What are the benefits of working from home, especially in the shed?

The benefits are quite obvious, you no longer have to get up early for your daily commute. All you need to do is get out of bed and turn on your laptop. Contact with the office / customers is just a skype call away.

The only down side is that your home can be a very distracting working environment. If you don't have much space, you may need to pack and unpack your office every morning – which can be disruptive.

This is were the advantages of shed-working kick in. By creating a physical separation from your home and work life, be that only a matter of metres, makes a big difference. You're able to escape the distractions of home life, whilst retaining the benefits of home working.

Who would suit shed-working?

This approach is ideal for freelance copywriters or journalists as well as artists who need a peaceful space to work in. From the relative isolation of your shed, it is far more simple to maintain your motivation. If you feel uninspired, you can have a walk in the garden or look out the window to regain your focus. You can easily personalise your work space to suit you and your needs. Lastly, if you run your own business you can use your shed as a make-shift call centre, housing yourself and couple of other staff members.

If you run your own business, you don't have to be completely isolated. There are several online business networking schemes in place to help you, such as ihubbub.

The options

You could just build bricks-and-mortar extension to your house, but this is expensive, takes time to complete, requires planning permission and doesn't provide a separation between your work and home space.

A converted shed

You could easily retro-fit your existing or new shed, garden building or other outhouse. You will need to consider what to do with your garden equipment, if any, that is stored in your shed. You will also need to think about installing suitable insulation and heating – to create a comfortable working environment. You may also need to consider inserting sky-light to improve the levels of light within the shed. Here, Stephen Waddington describes how he converted his pig shed into a fully functional office.

Here at Shedstore, we have an extesive range of large sheds which are big enough and suitable for use as a garden office.

Log cabins

Log cabins are extremely versatile garden building which can easily be used as a garden office. If you're run a home business, by using a log cabin you will have ample space to store your stock. Some of these even feature a handy built in shed-area for extra storage – so if your replacing a shed, you won't need to re-house your gardening equipment.

Like sheds, log cabins often don't need planning permission as long as the eaves are no higher than 2.5 Metres. However, it doesn't hurt to check with your local authority.

If you want to see more uses for log cabins take a look at our video below and see how else you could use that extra space.

Further points to think about:

  • Power - Want a power supply? If so, you will (legally) need to get qualified Part P electrician to install this for you.
  • Heating, insulation and cooling – We sell shed insulation as an option for our sheds. Check out the options as you buy your shed.
  • Costs for services – Do you need a dedicated phone line or broadband? Will your existing wireless connection reach your shed? Or do you need to run an Ethernet cable?
  • Shed security - All of our sheds have a Yale security kit option and many of our Log Cabins include door and window locks.
  • Planning permission – Generally, a shed or log cabin does not need planning permission, but always check with your local authority.