Shed Accessories Make a Better Garden Shed

Why Buy Shed Accessories?

Shed accessories can improve a garden shed in many different ways. They can make it more functional, economical, secure or inviting, turning it from a good garden shed into a great one.

Paired with shed accessories, an old wooden shed is fit for far more than just garden storage. In fact, it becomes an incredibly inviting place.

Not only that, shed accessories are easy to install too, so can transform a shed with minimal effort required.

To illustrate the point, take a look at these great shed accessories, all of which make a positive addition to any garden shed.

The Essential Shed Accessories

Increase Shed Functionality

a fully-stocked shed cupboard and shelving unit

Shed Shelves

No matter how advanced a shed, it should always have some provision for garden storage.

Shed shelving is not only a great way to keep a shed tidy, it’s a space-saving method of storing tools and equipment too.

The Globel Silver Vein Heavy Duty Half Cupboard/ Half Shelves Storage Unit is an excellent example.

This shed shelving unit is built on a powder-coated steel frame, includes a steel cabinet, 2 steel shelves and 2 9mm MDF infills.

What’s more, it is backed by an excellent 10-year guarantee.

Compatible with all Globel shelving kits, it is particularly versatile and makes a great starting point when organising a shed shelving system.

a man potting plants in a shed, illuminated by solar lighting

Shed Solar Lights and Power

Solar lighting brings the benefits of electricity to a shed without the need to connect it to the mains supply.

This means there’s no need to dig up the garden or hire an electrician, and absolutely zero hassle.

Solar lighting kits can be assembled in minutes but are guaranteed for years.

They come in a range of formats, featuring strips and bulbs, and include USB connections to power other electrical devices too.

Solar power provides a shed with a reliable source of clean, efficient energy and costs nothing, whatsoever, to run.

That means no carbon footprint, no monthly bills and no energy price hikes.

Another Money-saving Shed Accessory

black, plastic guttering on a wooden shed roof

Hall’s Rainsaver Shed Guttering

If the opportunity to use free electricity is a no-brainer, why not enjoy a free supply of water for your garden plants too?

Hall’s shed guttering comes in a wide range of sizes, to fit almost any garden shed.

It is manufactured in the UK, quick and easy to install, and built to last.

Once connected to a water butt, this shed guttering supplies an average 1800 litres of free rainwater every year, so garden plants will continue to thrive, even during prolonged dry spells.

Shed Accessories to Bolster Shed Security

a robust black padlock with a built in alarm and 3 keys

Forest Security Alarm Padlock

A good padlock is a tried and trusted way to keep stored items safe.

Combine it with a piercing alarm and it suddenly becomes real shed security.

The padlock, itself, is A1 quality and comes with 3 keys, but if anyone tries to tamper with it, they’ll get a noisy surprise.

an underfloor shed locking kit securing a lawnmower, power tool and bike

Bull Security StrongHold Underfloor Shed Locking Kit

When storing particularly valuable items, adding this underfloor locking kit ensures maximum security.

Built from solid, powder-coated steel and available in 4 different sizes, it is designed to be used with a chain or wire cable (not included).

Together, they provide an immovable anchor point to secure bicycles, power tools and more.

Shed Accessories to Improve a Shed’s Exterior

a dip-treated wooden shed with a black EPDM roof cover

Skyguard EPDM Shed Roof Kits

Weatherproof roof felt is an invaluable tool when it comes to keeping a shed weathertight but, unfortunately, it is prone to wear and tear.

This is why EPDM shed roof kits are so popular.

They come in a range of sizes, include a 20-year guarantee and have an incredible life expectancy of 50 years.

Impervious to rips and tears, the smart black material is also completely UV-protected, so won’t crack, blister or peel.

a plastic shed base kit in front of a 5x4 wooden shed

Plastic Shed Base Kits

Also available in the popular shed sizes, these fantastic shed base kits are the perfect way to support a shed and keep it level.

Each base kit comprises of a robust, interlocking grid system, including a heavy-duty membrane, inbuilt ventilation and drainage.

They are far easier to lay than concrete or paving, simple to reuse and made from 100% recyclable plastic too.

Shed Accessories for a Cosy Shed

a portable gas cabinet heater with a blue-flame display

Portable Gas Heaters

For anyone wishing to use their shed the whole year round, a portable gas heater is a must-have shed accessory.

There’s no need for a plug socket, simply pair the heater with the appropriate gas cylinder for an instant source of portable heat.

Take the Lifestyle Azure Blue Flame Portable Gas Heater, for example.

Built from stainless steel, with an attractive gas front and decorative blue flame, it has 3 heat settings and a maximum output of 3.8kw.

Built in Europe and CE-approved too, this gas cabinet heater is the best possible way to make a shed cosy and inviting.

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a 4-tier galvanised steel shed shelving unit, housing garden equipment

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