Bored With Retirement? Turn Your Shed into A Workshop

You’ve worked hard all your life and it was a wonderful feeling, retiring. For the first time in life, you experienced a real sense of freedom. And when you and the other-half finally holidayed in that far-flung place you’d always dreamed about? Well, it was an experience you’ll never forget.

Since those halcyon days, you’ve cleaned out the shed, got the garden looking great, visited the grandkids ‘down south’ and… And?

There’s something missing, isn’t there? A man or woman who was as busy as you shouldn’t be watching daytime TV. You want a little project to get your teeth into, don’t you?

All you need is an idea…a little bit of inspiration. Well, your wish is Shedstore’s command and we have the answer: transform your shed into a garden workshop.

9x9 Rowlinson Workshop10x8 Trimetals Titan 108 Metal Shed with windows10x8 Windsor Overlap Apex Workshop Shed

You cleared the rubbish out of your shed after the dream holiday (don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow morning). Perhaps you could treat yourself to a new heavy-duty timber workshop or metal shed instead? And then you’re all ready to learn a new skill/ revive an old one, have some fun and maybe even make a little bit of money. Your imagination is your only limit.

15x10 Windsor Overlap Modular Workshop15x8 Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed12x8 Shire Bison Heavy Duty Double Door Workshop

Workshop Pursuits

To get you thinking, here are 5 ways we think you could spend your time in your new garden workshop building.

carpentry toolsCarpentry

Whether you learned this skill at school, during your many years of successful DIY projects (we won't mentions those shelves), or you're a complete beginner, it will be so satisfying to turn some bits of wood into useful objects. And you can do it all from the comfort of your workshop.

Metalwork toolsMetalwork

Metalwork has plenty of similarities to carpentry but you are going to have to learn to weld and this requires a little more preparation than simply reaching for your hammer and saw. Fortunately, there's a growing online community of DIY metalworkers who are always ready to help you practice metalwork in your garden workshop.

Artist's PaletteArt

If you're more artistic than practical, why not transform your wooden shed into your studio and gallery? Custom sheds are tranquil places, free from distractions and close to the inspiration of nature. Don't worry if you're never dipped a brush into a palette before: we all have to start somewhere. Who knows? You could be the next Picasso!

somebody using a potter's wheelPottery

If building from hand, all you need is a work table, a small electric kiln, a power supply and a shelf to rest your work a dplace your tools. To turn you garden shed into a wheel throwing studio, however, a larger initial outlay is required. With minimal maintenance, though, these tools will last you for years. Imagine the satisfaction you'll gain from producing carefully crafterd pottery for your loved ones.


somebody writing a bookWriting

You may be sitting there thinking you could have written a better article than this. Dickens it may not be, but I'm getting paid for it. And so could you. Or perhaps you just want someone to write your memoirs, a spot of poetry or a short story surrounded by a library of your favourite books. All you need is a laptop, word processing software and internet access. Your garden shed could go down in the annals of literature as the place where you penned your first novel. JK Rowling, you've got competition!

Think back to all those years in that stuffy office or factory, when you dreamed about working for yourself, or even just pottering about in your garden shed doing something you enjoy. It’s never too late to start a new chapter of life, so why not treat yourself to your dream working environment from our fantastic range of garden workshops? If you’d like to take up a trade from the comfort of your garden shed, or if you’ve already transformed said shed into a workshop, please share the details with us in the comments section below.