a sign advertsing 8 astonishing Black Friday deals

Here at Shedstore, we aim to offer you the best garden products at unbeatably low prices, the whole year round. That said, as a regular thank you to our customers for their loyalty, we always like to run some extra-special deals over the Black Friday weekend.

And this year, we're really pushing the boat out by bringing you 8 quite astonishing offers, so you can fill your gardens with our finest products, at bargain basement prices.

However, as the clock’s already ticking on ALL of these deals, let’s not spend any more time on small talk. Here’s what’s on offer, this Black Friday weekend…

Black Friday Deal 1:

Save an EXTRA 5% on ALL Forest Orders Over £650!

a shiplap wooden shed with pent roof and 2 windowsa shiplap wooden shed with pent roof and 2 windows
Our extra 5% off Forest orders (over £650) deal even includes their new Beckwood sheds! And we'll throw a FREE shed solar light into the bargain too!

It might be the smallest saving we’re offering percentage wise, but we’re mentioning this deal first because it’s IN ADDITION to all of our other Forest offers!

That’s right. Whatever Forest product you see and whatever other deal is already in place for it, as long as you use voucher code BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout, you’ll save an extra 5% on your £650+ Forest purchase!

Use the BLACKFRIDAY voucher now to get an EXTRA 5% off Forest Beckwood sheds, and claim a FREE shed solar light into the bargain, here.

Black Friday Deal 2:

Up to 35% Off Forest Sheds!

a 12x8 tongue and groove shed with reverse apex roof, double doors and 2 windowsa 12x8 tongue and groove shed with reverse apex roof, double doors and 2 windows
Get 33% off the 12' x 8' Forest Timberdale 25yr Guarantee Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Reverse Apex Shed (3.65m x 2.52m), this Black Friday weekend!

Forest is the UK’s leading manufacturer of wooden garden buildings, so if you buy one of their sheds, you know you’ve made an excellent choice.

All of these sheds are pressure treated and supplied with a market-leading 25-year guarantee, so retreatment against rot is never required, giving you complete maintenance freedom.

Forest sheds also come with a modular design, which means they’re delivered in smaller sections of interchangeable panels but you get more overall wood, which results in an easier assembly, choice of door/ window placement, and a much stronger shed.

This weekend, the prices we’re quoting on some of these sheds are absolutely unbeatable, so be sure to take advantage of it…

Get up to 35% off Forest wooden garden sheds here.

Psst…and don’t forget to use the BLACKFRIDAY code at checkout for that extra 5% off.

Black Friday Deal 3:

Save up to 25% on Palram Canopia Sheds!

an 8x6 grey plastic shedan 8x6 grey plastic shed
For top-quality plastic sheds, at rock bottom prices, shop our Palram Canopia Black Friday deal!

If you’d prefer a plastic garden shed to a wooden one, Palram Canopia should be your first port of call.

These premium plastic storage sheds are all impeccably designed, built using high-specification materials, and come with long warranties.

And as there’s a great range of sizes and colours to choose from, you’re certain to find one that perfectly meets your own requirements.

So, if you want to get your hands on one of these top-class plastic sheds at a rock-bottom price, you know what to do...

Save up to 25% on Palram Canopia sheds in our BIG Black Friday deal now!

Black Friday Deal 4:

AMAZING Prices on Yardmaster Sheds!

a 10x8 green metal shed with apex roof and sliding doorsa 10x8 green metal shed with apex roof and sliding doors
For great value for money, you simply can't beat Yardmaster metal sheds - particularly this Black Friday weekend, at Shedstore!

You didn’t think we’d overlook metal sheds in our Black Friday deals, did you? Of course not! After all, Shedstore is the UK’s home of ALL garden sheds!

And UK-based Yardmaster is the benchmark by which all metal sheds are measured…

Strong, stylish and backed by very long guarantees, Yardmaster metal sheds represent extraordinary value for money. We could sell these sheds at their regular prices and you’d still think you were getting a bargain. But now, to celebrate Black Friday, we’re making these galvanised steel sheds an absolute steal.

Nobody regrets buying a Yardmaster shed, so why not take advantage of our barmy Black Friday pricing on Yardmaster sheds?

Black Friday Deal 5:

Up to 20% Off Log Cabin Garden Offices!

a log cabin garden office with pent roof, double doors and 3 windowsa log cabin garden office with pent roof, double doors and 3 windows
Ideal for work, rest and play, log cabins are the ultimate garden buildings. And there's never been a better time and place to buy one than this Black Friday weekend, at Shedstore.

If you work from home and want to make your day as pleasant, productive and professional as possible, you need to purchase a garden office. And there’s never been a better time to buy one than now…

That’s because, this Black Friday weekend, we’re offering up to 20% off log cabin garden offices!

These log cabins aren’t just any old garden buildings, they’re a once-in-a-lifetime purchase and a long-term investment in your property. They really are suitable for use the whole year round and will completely transform your life for the better, for decades to come.

So, if you’re looking to buy a log cabin, whether it’s for work, rest or play, you really don’t want to miss this extraordinary deal.

Save up to 20% on our log cabin garden offices now!

(And if you choose a Forest log cabin, don’t forget to apply voucher code BLACKFRIDAY, just to pocket that extra 5% saving.)

Black Friday Deal 6:

Get an EXTRA 10% Off Palmako Log Cabins!

a garden log cabin with reverse apex roof and bi-fold doorsa garden log cabin with reverse apex roof and bi-fold doors
Apply voucher code PALMAKO10 at the checkout, this Black Friday weekend, to get the best log cabins for less.

Let’s be crystal clear about this one - we’re not offering you 10% off Palmako log cabins, we’re offering you an EXTRA 10% off, on top of the other log cabin deal!

This means you can save a combined total of up to 30% if you buy a world-class Palmako log cabin through us, this Black Friday weekend.

This offer is bordering on unbelievable because Palmako is arguably the world’s leading manufacturer of garden log cabins - so whatever you do, don’t delay, in case we end up changing our minds.

Quality as high as this, at prices as low as these, cannot possibly last for long.

Simply apply voucher code PALMAKO10 at checkout, this weekend only, and the full savings are yours.

Black Friday Deal 7:

Save up to 40% on Small Garden Storage!

a pent wooden bike shed containing 2 bicyclesa pent wooden bike shed containing 2 bicycles
This weekend only, get a whopping 40% off the 6'5 x 2'10 Forest Large Double Door Pent Wooden Garden Storage - Bike / Mower Outdoor Store (1.9m x 0.86m)!

Small garden storage includes bike sheds, tool stores, log storage and more, so this BIG Black Friday offer is perfect for anyone who wants a tidier, more stylish garden.

The deal includes some of our most popular products and the prices make an absolute mockery of the quality on offer.

So, whatever type of outdoor storage you need, as long as you shop through us this Black Friday weekend, you can expect to find a bargain.

Get up to 40% off small garden storage now!

And, once again, if you apply voucher code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout, you’ll get an extra 5% off, as long as you’re ordering Forest products worth more than £650.

Black Friday Deal 8:

Up to 40% Off Clearance Products!

6x5 hit and miss decorative fence panels6x5 hit and miss decorative fence panels
For top-quality garden products, at rock-bottom prices, shop our Black Friday Clearance, this weekend.

When we talk about ‘clearance’ products, we’re not referring to unpopular items, discontinued lines or the type of thing you normally find in a bargain basement bin. No, far from it - we’re simply looking to offload a little bit of surplus stock from our warehouses before even newer lines come in.

Items on offer include arbours, garden arches, fence panels, wooden planters and more, all of which are built to the highest possible standards and backed by very long guarantees.

There are no catches to this deal and certainly no faults with the products. This is simply your chance to buy indisputably high-quality garden products at ridiculously low prices, at this special time of year.

Whatever you need for your garden, please don’t miss this one…Get up to 40% off clearance products, in our Black Friday sale, now!

What’s that? The extra 5% off? Come on, you know the drill by now…

And apply voucher code BLACKFRIDAY for an extra 5% off any Forest order over £650.

Shop The Best Black Friday Deals Now!

a corner arbour seat with slatted panelsa corner arbour seat with slatted panels
This weekend only, get an incredible 42% off the Forest Firenze Corner Garden Arbour Seat 5'11 x 5'11 (1.8m x 1.8m), when you buy through us.

There are no queues, no traffic jams, and certainly no gimmicks in Shedstore’s astonishing Black Friday weekend deals.

So, whatever you need for your garden, you know where to shop, and that’s here!