a 10x10 wooden shed with 4 windows and open double doors

Everyone appreciates the fact that garden sheds provide excellent outdoor storage space and a convenient place to complete practical tasks, but we believe that sheds offer so much more than just that.

To find out more, take a look at these 10 fantastic uses for a garden shed.

10 Ways to Use Your Shed

1. Sheds Provide Great Garden Storage

a green metal shed with double doors, containing garden tools and equipment


We’ll start with the obvious one.

A shed is the perfect home for garden tools and equipment, keeping them protected from the elements, safe from unwanted attention and ready for immediate use.

Shed storage possibilities don’t stop there, either. Sheds can provide outstanding bicycle storage and a convenient winter home to protect garden furniture too.

When storing valuable items, shed security is important. Find out more about shed security here.

2. Workshop Sheds

a 10x6 barnstyle shed with a woman looking out from the stable door


What better place to get those practical tasks done than in a garden shed?

Whether you’re filing wood, lathing metal or cleaning tools, a shed provides a sheltered, tranquil environment without the worry of ruining the kitchen worktop or living room carpet.

3. A Shed as a Garden Office

a garden office interior containing a table, chair and IT equipment


Working from home is all the rage, isn’t it? Whether you’re a blue or white-collar worker, a garden shed can easily be modified to accommodate your business needs.

Indeed, many world-famous companies started out in sheds, Harley Davidson and Ikea to name but two.

A solar power station, solar lighting and a portable gas heater are just some of the options available to customise your new workspace.

4. Potting Sheds

a blue potting shed with a pent roof and open door


A potting shed gives plants a great start in life and is the perfect environment to gather your eagerly anticipated harvest of homegrown fruit and veg.

Potting sheds also provide useful outdoor storage space, so your can keep your garden tools and equipment close to hand and ready for use.

Discover more about potting sheds here.

 5. A Shed as a Home Gym

a set of dumb-bells


Can you think of a better workout environment than inside a shed?

There’s no need to waste time travelling to the local sports centre or paying expensive membership fees, and don’t worry about lugging that heavy equipment up the stairs, either.

Offering a naturally cool temperature (door open in summer), which is conducive to exercise, and with a sturdy floor to place dumbbells, a garden shed is the perfect place to attain your beach body.

6. A Playhouse for the Kids?

a small, wooden kids' playhouse


Move the noise and toys from the house into the garden by converting your wooden shed into a children’s playhouse.

Make sure damaged wood is replaced and protruding nails are hammered down, give it a good clean, then let your DIY skills do the rest.

If you'd rather purchase a ready-made children’s playhouse, we've got a fantastic range to choose from.

7. Your Own Shed-Based Art Studio

a paintbrush, easel and selection of paints


Natural light is obviously important here, so you’ll need a shed with windows.

This will provide a quiet, peaceful backdrop to your creative ventures, where you can complete art projects without cluttering up your home with easels and canvasses.

Of course, a shed also offers you plenty of wall space to display your artwork.

8. Convert Your Shed into a Library

books on wooden bookshelves


A garden shed is equally suitable as a library, allowing ample space for books, which you might otherwise discard and later regret.

The tranquillity of your garden means a shed is a great place to read books too. No television noise and no screaming kids.

All that’s required is some shed shelving, solar lighting and a comfy, old chair.

9. A Shed as a Home Cinema

film reel


For this innovative shed use, you will need electricity.

Purchasing a solar power station is the easiest option but you can also connect your shed to the mains with the help of a qualified electrician.

Just remember, expensive equipment warrants good shed security.

10. Here’s to a Shed Garden Bar!

a wine bottle and glass of red wine


Think of the many ways you could transform your old wooden shed into a garden bar.

Imagine summer garden parties, where the drinks and nibbles are so close to hand.

Remember, though, if you choose to sell drinks from your shed, a licence may be required.

Sheds for Sale

an 8x6 tongue and groove shed with red roof cover


Whatever you want from a shed, you’re in exactly the right place to buy one.

Shedstore’s fantastic range of garden sheds caters for all of your conventional shed requirements.

We also stock an excellent range of shed accessories, so there’s nothing to stop you creating some exciting alternative uses for your shed too. Read more about shed accessories here.