Tips for Recycling a Christmas Tree

Time to Sort the Tree

Whether or not you're superstitious, the endless pine needles will have made you consign the Christmas tree to the back garden, driveway or side of the house. Don't leave it creating an eyesore. Recycle it!

Here are a few ideas for how to recycle the tree:

list of ideas for recycling a Christmas Tree

1. Recycle at the local council waste site

Some council's even offer a collection service. 

2. Shred/chip and use to mulch acid loving plants

Plants that prefer an acidic soil, such as rhododendrons, will appreciate a mulch made from a Christmas tree. Though it will only raise the acidity slightly, it will be appreciated by azaleas, camellias, acers, heathers and blueberries.

3. Compost in your home composter

Chop into smaller pieces and mix well into the compost bin.

4. Use the trunk as plant support in the veg plot

Chop off the branches and use the trunk to support climbing peas, sweet peas or other climbers.

5. Use the branches to protect plants from frost

Simply lay branches (ones with their needles intact) across vulnerable plants. Any protection against the frost will be appreciated by less hardy plants.

6. Create a wildlife refuge

Hedgehogs and other garden wildlife will be glad of a cosy corner. Create a makeshif wigwam with the branches or get creative with bricks, half-tyres and other garden debris.

7. Create a bird feeder

Plant the tree in a pot or in a border. Hang a variety of feeders from the branches. Birds are still in need of human help to supplement their winter diet.

If you have any other great ideas, let us know in the comments below.