a wooden shed door with a bolt and large rusted padlock

Shed Security

Do I really need to think about how I secure my shed?

The short answer is yes. Thefts from gardens are more common than you may realise. Plus, most of us underestimate the value of the contents stored in our humble garden shed. Your garden furniture, the lawn mower, bicycles and, of course, garden tools quickly add up in value.

On average, us Brits store over £2000 worth of items in our sheds. So, it's well worth investing in some shed security. Luckily, we've got some great products and helpful pieces of advice to help keep your possessions safe and secure.


What security steps can I take?

Buy a Secure Shed

8x5 Lotus Anthracite Grey Metal ShedMetal sheds are renowned for being the most impenetrable - by pests and thieves alike.

However, if you prefer a traditional wooden shed, look for hidden hinges, strong diagonal bracing on door and hidden window screws.

Metal Sheds



8x8 Traditional Apex Security ShedWindowless sheds make the best security sheds.

If valuables aren't easily spotted through a window, the idea of breaking in won't be so tempting.

If you do have windows, consider a blind or curtains that you can close when you aren't working in your shed.


Your Shed Location

View of shed through an open house windowIf possible site your shed out of view from the road or pavement but within sight of your house.


Most of us will be making do with the shed we already have; read on to find out the other steps you can take.



Security Alarm PadlockMost sheds will be provided with a hasp and staple ready for a padlock. A strong padlock is a simple deterrent for opportunist thieves.

Some padlocks, like the one pictured, feature an alarm that will sound if the padlock is tampered with.



Solar Motion Sensor Black Nickel Wall LightNo thief wants to be flooded in light for you to spot. A security light, especially one with a sensor, will send any light-fingered folk running back into the shadows and out of your garden.

A solar light, like the ones pictured, doesn't require expensive electrical connections.

If you do opt to run electricity to your shed, always use a reliable tradesman.

Solar Lights




rambling roseGrow prickly shrubs around your shed. This will prevent any intruders lurking.

Remember to keep them trimmed to minimise creating cover.

Berberis, juniper, blackthorn and roses are all a good place to start.


Interior Security

Bull Security StrongHold Underfloor Locking KitUse a floor locking system to make your contents immovable.

These systems allow you to link your most valuable items to eyelets which are connected to steel bars beneath your shed floor.

So, if an intruder does make it inside your shed, your larger, more expensive items won't be accessible.

Shed Security



Stone Paths

a pile of colourful gravel sized stonesUsing loose decorative stone for paths near sheds will make a silent approach or getaway more difficult.



Globel Silver Vein Heavy Duty Half Cupboard Half Shelves Storage UnitIf you have space, add a lockable storage unit inside your shed.

Lock away smaller expensive tools so they won't be so easy to grab and escape with.


Sheds for Sale

Metal sheds provide another option for security so take a look at one of our best metal sheds in this video:

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