6x4 Yardmaster Castleton Anthracite Pent Metal Shed

Buying a shed might be a shrewd, long-term investment in your property, but that doesn’t mean it has to put a big dent in your wallet.

Here at Shedstore, we sell an unbeatable range of cheap sheds to cater for all of your garden storage requirements. This includes metal, plastic and wooden models, in a range of designs and sizes, all of which are built to the highest possible standards by the world’s leading shed manufacturers. So, when you buy a cheap garden shed through us, the only thing that’s really ‘cheap’ about it is the price tag.

And with so many New Year offers running across our website, there’s never been a better time to buy one of these top-quality, low-price sheds than now. To give you a taste of our huge range of cheap sheds for sale, here are ten of our favourites…

1) 5' x 5' Absco Space Saver Pent Metal Shed - Pale Eucalyptus (1.52m x 1.52m) - £319.99 £179.99*

a 5x5 cheap metal shed in greena 5x5 cheap metal shed in green
When a cheap metal shed is built from Bluescope high-tensile steel and backed by a 30-year warranty, you know you're getting great value for money!

Constructed from Bluescope high-tensile steel, with an eye-catching pale-eucalyptus finish and amazing 30-year warranty, this might be a cheap metal shed but it is exceptionally tough, unbeatably durable and incredibly stylish.

Thanks to a robust structure, pad bolt and windowless design, this cheap storage shed offers you suitably secure garden storage for your most expensive tools and equipment.

And because of the patented SNAPTiTE assembly system, it is far easier to assemble than other metal sheds, so you’ll be able to enjoy its many benefits with minimal fuss.

2) 4' x 3' Forest 4Life 25yr Guarantee Overlap Pressure Treated Windowless Apex Wooden Shed (1.34m x 1.01m) - £314.99 £259.99*

a cheap wooden shed with apex roof and windowless designa cheap wooden shed with apex roof and windowless design
A pressure-treated shed, with a 25-year guarantee, for under £260*? That's right! Welcome to Forest's 4Life range of cheap wooden sheds.

If we told you that we stock a range of wooden sheds that are made in the UK, pressure treated and backed by a market-leading 25-year guarantee, you’d naturally presume that they were high-end sheds with hefty price tags. Well, we’re delighted to say that they’re not.

Expertly designed and built by the nation’s leading manufacturer of wooden garden buildings, 4Life™ is Forest’s cheapest range of sheds, and yet their spec is comparable to many manufacturers’ luxury models.

And thanks to their smart modular design, these cheap garden sheds are delivered in smaller sections of interchangeable panels, so you’ll find them far easier to assemble and stronger than most other wooden sheds.

3) 5' x 4' Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed (1.58m x 1.20m)  - £214.99 £194.99*

a 5x4 cheap metal shed with pent roofa 5x4 cheap metal shed with pent roof
UK-based Yardmaster specialises in designing and manufacturing top-quality, affordable sheds, just like this one.

Yardmaster is a name synonymous with high-quality, affordable sheds, and this particular model is no exception.

Expertly constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel, with an attractive silver finish, this cheap metal shed is supplied with a 10-year anti-rust guarantee.

Durable, weather resistant and completely maintenance free, it provides stylish and secure garden storage with zero hassle - exactly what you want from any cheap storage shed.

4) 5' x 3' Palram Canopia Dark Grey Voyager Shed (1.39m x 0.9m) - £309.99*

a cheap storage shed, made from plastic with double doorsa cheap storage shed, made from plastic with double doors
For high-spec, low-cost plastic garden storage, Palram Canopia comes up trumps every time.

Now we’ve shown you some of our metal and wooden models, let’s take a look at our best cheap plastic sheds. Not surprisingly, many of them are made by the world’s leading manufacturer of high-specification plastic garden products, Palram Canopia.

Backed by an excellent 10-year warranty, this cheap garden shed is built from UV-protected polycarbonate panels, which are virtually unbreakable and completely maintenance free.

Notable features include integral flooring, a skylight roof, and wide double doors with a pad bolt fixing to keep valuable items safe.

5) 6' x 4' Forest 4Life 25yr Guarantee Overlap Pressure Treated Reverse Apex Wooden Shed (1.88m x 1.34m) - £409.99 £339.99*

an affordable wooden shed with reverse apex roof and 2 windowsan affordable wooden shed with reverse apex roof and 2 windows
The Forest 4Life range of cheap wooden sheds gives you a little slice of luxury, at a price you can afford.

Another Forest 4Life™ offering, this cheap wooden shed features an eye-catching reverse apex design, giving it the appearance of a mini garden workshop.

Including 30% more framing than standard 6x4 sheds, a ledged and braced door, and 2 shatterproof PET windows, this wooden shed provides exceptionally secure garden storage at a price you can comfortably afford.

And as the shed never needs retreating, it will save you even more money on expensive wood preservatives and leave you more time to enjoy your garden.

6) 5' x 3' Globel Anthracite Grey Pent Metal Shed (1.48m x 0.93m)  - £293.99 £259.99*

a cheap garden shed, made from galvanised steel and with sliding double doorsa cheap garden shed, made from galvanised steel and with sliding double doors
With a hot-dipped galvanised steel build, stylish grey finish and 15-year warranty, what's not to love about this cheap metal shed?

Globel is another company that manufactures genuinely world-class metal sheds, which combine beauty, brawn and exceptional value for money.

Supplied with a 15-year warranty, this cheap metal shed is built from heavy-gauge, hot-dipped galvanised steel and comes with a fashionable grey finish, which is sure to complement your outdoor area perfectly.

A generous height and sliding double doors allow you to effortlessly store a wide range of tools and equipment, while ventilated gables reduce condensation and ensure everything is kept in optimal garden storage conditions.

7) 6' x 4' Yardmaster Green Metal Shed (1.86m x 1.25m) - £269.99 £239.99*

a cheap metal shed in greena cheap metal shed in green
Designed and built in the UK, this cheap metal shed provides A1 security for your valuable tools and equipment.

This UK-made cheap metal shed is intelligently designed, built from hot-dipped galvanised steel and backed by a fantastic 15-year guarantee.

Thanks to seven unique layers of protection, corrosion will never be an issue, so the shed will maintain its stylish appearance for decades to come, with zero maintenance required.

Overlapping double doors provide storage-friendly access to the interior. They feature anti-tamper bolts and a padlock fixing to give you complete peace of mind that your stored items are safe.

8) 4' x 6' Palram Canopia Dark Green Skylight Plastic Shed (1.21m x 1.77m) - £459.99 £379.99*

a 4x6 dark green, affordable plastic sheda 4x6 dark green, affordable plastic shed
Here's another top-quality shed at a rock-bottom price, brought to you by Palram Canopia - one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-spec plastic garden products.

With its high-impact polycarbonate build and gorgeous green finish, this top-quality, affordable shed provides long-lasting, attractive garden storage for tools and outdoor essentials.

A reinforced aluminium frame gives this plastic shed a real sense of solidity, while the skylight roof panels provide the interior with plenty of natural light.

And, unlike most shed retailers, we supply you with a Hilti screw kit at no extra charge, allowing you to anchor your new shed to a solid foundation, ensuring it remains completely secure, even in high winds.

9) 6' x 4' Forest 4Life 25yr Guarantee Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Wooden Shed - 4 Windows (1.89m x 1.34m) - £409.99 £349.99*

a cheap wooden shed with 4 windowsa cheap wooden shed with 4 windows
Boasting pressure-treated wood, 4 shatterproof windows and a 25-year guarantee, this cheap wooden shed proves that premium items don't have to come with premium price tags.

Although for sale at under £350*, this cheap shed includes no less than four PET-glazed windows, so the interior benefits from an abundance of natural light. Also, with it being a fully modular shed, you can install these windows in a market-leading choice of positions, helping you customise the shed to your own requirements.

All the other great 4Life™ features are included too so, even though this is a cheap shed in terms of price, you can expect it to last a lifetime with no retreatment required.

And just because it’s a bargain price, doesn’t mean Forest won’t roll out the red carpet for you. Just like with their other more expensive sheds, this one qualifies for the company’s famed White Glove Service, meaning they’ll deliver it for FREE, wherever you like in your garden, with all of the packaging removed.

10) 8' x 6' Forest 4Life 25yr Guarantee Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Wooden Shed (2.43m x 1.99m) - £559.99 £499.99*

a cheap 8x6 shed for salea cheap 8x6 shed for sale
8x6 wooden sheds are the nation's favourite type of shed, and when they're easily affordable sheds too, they become even more attractive.

For the best cheap 8x6 sheds, once again, you’d also be hard pressed to beat Forest’s 4Life™ range of wooden sheds.

This garden shed features wide double doors, which provide storage-friendly access to the spacious interior. The two PET-glazed windows are completely shatterproof and far more secure than conventional glass. They can be installed in a variety of positions – again, the choice is yours.

With ample room for tools, bikes and other outdoor equipment, it’s easy to see why 8x6 sheds are the nation’s favourite size of shed. And when they’re as cheap as this, there’s even more reason for you to buy one.

Cheap Sheds for Sale Here!

an 8x4 cheap metal shed, with sliding double doorsan 8x4 cheap metal shed, with sliding double doors
For cheap metal sheds like this one, you know where to come - and that's Shedstore!

Shedstore is the home of ALL garden sheds, so it’s only natural that we’ve got the nation’s best selection of cheap sheds for sale.

What’s more, this January, we’re running three very special shed deals:

Save up to 20% and get a FREE Keysafe on Forest 4Life™ sheds.

Get up to 30% off and a FREE Keysafe on Forest Timberdale sheds.

And save up to 20% on Palram Canopia plastic sheds.

So, if you’re after a top-quality cheap shed, you know what to do…

Don’t dilly, don’t dally and don’t delay, choose from Shedstore’s unbeatable range of cheap sheds today!

(*Prices as at 04/01/24)