerhouses, called 4Life, and we’re delighted to tell you that we’re one of first retailers to stock the lot.

These 4Life summerhouses are more than just a little bit special – in fact, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we called them sensational ! And if you think we’re getting a little bit carried away, or on a hard sell, pour yourself a cuppa, spare us a few moments of your time, and we’ll give you 10 tangible reasons why we’re right…

1. Fully Modular Summerhouses

an infographic showing adaptable door and window placements on a fully modular summerhousean infographic showing adaptable door and window placements on a fully modular summerhouse
One of the benefits of a fully modular summerhouse is that you get to choose the door and window positions.

Forest has designed these wooden summerhouses to be fully modular, so the panels are smaller but you get more overall timber. This gives 4Life summerhouses 3 immediate advantages:

Firstly, they’re simpler to assemble. Because the panels are smaller, they’re far easier to manoeuvre into position, and because so many of them are interchangeable, you can lay your hands on the correct one with minimal fuss.

Secondly, these interchangeable panels make for a highly adaptable summerhouse. As the panels can be installed in a variety of positions, you’re given an unprecedented choice of where you position the doors and windows.

Finally, with smaller panels but more overall timber, these summerhouses enjoy far more substantial framing, making for a much stronger wooden summerhouse.

2. Summerhouses That Last 4Life

a 7x5 fully modular wooden summerhousea 7x5 fully modular wooden summerhouse
Forest 4Life summerhouses aren't built to last you a decade or two, they're designed for life.

A decent garden summerhouse might last you a decade or two but, as the name suggests, 4Life wooden summerhouses are designed to last much longer than that.

This is why they come with an incredible 25-year guarantee as standard, which is the longest guarantee on the market.

As Forest's marketing team will tell you, you’ll only ever need to buy one summerhouse, if it’s a 4Life summerhouse.

3. Maintenance-Free Summerhouses

a summerhouse, with written caption explaining that it's maintenance freea summerhouse, with written caption explaining that it's maintenance free
To save money on wood preservative and enjoy more time relaxing in your garden, buy a Forest 4Life summerhouse.

One of the reasons these summerhouses last so long is that they’ve undergone Forest’s famed pressure-treatment process.

Unlike other manufacturers’ pressure-treated summerhouses, this gives the wood enduring protection against rot and fungal decay, so that further treatment is never required.

Therefore, when you buy a 4Life wooden summerhouse, you’ve got complete maintenance freedom, saving you money on expensive wood treatments and leaving you more time to relax in your summerhouse.

4. UK-Made Summerhouses

a 12x8 wooden garden summerhousea 12x8 wooden garden summerhouse
Lovingly crafted, by skilled British tradesmen, Forest 4Life summerhouses make the perfect summerhouses for our discerning, conscientious customers.

When you make a significant purchase, it’s incredibly reassuring to know that it’s been manufactured close to home, by skilled tradesmen, to the highest professional standards. And all these boxes are ticked when you buy a Forest 4Life summerhouse.

What’s more, as 4Life summerhouses are UK made, the manufacturing process involves less transportation than for those built overseas, which reduces the summerhouse’s carbon footprint, making it kinder to the environment.

5. Weathertight Summerhouses

a summerhouse roof, with written caption explaining why it's robusta summerhouse roof, with written caption explaining why it's robust
Under a roof this good, you and your summerhouse furniture will be completely protected from the changeable British weather.

We know that summerhouses are designed for the warmer months, but if you’re expecting rain-free summers for the rest of your life, you might be in for a shock. And don’t forget that your summerhouse will be standing outside the whole year round, even when you’re cosily tucked up indoors.

This is why weathertightness is so important for a garden summerhouse.

Accordingly, Forest 4Life summerhouses are designed with overlap cladding, which is a tried and tested method of constructing wooden garden buildings, and ensures excellent rainwater runoff.

The floors are built from extra-thick solid wood boards and fitted with pressure-treated bearers. This allows air to circulate underneath the summerhouse and provides an effective barrier against rot-causing ground moisture.

As for the roofs - well, they’re made from tough solid sheet and include a mineral felt cover, so you can rest assured that when the rain sets in, you and your summerhouse furniture will remain snug and dry.

Most of these summerhouses also feature metal roof truss brackets, providing even greater strength and structural integrity, in this key area.

6. Light and Airy Summerhouses

an 8x6 summerhouse with pent roofan 8x6 summerhouse with pent roof
Representing outdoor living at its absolute finest, a Forest 4Life summerhouse offers you the ideal space in which to relax and enjoy your garden.

They might be strong, durable and weathertight, but these wooden summerhouses are still incredibly uplifting places to while away the hours in your garden.

No matter how big or small, all of them come with glazed double doors and very large windows, so their interiors are always bathed in natural light.

So, when the sun’s out and doors open, you’re going to enjoy the type of outdoor living experience that you’ve always dreamed about.

And as the glazing is made from PET, which is completely shatterproof and far safer than standard summerhouse glazing, it’s just what you want in a busy, family-orientated garden.

7. An Unbeatable Range of Summerhouses

an 8x6 summerhouse for sale with a reverse apex roofan 8x6 summerhouse for sale with a reverse apex roof
With a host of different sizes and styles on offer, there's sure to be a Forest 4Life summerhouse perfectly tailored to suit your garden.

We don’t all have 2.4 kids and identikit gardens, so it stands to reason that we’re not all going to want exactly the same summerhouse.

The good news here is that Forest 4Life summerhouses come in a range of sizes, from small 6x4 summerhouses to large 12x8s, as well as everything in between. This allows you to pick the summerhouse that’s right for your garden.

There’s also a choice of roof designs, including apex, pent and reverse apex models, so you can pick a summerhouse in keeping with its surroundings.

8. FREE Summerhouse Delivery

a Forest summerhouse delivery man standing next to his white vana Forest summerhouse delivery man standing next to his white van
The best companies take care of their customers AFTER sales have been made, which is why Forest has introduced its White Glove Delivery Service.

Here’s where Forest really rolls out the red carpet for you…

For most mainland UK addresses, the company uses its White Glove Service, which means your brand-new summerhouse is delivered wherever you want in your garden, with all of the packaging removed…for FREE.

9. A Summerhouse with Extras

a wooden summerhouse base kita wooden summerhouse base kit
This sturdy wooden shed/ summerhouse base kit is just one of our super summerhouse optional upgrades.

ALL of the above benefits are included in the price of the summerhouse. They come as standard. They’re yours, with no questions asked.

However, we also stock some extremely tempting little extras, which you can easily add to the basket when making your purchase.

These include solar lighting and a portable gas cabinet heater, to create that added bit of homeliness and comfort in your new outdoor living space.

A wooden summerhouse base kit and competitively-priced professional installation service are available too, so you can get your new summerhouse up, running and fully operational, with minimal effort required.

10. Great-Value Summerhouses!

a 6x4 small summerhouse with double doors and extensive glazinga 6x4 small summerhouse with double doors and extensive glazing
The 6' x 4' Forest 4Life 25yr Guarantee Double Door Apex Summer House (1.99m x 1.23m) is currently for sale at just £469.99*! Wow!!

In terms of value for money, Forest 4Life summerhouses are in a league of their own.

In fact, some of the smaller summerhouses for sale cost roughly £500, so, based on the length of the guarantee alone, you can transform every one of your springs and summers to come for an outlay that equates to roughly £20 per year! It’s absolutely extraordinary value for money, isn’t it?

And if you think things can’t possibly get any better, we’ve got something else to tell you…

As a special introductory deal, we’re now offering you 20% off these market-leading wooden summerhouses. That’s right, not somewhere up to 20%, but a FULL 20% OFF these brand-new summerhouses for sale now!

But hurry, because unlike the summerhouses, this offer won’t be around 4Life.


(*Prices as at 23rd February, 2024)