8x6 Forest Overlap Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed

All wooden sheds need treating with a high-quality wood preservative. This is because timber is a living thing and, when exposed to the elements without being treated, is susceptible to wet rot growth and fungal decay, which eats away at the wood and damages the structural integrity of the shed.

There are two main ways to treat a wooden shed: dip treatment and pressure treatment.

As the name suggests, the former involves the manufacturer dipping the wood in a preservative, removing it, and then allowing time for said preservative to be absorbed. However, as only the surface of the wood is fully protected, in order to maintain this level of protection, the shed will require periodic retreatment – usually on an annual basis.

What Is Pressure Treatment?

Pressure treatment provides a wooden shed with far more comprehensive long-term protection against rot and fungal decay.

The first step of the pressure treatment process involves placing the wood inside a chamber and using a vacuum to empty its cells of air. The chamber is then flooded with a high-quality wood preservative, which, under hydraulic pressure, is forced deep inside the wood. Once a further vacuum has emptied excess preservative from the chamber, the wood is left to dry and absorb any preservative remaining on its surface.

The end result of this pressure treatment process is a wooden shed that enjoys unbeatable protection.

(Please note: although the shed is completely protected as soon as the pressure treatment process is complete, it can take several months for the wood to fully absorb the preservative left on its surface. This is why you sometimes see green tinges on brand-new pressure treated sheds. They are nothing to worry about. Over time, as the preservative is fully absorbed into the wood, these tinges will disappear and the shed will turn an attractive honey-brown colour.)

5 Advantages of Pressure Treated Sheds

Aside from being better protected against rot and fungal decay, pressure treated sheds enjoy a number of other advantages too…

6x4 Forest Overlap Pressure Treated Apex Wooden Shed1. Pressure Treated Sheds Save You Money

Although the average pressure treated shed is more expensive than its dip-treated alternative, because it does not require annual retreatment, it will actually save you money over the long run. Think about it – a wooden shed isn’t something you buy on a regular basis; it is designed as a permanent garden structure. Therefore, the cost of treating one, on an annual basis and for decades to come, is not to be sniffed at.

The long-term savings to be made from buying a pressure treated shed are particularly noticeable when the shed is made by Forest, which, due to that company’s superior pressure-treatment process, requires no retreatment, whatsoever.

8x6 Forest Overlap Pressure Treated Windowless Apex Wooden Shed2. Pressure Treated Sheds Save You Time

Pressure treated sheds don’t just save you money, they save you the hassle of carrying out annual retreatments too, leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

10x8 Forest Premium Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Shed with Logstore3. Pressure Treated Sheds Are Stronger Than Other Wooden Sheds

Because pressure treatment is the best possible form of protection against rot and fungal decay, pressure treated sheds retain their structural integrity better, and for far longer.

All other things being equal, this makes pressure treated sheds the strongest and most durable wooden sheds on the market.

12x8 Forest Overlap Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed4. Pressure Treated Sheds Have Longer Guarantees

Because shed manufacturers know that their pressure treated sheds are better protected against rot and fungal decay, they realise that there is far less chance of these products developing faults. This gives manufacturers confidence to attach longer guarantees to their pressure treated sheds.

The perfect example is, once again, Forest, who supply a 15-year anti-rot guarantee with all of their pressure treated sheds.

12x8 Forest Premium Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Reverse Apex Shed5. Pressure Treated Sheds Are Exceptionally Stylish

Pressure treated sheds aren’t just the brawniest wooden sheds, they’re the most beautiful too.

The light honey-brown appearance of pressure treated wood has an understated elegance, which allows it to seamlessly blend in with the other natural aspects of a garden.

There’s no getting away from it, pressure treated wooden sheds look more expensive than other wooden sheds and ooze class.

Breaking News! Upgrade to A Pressure Treated Shed for Free!

7x5 Forest Overlap Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Wooden ShedThe only – ONLY – reason that people ever choose dip treated wooden sheds is because they are cheaper than pressure treated models. In other words, if you want the benefits of pressure treated wood, you’ve got to pay for them.

However, we’re delighted to announce that this reasoning is now null and void because we are offering to upgrade selected Forest dip-treated sheds to pressure treated models for FREE!

That’s right, you can now enjoy all the benefits of a pressure treated wooden shed at no  extra cost.


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Main image: 8' x 6' Forest Overlap Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed (2.43m x 1.99m)