5 Reasons to Buy A Garden Workshop

Isn’t A Garden Workshop Just A Shed?

A garden workshop isn’t just a fancy name for a shed. It describes a certain standard of garden building that offers a range of benefits, tangibly better than your average garden shed.

In short, when you purchase a garden workshop, you’re getting more than just a shed; you’re buying a workshop shed.

If you think this is purely marketing spin, please read on and we’ll demonstrate what makes a garden workshop so special.

5 Clear Benefits of a Garden Workshop

a large garden workshop with 4 windows and open double doors

1. A Garden Workshop Means Unbeatable Storage

To be classified as a workshop, the shed in question must be at least 10x6 in size, which means it offers fantastic garden storage potential.

Just imagine owning a workshop shed.

There’d be no need to clog up your garage with storage, use your ladder to reach the loft, or shift things out of the spare room when your mother-in-law comes to stay.

Instead, everything could remain in one easily-accessible garden storage facility.

The 20’ x 10’ Windsor Groundsman Wooden Workshop Shed is the perfect example.

With a tongue and groove floor, weatherproof roof covering, 2 sets of doors and 200ft2 of space, this large shed workshop will satisfy all of your outdoor storage requirements.

a green metal workshop shed with a cream-coloured roof and open double doors

2. Garden Workshops Are Seriously Strong

Workshop sheds aren’t some sort of temporary shelter or rickety wooden structure, liable to blow down in a gale.

They’re robust garden buildings, built to last.

Garden workshops are constructed from premium materials, such as pressure-treated and dip-treated wood, hot-dipped galvanised steel, and unbreakable polycarbonate.

What’s more, when you purchase a garden shed workshop, chances are it will be backed by a 10 or 15-year guarantee.

Take the 10’ x 13’ Yardmaster Green Metal Shed, which is built from hot-dipped galvanised steel, with 7 layers of protection.

This garden shed workshop is completely impervious to blisters, cracks and corrosion; pest and insect resistant; and completely weatherproof too.

Best of all, it’s backed by a fantastic 15-year guarantee.

a wooden garden workshop with log store, featuring double doors to the front, 2 windows to the side, and a single door to the rear

3. Garden Workshops – It’s All in the Name

Just as the name suggests, a workshop shed is the perfect place to practise your trade.

A lot of thought and expertise goes into designing a workshop shed, covering at least one, but often all, of the following considerations: size, door position, roof orientation, provision of natural light, and insulation.

Whether you are a carpenter, a metalsmith, or work from home on a computer, you’ll be able to find a workshop shed that is perfectly tailored to suit your requirements.

Consider the 14’ x 10’ Shed-Plus Champion Combination Workshop and Log Store.

Expertly built from ethically-sourced, 12mm tongue and groove cladding, on a robust 50x58mm frame and backed by a 15-year guarantee, this workshop shed features opening windows, elevated eaves and a durable tongue and groove floor, to provide you with the ideal place to work.

What’s more, the additional log store can be used to shelter all manner of tools and materials.

a plastic garden workshop shed with 2 sets of double doors, 2 windows and skylights

4. Workshop Sheds Are the Home of DIY

If they’re good enough for a skilled tradesman, then they’re good enough for the enthusiastic amateur too.

Let’s be honest, a standard garden shed just isn’t designed for a real DIY enthusiast, is it?

And when you take your creative passions into the house, the tools, mess, clutter and banging aren't always appreciated by the rest of your family.

The clear answer is to buy a workshop shed, where you’ll have the space, privacy and professional working environment to get your jobs done with minimal fuss.

The 15’ x 8’ Lifetime Dual Entrance Plastic Shed would be perfect.

This high-specification workshop shed is manufactured from high-density polyethylene, reinforced by powder-coated steel and backed by a 10-year guarantee.

Two sets of double doors, 3 unbreakable polycarbonate windows and 8 skylights make for a light, airy, practical workshop.

a wooden garden workshop with open double doors and a large number of windows

5. Garden Workshops Are A Haven for Hobbyists

Going to work is essential, spending time with family and friends is wonderful, but to live a fully-rounded life, most of us also need some time to ourselves.

What we do with it is up to us but, more often than not, it revolves around a hobby.

Hobbies are great fun, although even the most enthusiastic hobbyists acknowledge that the rest of the family don’t always share their interests.

So, if you want somewhere to assemble your trainset, play your games console, or arrange 10,000 stamps, you know what to do – buy a workshop shed, of course.

Imagine setting up your model railway inside the 9’ x 9’ Rowlinson Wooden Garden Workshop.

Built from 12mm shiplap cladding, with a solid board floor and a 10-year guarantee, this workshop shed is built to last.

If trainsets aren’t your thing, this workshop shed enjoys so much natural light that you could use it as a potting shed instead.

Workshop Sheds for Sale

a woman walking through the double doors of a wooden garden workshop

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