How To & Technical Advice

  1. How to Fix a Shed

    a hammer and nails on pine wood background

    Repairing a Wooden Shed

    Some sheds have seen brighter days, damaged from harsh winters over the years. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and your shed becomes damaged, timber can break, flooring can rot through etc.

    Sometimes, it

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  2. How to treat your shed

    Spruce up your garden this summer by giving your garden building a treatment it cannot refuse. When your finally happy with your garden, you have planted all the new plants, mowed the lawn and cleaned the decking. Your garden feature may be looking

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  3. How to build a cocktail shed

    We have seen an influx in customers asking how to build a cocktail shed in the past few years, they seem to be somewhat about to come into fashion! Be the first out of your friend group to throw a cocktail shed party and influence them all.


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  4. How to build a wheelie bin shed

    How to build a wheelie bin shed

    The Need for Wheelie Bin Storage

    Though wheelie bins obviously have their purpose, they are not very attractive waiting on the kerb ready for collection, lined up on your driveway or stored in your garden. If there is one common blight on

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  5. How to Make a Shed Child-Friendly

    When was the last time you crawled on your hands and knees around your garden’s shed? As strange as that may sound, maybe you should give it a try. If you have children, you should be well aware that they have a natural tendency to explore their e

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  6. How to Add a Plug to a Shed

    a view into a solar powered lighted shed of a man tending his plants

    Learn about your DIY options for powering your shed and why you need an electrician to install a plug on mains electrics.

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  7. How to lay a shed floor

    One thing all gardens have in common is a shed. Sheds come in all different shapes and sizes and are standing in all different types of conditions. Some of us use our shed traditionally and store outside items such as tools, bikes and patio furniture.

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  8. How to Turn Your Shed into a Home Office

    How to Turn Your Shed into a Home Office

    Create a Garden Office

    The Utopian vision of working from home, relaxed by birdsong and totally immersed in nature, yet still producing results even the most ferocious of employers would reward is achievable – if y

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  9. How to Turn Your Shed into a Christmas Grotto

    How to Turn Your Shed into a Christmas Grotto
    If you have a garden shed, some energetic children and a little bit of free time, then you have all the ingredients you need to create a magical extravaganza this Christmas – by making y
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  10. How to Insulate a Shed - What You Need To Know

    a man wearing a mask and gloves installing insulation into a timber wall frame

    For a more pleasant working environment and optimal storage conditions, insulating a shed can make a huge difference. Here are some top tips for how to insulate a garden shed. 

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