Do I really need to think about how I lock my shed?

The short answer is yes. Thefts from gardens are on a rapid increase as we head into summer. Garden sheds are a favourite target for opportunist burglars. Frequently shed security is overlooked as we often underestimated the value of its contents.

What do you have stored in your shed? Do you store away garden furniture, the lawn mower, bicycles or garden tools? These items quickly add up in value. On average, we store over £2000 worth of items in our sheds.

But it's not just the value of items stored in your shed which burglars like, you may also be supplying them with the very tools they need to break into your home.

Metal sheds provide another option for security so take a look at one of our best metal sheds in this video:

How to protect your shed

The easiest way to secure your shed is to fit a hasp and staple, then use a good quality padlock to stop the majority of thieves. If your shed door can't support one, or you want a more heavy-duty option, you could install a slim Yale-style locking mechanism. You may also want to consider installing a simple wireless alarm system to deter burglars.

There is also a whole host of lighting options which you can install, making it difficult for a potential thief to be stealthy. Also, by using decorative stone on your for your paths and around your shed you will hear the intruder.

Securing items within your shed

With tools, you can install an underfloor lock system to chain them together – stopping burglars from using them to break into your home. This system will also work well with bikes, mowers or garden furniture – adding a further level of protection from theft.

Alternatively, you could invest in a lockable strong box to use in your shed or a stand-alone metal storage unit.