Lads garden log cabin retreats

With the world cup approaching fast, you need a space where you can sit and enjoy the matches without upsetting your family.

We all know England is going to lose, again. What better way to see them lose then in your log cabin with your mates? What you need is a spacious cabin that you can furnish whilst have space for working and storage.

You will need an electricity source which will allow for a TV to be placed in the shed or alternatively a radio. Unless you are a qualified electrician you will need to hire a fully licensed electrician to fit a plug box inside which will give you a safe source. Once your cabin is hooked up you can sort your means of watching the matches.

Alternatively, if you have a good WiFi distance and can access a signal from your garden you can stream the matches using a laptop, netbook, android tablet or iPad. This saves all the time and money of installing electricity to your outside building. You can purchase cables that run from your device that connects to a TV via HDMI so you can watch your matches on the big screen if you do have electricity.

Furnishing your log cabin to suit your needs is up to you! A sofa or leaning chair will give you comfort to last the entire days of matches. Head down to any outdoor center and make the most of mid season sales.

Head over to our latest range of log cabins which are the perfect size for all size gardens and are just what you need to escape the house and watch the games in peace, away from the interruption of family life. All log cabins are supplied with everything needed for assembly and can be used all year round. With the quality of the log cabins you can be promised that this will last the next three world cups, in the mean time delivering all year round relaxation.

If a log cabin is not what you are looking for, check out are market leading summerhouses, supplied in all sizes to suit gardens. Here you will find all types of designs, our ultra range comes with free installation saving you the time and stress of assembly.

However you choose to use your outdoor building after the world cup is over, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. Use the space as an outside gym, office or just as a relaxing space to make the most of the summer sun.

If you want to know more about log cabins, check out our video below:

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