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  1. How to Keep Your Shed Secure

    How to Keep Your Shed Secure

    Nowadays, everybody has a myriad of home security measures in order to keep themselves and their possessions safe from burglars, including alarms, lights, and even CCTV cameras. However, many of us choose to neglect improving the security of our garden sheds and storage buildings. Our sheds contain valuable items, especially when they’re used as garden offices or gyms, so why should they remain unprotected?

    Aside from the obvious (don’t leave valuable possessions lying around your gard

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  2. Storage Ideas for Wooden Garages

    Storage Ideas for Wooden Garages

    A garage only becomes a great garage when everything is tidy, tucked away safely, and easily accessible. Simply throwing everything in and slamming shut the door isn’t good enough. And just think, with a little organisation there may even be room for your car. There’s a novel thought! Take a look at some of our top storage ideas.


    It is easy to bolt and screw simple shelving to a wooden garage. Always make sure that

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  3. Clever Garden Tool Storage Ideas to Try This Year

    Quality garden tools are worth looking after. Clever and careful storage is absolutely necessary. This not only keeps them and you safe from accidents, it also makes them easily accessible as and when you need them.

    Shed Hooks

    Vintage Bird Hooks

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  4. Use Our Shed Plans To Build Your Shed

    Use Our Shed Plans To Build Your Shed

    How to Build Your Shed

    Building your shed need not be as daunting a task as you think. Our plans and instructions aim to help you every step of the way. Read through these top tips for building your shed first:

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  5. Do I Need a Shed Base?

    Do I Need a Shed Base?

    The Importance of a Shed Base

    What Does a Shed Base Do?

    Shed bases, whatever they are made out of, need to achieve three things:

    1. The first is to make the ground level.
    2. The second is to support the weight of your shed.
    3. The third is to allow air circulation beneath the shed.

    It is false economy to plonk a brand new shed directly on the soil. It is inevitable

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  6. How to build a garden office

    How to build a garden office

    Work from Your Garden

    More people are working from home than ever and many do so from an office in their garden. And why not? It saves all that tiresome commuting and with internet connections generally being better than ever, communication is easy. And, if surrounded by plants and wildlife, surely the standard of work is better? A garden office is therefore one of

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  7. How to turn your shed into the perfect storage space

    How to turn your shed into the perfect storage space

    Most sheds are big enough for your needs. Honest. It's just they are crammed with broken garden furniture, antique paint cans and a miscellany of plastic sacks. Not to mention those pieces of random off cuts of wood that will come in handy one day. No, they won't – so tidy up, go to the recycling centre, offer things on giveaway sites or even hire a skip to see what you've really got.

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  8. How to build a greenhouse

    How to build a greenhouse

    In a word – carefully. In two words – with help. In three words – do it well. A greenhouse extends the gardening year at both ends. It brings spring forward and puts winter back. It also allows you to grow a whole manner of plants you would only ever dream of – aubergines, melons, orchids and cacti. All within your reach with a greenhouse.

    Building your greenhouse

    Once your greenhouse arrives you will, of course, have already created a firm and level surface. Think of slabs o

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  9. What is pressure treatment?

    Vacuum pressure impregnation, often simply referred to as pressure treatment, should be considered as the preferred factory treatment process for the long-term protection of softwood-based garden products; such as garden buildings, fencing, arbours and furniture.

    Once in use, the impregnated preservative will enable the timber to resist rot and insect attack, ensuring the product purchased will last longer and so enhance your enjoyment of it.

    Commonly having a green-tinge finish

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  10. Top shed security tips

    Shed Security

    Do I really need to think about how I secure my shed?

    The short answer is yes. Thefts from gardens are more common than you may realise. Plus, most of us underestimate the value of the contents stored in our humble garden shed. Your garden furniture, the lawn mower, bicycles and, of course, garden tools quickly add up in value.

    On average, us Brits store over £2000 worth

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