Using Trellis in The Garden

At this time of year, you could be forgiven for having a garden that’s looking a little dull and empty; and we’re still a few months away from having borders full of blooms again. So, what can be done to liven an outdoor space up a little bit? A new flower perhaps? A garden ornament? No, that just won’t do; what’s needed is some wooden trellis panels. Versatile, attractive and durable; trellis panels are a must have for any garden.

Trellis as Garden Screens, Partitions or Boundaries

Wooden trellis panels are superb alternatives to traditional fence panels, forming aesthetic garden boundaries and partitions. Though fence panels clearly define boundary lines or partition gardens, they won’t receive a second glance from visiting family and friends. On the other hand, garden trellis panels have a flair and style that is sure to impress. Plus, they don't block the view; rather, they tease with peaks of what could be hidden beyond. Add climbing plants and you can hide away those compost heaps while scented plants can even disguise whiffy rubbish bins. Click on images for further details.

0.9m High Expanding Diamond Trellis Panel1.8m Forest Harrow Garden Screen Trellis1.8m High Forest Hanbury Screen Trellis

Trellis as Fencetoppers

Perhaps you prefer total privacy in your garden and, although you appreciate the designs of trellis panels, you’ve opted for a new run of standard fencing. Why not consider a fence topper then? Wooden trellis is perfect for use as a fence topper, adding height without blocking light and softening a stark fence run. Click on images for further details.

180 x 30cm Diamond Lattice Fence Topper1.8m Convex Trellis Fence Topper

Wall Mounted Trellis

If you’ve got a dull, barren brick wall, a couple of wooden trellis panels will add interest and finesse. Fan trellis is particularly charming. Click on images for further details.

183cm High Fan TrellisHopton Fan Trellis183 x 61cm Framed Willow Lattice

180 x 30cm Forest Picardy Lattice Trellis180 x 90cm Malvern Premium Trellis180 x 60cm Henley Lattice Trellis from Shedstore

Just Add Plants

Let's face it, it's what trellis is made for. Climbing plants are really the stars of the show; but they couldn't show their full glory without their support - trellis. There are an incredible range of climbing plants to choose from too; traditional roses, colourful honeysuckles, stunning jasmines, and so many more. Trellis panels and climbing plants are always a winning combination.

pink clematis on trellis

purple clematis on white trellis

red climbing roses

Are there any trellis panel uses you think we’ve missed? Please leave a comment down below – we’d love to hear your ideas.