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  1. The Best Herb Planters for This Year

    The Best Herb Planters for This Year

    Nothing beats the taste and aroma of freshly picked herbs especially when they have travelled food metres and not miles. A herb planter placed in a sunny spot outside your kitchen door will provide handfuls if not armfuls of herbs for many months of

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  2. Five of the Best Wooden Greenhouses for Sale

    an 8x6 wooden greenhouse full of plants

    Owning a wooden greenhouse is one of life's great pleasures for any gardener. Take a look at 5 of the best wooden greenhouses for sale right now.

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  3. The Best Plastic Storage Boxes for Your Garden

    The Best Plastic Storage Boxes for Your Garden

    Plastic storage can be the perfect solution for your garden storage needs: easy to assemble, low maintenance and durable. Plus, the variety of sizes and designs ensures there is a plastic store for every garden. Here we take

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  4. The Benefits of a Garden Storage Box

    The Benefits of a Garden Storage Box

    If you don't have a lot of spare space in your garden or simply want quick and easy access to your everyday gardening items, then a garden storage box is the perfect solution. There are plenty of styles to choose from,

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  5. Your One Stop Guide to Buying a Great Lean-To Greenhouse

    a 6x2 silver-framed lean-to greenhouse containing plants

    A lean to greenhouse allows you to enjoy the benefits of homegrown produce and an extended growing season, even in a smaller garden. Discover their many other benefits here and view some fantastic lean to greenhouses for sale.

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  6. Top 5 Uses for Corner Sheds

    Top 5 Uses for Corner Sheds

    A corner shed makes full use of those awkward spots in the garden and can, with a little creativity and imagination, be much more than a simple shed.

    Running power to a shed opens up a lot of possibilities. Lighting will help you use the shed beyond the hours of daylight and can convert a shed, with a little insulation, into anything from a home office to a back-garden pub. We look at some different ideas to help you make the most of your shed this year.

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  7. Shed Designs to Suit Every Garden

    Choose the Right Shed for You and Your Garden

    Here at Shedstore, we offer a wide range of shed designs to cater to your shed storage and garden needs. These come

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  8. Wooden Shed Designs

    Wooden Shed Designs

    Which Wooden Shed Design is Best For You?

    Here at Shedstore, we offer a wide range of wooden shed designs to cater for your shed storage and space needs. These come in a variety of sizes too. Have a look through our wooden shed designs gallery

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  9. The Best Potting Shed Designs

    the view from inside a potting shed out through the windows

    A potting shed is designed for us gardeners who love to grow-your-own, nurture seedlings into plants and spend hours pottering in the shed. Perhaps they should be called pottering sheds instead? Here we look at a few different potting shed designs that allow us pottering gardeners the best environment and storage for growing.

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  10. The Best Shed Storage Ideas This Year

    Optimise your shed with these storage ideas

    Installing a shed is only part of getting the best from your garden. Making full use of all available space within the shed is of paramount importance. Hooks will keep bulky,

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