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  1. Why You Need Wheelie Bin Storage and Which Option to Choose

    Why You Need Wheelie Bin Storage and Which Option to Choose

    Wheelie bins are certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing (or the best smelling) of garden features, practical and invaluable though they are. Furthermore, if proper storage is neglected, wheelie bins can fall foul of a number of dangers.

    Firstly, urban foxes and rats love nothing more than rummaging through bins on the hunt for an easy meal. This problem is exacerbated if you’ve forgotten to put the bins out one week, and they’re now overflowing with rubbish – not exactly the best way to endear yourself to the neighbours.

    Secondly, drunken fools and silly students think nothing is funnier than kicking over an innocent wheelie bin, leaving its contents strewn across your driveway. This is no laughing matter when councils charge up to £20 for a replacement wheelie!

    Thirdly, strong

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  2. This is Why Your Shed Needs Guttering

    This is Why Your Shed Needs Guttering

    Maths isn’t my strong point. Countdown calculations give me headaches. Carol Vorderman doesn’t. When asked to find ‘x’ in an equation, I invariably point to said letter and say, ‘There it is.’ 7 x 8 always gets me counting on my fingers and if you move a negative number to the other side of the ‘=’ sign when fumbling around with algebra it either becomes a positive or you divide something. Or is it multiply? I struggle. To the nth degree.

    I do, however, understand 6x8 when it comes to a shed (see what I worked up to there - nice!) and just as vital, the importance of guttering.

    Your shed roof is large. It catches a lot of rainwater. I tried to find out how much water actually runs off an average sized shed roof in an average year in an average part of the UK. An average task you would think, but it proved to

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  3. Garden Lighting Options and Effects

    Garden Lighting Options and Effects

    Britain is a nation that loves its gardens. We invest so much time, designing, crafting and cultivating our gardens for so many purposes: creating a relaxing sanctuary, growing healthy organic food or entertaining friends and family, to name just a few. But there’s something missing, isn’t there? A final, finishing touch. The solution? Garden lighting. There is a whole host of possibilities for outdoor lighting, ranging from the purely practical to the solely stylish.

    First, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way.

    Ideally, paths, driveways and steps should be illuminated. It’s simple safety. A stumble or trip is so easily avoided by the use of some subtle lighting. Another imperative garden light to invest in is, of course, a security light. Chances are no one will be interested in running off with the garden furniture or the con

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  4. How to build a garden office

    More people are working from home than ever and many do so from an office in their garden. And why not? It saves all that tiresome commuting and with internet connections generally being better than ever, communication is easy. And if surrounded by plants and wildlife, surely the standard of work is better? A garden office is therefore one of the must have features of a modern garden.

    Obviously, you have to stay legal so always check with your local council to see if any permissions are needed before erecting any building. Have a chat with the neighbours at the same time – get everyone on board and the whole process is easier.

    Choosing an office for the garden is the exciting bit. Whatever you decide upon has to be right for your work and the garden. A building shouldn't dominate a garden design to the detriment of the rest of your patch yet it needs to be large enough to accommodate your needs now and for any future expansion.

    Once you have any permiss

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  5. The best log cabin interiors

    Once installed, your log cabin could look a little bare. It's a fair bet to say you know what you want from your log cabin, unless it was a surprise present – lucky you; no matter the final use, the first step is to make sure your new space is warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Heating could be vital to the cabin’s use in the colder months. Wood burners, when correctly installed, are fantastic in log cabins: they blend in, they belong, they just look right. They also pump out an enormous amount of heat making your outdoor space toasty when there's snow and ice all around. Combine that with a comfy chair or two and you may find that you don't actually leave the cabin for days on end (if it is fully plumbed in). Your log cabin may 'just' (just!) be a play room for the family. Heat is still needed but perhaps a storage heater is more suitable than getting a wood burner stoked up and crackling.

    Conversely, blinds on windows will shade the interior from any sc

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  6. How to bring solar power to your garden

    Outdoor solar light has become very popular and quite practical for lighting up the garden, patio area, driveway, and other areas around the home. The environmentally friendly light is warm, subtle and provides accent light for the home. Outdoor solar lighting is generally simple to install and does not require other power sources or any wiring. Since these lights do not use electricity, there will be no addition to the electricity bill when it comes.

    Solar lighting maintenance


    Solar power options can be very safe as they do not require power cords, making them useful in outdoor situations that include installation near ponds and/or swimming pools, and even for sheds or playhouses where children may be spending their time.


    The rechargeable batteries that are typically used in solar light products last about two years when they are properly cared for and allowed to recharge periodically. The replacement batteries are easy

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  7. 5 inventive uses and designs for sheds

    For several years, sheds from around the world have grown from being simple storage to elaborate escapes for men and women to enjoy their time alone with their hobbies or enjoying games with a close group of friends. Given the fact that almost 50% of men claim to have spent an entire day in their shed, it stands to reason that these sheds are designed to be much more than a place to store the lawnmower and holiday decorations.

    Uses and designs for garden sheds

    A home-away-from-home office

    The majority of our days are often filled with deadlines; after-school commitments, doctor appointments and several other pressures. Creating a personal office space may be just the thing you need to achieve a life balance.

    Whether you work from home or just enjoy reading in solitude, adding a few comfy chairs, a personal workspace and a small library can transform the everyday garden shed into a quiet office or cosy reading nook. Make sure that the entire area i

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  8. How to turn a shed into an office

    Shed conversions are becoming the new thing at the moment, turning what used to be just a storage space into a work out, relaxation or office space. The great thing about this is even if you have a low budget you can achieve a space away from the home where you can do what you like. Home offices are very hard to achieve due to the distractions in the house so what better way than to renovate your old shed.

    The first thing you will want to do is to give your shed a once over, especially if it is an older shed.

    Here is a guide that walks you through the process of checking and fixing common problems with an older shed.

    Following this guide you will now have a safe and workable shed. Time to renovate.

    To have a working office all year round, you will need to insulate the shed so that you do not become frozen to your desk. Again, here is a handy guide that shows an

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  9. How to build a fitted bench seat in a shed

    Through an annual de-clutter of the shed, you may have found that you really do not have lots of storage anymore. Maybe the kids have gone off to Uni and your shed is now free from bikes and other items that were consuming your sheds storage space before. How about you turn your shed into an outside living space that will keep you cosy in the Winter and allow you to make the most of the warmer weather in the Summer.

    Firstly, if your shed has seen brighter days, take a look at our dedicated page on how to restore and fix any problems you might face with your shed.

    Once your shed is back to a safe level, we advise that you take the time to insulate the shed as this will allow for winter use without having to wear 4-5 layers.

    If you think you would rather not build your own bench seat, take a look at some of our small storage range which

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  10. How to choose the right garden sheds

    The most important decision when it comes to choosing the right shed is what you are going to use it for, and how often it will be used.

    A garden shed is a great addition to any home as they add that additional, useful storage space; perhaps you may have been looking for to store all of your tools, furniture or gardening equipment. Not only that, you can transform a standard shed into a summer house, a gym, an office, or even go all the way and create a guest house. Take a look at our range of sheds below to see the variety on offer:

    Things to consider


    The size of the shed is a very important feature to consider as you need to be sure you have the room to install in your garden, as well as what you will need your shed for. You may decide that you need a double door on your shed, for a more flexible, practical working area.

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