Shed Roof Designs & Types: Which is Better Apex or Pent? [UPDATED]

Exploring shed roof designs opens a realm of possibilities that extend beyond mere functional considerations. The choice between apex shed roof and a pent shed roof designs is not just about sheltering your outdoor areas; it is about creating a statement that blends aesthetics and utility purposes. With diverse options to customise and infuse your shed with personality, this guide explores the distinct features of these roof styles, offering insights into their benefits and how they harmonise with your garden's layout and your personal style preferences.

Editor’s Note [26.09.23]: Our guide about apex and pent sheds was originally published on January 5, 2017. Today’s update includes choosing the right shed roof designs, customising with unique shed types, comparing modern vs traditional styles, exploring both pent and apex sheds including features and benefits, and a features comparison of pent vs apex.

Choosing the right shed roof designs

When buying garden sheds, the roof design plays a pivotal role in shaping both the visual appeal and functional aspects of the garden building. The choice between apex and pent for roofing has far-reaching implications for your outdoor space. Not only does it influence the shed's aesthetics, but it also determines factors like interior space, water drainage, and overall utility value. Exploring the various roof covering options available is essential to finding the perfect fit that fits neatly with your garden's layout, your personal preferences, and the intended purpose of the shed.

a barn style sheda barn style shed

Customising your garden shed with unique shed roof types

Unleash your creativity and infuse your garden shed with a touch of individuality by exploring various unique shed roof types. By investigating various roof designs, you can seize the opportunity to personalise your outdoor structure in ways that reflect your style and preferences.

These distinct roofing options not only add character to your garden shed but also play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall visual appeal of your outdoor space. Through innovative roof designs, you have the chance to transform your garden shed into a bespoke focal point that seamlessly blends with your landscape.

Traditional vs. modern shed roof style options

The choice between traditional and modern shed roof styles can significantly influence the overall look and feel of your outdoor living space. Traditional styles, are often characterised by their classic gable or apex design, exude a timeless charm that aligns well with rustic or cottage garden themes. On the other hand, modern styles, featuring sleek and minimalist lines, cater to contemporary aesthetics, making them a perfect fit for urban gardens or spaces with a modern flair.

Exploring these roof styles unveils the potential to seamlessly blend architectural characteristics with your chosen garden theme. Whether you opt for the nostalgic allure of a traditional gable roof or the clean lines of a modern shed roof, your garden shed can harmonise with your desired design aesthetics in an engaging and visually appealing manner.

Exploring pent sheds

When it comes to pent shed roof design, its single-sloped structure offers distinctive characteristics that cater to specific needs. Discover the specifics that set pent roofs apart and explore the main benefits they provide for various garden scenarios.

a pent shed with an open door, tools and watering can insidea pent shed with an open door, tools and watering can inside

Seven specific pent shed features

Explore the unique features of a pent shed roof design that make it a practical choice:

  1. Contemporary aesthetics - the modern and sleek design of a pent roof complements various garden styles
  2. Easy installation - the simple roof structure simplifies assembly and reduces construction complexity
  3. Efficient water drainage - the slope ensures effective water runoff, preventing pooling on the roof
  4. Minimal maintenance - the straightforward design reduces maintenance efforts and costs
  5. Single-sloped roof - pent roofs feature a single slope, making them ideal for installations against walls or fences
  6. Space maximisation - the high side of the roof offers ample headroom, while the lower side complements limited garden space
  7. Storage flexibility - pent roofs allow for easy installation of shelves, racks, and storage systems along the high wall

The main benefits of pent roofing

Discover the advantages that make pent shed roofs a viable option for your garden shed:

  • Aesthetic appeal - the modern and minimalist design of a pent roof adds a contemporary touch to your garden
  • Customisable layout - the interior layout is easily customised to suit your storage needs and preferences
  • Ease of installation - the straightforward design of pent roofs simplifies the assembly process, saving time and effort
  • Natural light enhancement - the high side of the roof allows ample sunlight into the shed, promoting a well-lit interior
  • Reduced material usage - the single-sloped structure requires fewer materials, making it a cost-effective choice
  • Space utilisation - pent roofs maximise available garden space, ideal for tight corners or restricted areas
  • Wall integration - pent roofs fit seamlessly against existing walls, maximising interior space without compromising aesthetics
  • Water runoff control - the slope efficiently directs rainwater away from the shed, reducing water-related issues
a green metal shed with a bicycle in ita green metal shed with a bicycle in it

An overview of apex sheds

Apex shed roof design is characterised by its iconic dual-sloped structure, offering both practicality and visual appeal. Let us explore the specifics of apex roofs and explore the primary benefits they bring to your garden shed.

Seven specific apex features

Discover the key features of an apex shed roof design:

  1. Ample interior height - the high central peak provides increased headroom, allowing easy movement inside the shed
  2. Dual-sloped roof - the classic apex design features two slopes meeting at a central peak for efficient water drainage
  3. Enhanced ventilation - the peak allows hot air to rise, promoting better airflow and ventilation within the shed
  4. Storage versatility - the high central space accommodates taller items, maximising storage capacity
  5. Timeless aesthetics - apex roofs have a traditional look that blends well with various garden styles
  6. Weather protection - the dual-sloped structure facilitates effective rainwater runoff, preventing leaks and water damage
  7. Wide door access - the apex design enables large door openings, facilitating the movement of bulkier items

The main benefits of apex roofing

Discover the advantages that apex shed roofs bring to your garden space:

  • Aesthetic variety - apex roofs can be customised with various roofing materials, colours, and finishes to suit your garden's theme
  • Ample ventilation - the dual-sloped design promotes air circulation, preventing humidity buildup and mould growth
  • Durable construction - the roof slope aids in water runoff, reducing the risk of water damage and rot
  • Efficient water drainage - the dual-sloped structure ensures effective rainwater runoff, minimising leaks, and water-related issues
  • Flexible interior layout - the high central space allows for versatile shelving and storage options
  • Increased interior height - the central peak offers generous headroom for convenient storage and movement
  • Roof storage potential - the central peak can be used for additional overhead storage, maximising storage space utilisation
  • Traditional charm - the timeless look of an apex roof adds a classic touch to your garden while blending with the environment

Which is better an apex or pent shed?

When selecting a shed, one of the factors you will need to consider is whether you would like an apex roof or a pent roof. Or have you considered a reverse apex roof? We take you through what you need to think about when it comes to shed roof design.

To help you make an informed choice, we have prepared a comprehensive comparison of these two popular options. Explore our features table below to explore the pros and cons of apex and pent shed style roofs, considering factors like your garden layout, intended use, and personal style preferences.

8' x 6' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Windowless Apex Wooden Shed8' x 6' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Windowless Apex Wooden Shed
8' x 6' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Pent Wooden Shed8' x 6' Forest 4Life Overlap Pressure Treated Pent Wooden Shed

Features comparison: apex vs. pent shed roofs

Explore the detailed features comparison of apex and pent shed roofs to gain insights into their unique attributes. This comprehensive table highlights the key characteristics of each roof type, aiding you in selecting the perfect shed design for your specific requirements and preferences:






Budget expectations

Costlier due to design complexity

Generally, a more cost-effective option


Compatibility with lean to and other structures

Easily integrated with lean to additions

Adaptable design for lean to roof structures


Construction complexity

Dual-sloped design

Simplicity of a single slope


Customisation options

Creative design and add-ons

Functional simplicity for utility


Design aesthetics

Classic gable roof look

Modern single-sloped style


Ease of assembly

Various design complications

Quick and straightforward installation


Garden aesthetics

Traditional cottage appeal

Contemporary and minimalist look


Garden layout suitability

Fits well in spacious gardens

Ideal for smaller and narrow spaces


Garden placement flexibility

Suitable for various placements

Easily incorporates into the garden layout


Ideal for garden themes

Complements various garden styles

Fits well with modern and clean designs


Interior space

Spacious headroom

Efficient use of vertical space


Long-term durability

Resilient against external elements

Reliable performance over many years


Practicality and functionality

Practical storage and workspace

Efficient utility for specific purposes


Rainwater collection

Attic space for water tanks

Suitable for rain barrel setup


Roof-mounted features

Accommodates skylights and roof windows

Perfect for solar panel installation


Space utilisation

Attic or loft storage

Practical use of interior space


Ventilation and air circulation

Enhanced airflow

Natural ventilation and air circulation



Suitable for various roof materials

Compatible with different materials


Water drainage

Sloped roof design for rainwater dispersal

Effective water drainage


Weather resistance

Solid performance in different climates

Robust design against the elements


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What are you storing?

An 8x6 Apex Wooden ShedAn 8x6 Apex Wooden Shed

If you are looking at tall items, apex sheds offer their maximum height in the centre run of the shed. Also, an apex has even eaves so you can store all but the tallest items around the sides of the shed.

A pent shed is higher at the front than at the back, so if you are happy storing all your tall items near the front, you will be fine. Measure your tallest ladder and compare it to the measurements of the pent sheds you look at. Of course, you can always use roof space to store long items too.

a large pent wooden sheda large pent wooden shed

Will you be working inside the shed?

An overlap reverse apex shedAn overlap reverse apex shed

One of the best sheds for workshops and hobby sheds is the reverse apex. This design offers more space for benching due to the location of the door on the side of the shed, rather than the gable. The central height of the eaves provides space to manoeuvre comfortably as you work.

A 15x10 Mercia Shiplap Reverse Apex ShedA 15x10 Mercia Shiplap Reverse Apex Shed
a shed with a side greenhousea shed with a side greenhouse

If you are a keen grow your own gardener, let's throw the idea of a potting shed into the mix. The key design attraction is not the roof but the expanse of glass that keeps the environment warm while the shed-like rear provides storage as well as extra insulation.

a potting shed surrounded by greenerya potting shed surrounded by greenery


Your apex shed will prove to be extremely watertight as both sloping eaves make it very easy for water to run straight off. Of course, the sloping roof of a pent shed can also get rid of water quickly but are two slopes better than one? As long as you check your shed each season, repairing felt and sealing gaps, either one will resist water damage. Avoid buying a shed with a flat roof as this will tend to accumulate water patches in certain areas.

If you want to make your shed roof impenetrable, consider a SkyGuard roof. This EDM membrane won't need replacing for 20-50 years and, as one piece, won't create gaps or allow water through.

a shed fitted with a SkyGuard roofing kita shed fitted with a SkyGuard roofing kit
a pent shed with integrated log storea pent shed with integrated log store
an apex shed with high horizontal rectangular windowsan apex shed with high horizontal rectangular windows


For gardens with restricted areas, the pent shed can easily be tucked under trees or compactly alongside a fence or wall. The apex will happily stand proud anywhere in the garden.


Personal taste is, well, personal. You need to like the look of your shed. Apex sheds are often known by many as the “classic” or “traditional” style shed to have, whereas pent sheds can be seen as contemporary due to their sleek lines. Either type of roof can have an optional roof overhang. However, the beauty of a shed is in the eye of the beholder (or shed owner).

a reverse apex sheda reverse apex shed
a large pent sheda large pent shed
a barn style sheda barn style shed

Which is best for you?

Deciding which is better apex or pent shed is not a matter of one style being definitively better than the other. Both designs are popular shed roof styles and come with unique advantages that cater to specific needs, either can have a steep slope if that is your preference. Consider factors such as your available budget, garden layout, decorative preferences, and intended shed usage when making your choice. Whether you lean towards the classic charm of an apex roof or the modern practicality of a pent roof, both options offer valuable benefits that can enhance your outdoor space in various ways.

If you want to learn more about pent and apex sheds take a look at our useful videos below.

In Closing

When selecting the ideal roof design for your garden shed, the choice between apex and pent roofing holds significant importance. This decision not only influences the shed's visual appeal but also affects factors like interior space, water drainage, and overall functionality.

Tailoring your shed with unique roof designs provides an avenue for personalisation, allowing you to infuse your outdoor space with individuality. Traditional and modern roof styles each offer distinct characteristics, harmonising with various garden themes. Apex roofs boast classic charm, while pent roofs offer contemporary simplicity.

Consider your garden's layout and your intended usage to make an informed choice. Ultimately, both designs offer valuable advantages that improve your outdoor space. Explore shed design ideas and find the best garden shed designs to complement your landscape and lifestyle.

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