Looking after your bike pays off over time. If you keep it clean, store it well and repair any damage that may occur, you will be the owner of a long lasting, quality bike. You may require cleaning products to ensure your bike is spotless before storing away, it’s recommended that you use a standard cleaning soap with warm water for the exterior and then look into chain degreaser and engine cleaners, perhaps a dose of WD-40 too. You may like to go all out and use a wax to complete the cleaning stage.

Once it’s had a good clean, get yourself a cover to keep it protected from rain and wind. This could be a specific bike cover or another breathable, fabric sheet just acting as a protector to your bike from dust and minor scratches in the shed or garage.

Different types of bike stores

There are many ways you can store bikes, especially in garden bike storage places, keeping them safe from damage and staying in good condition. How about a wall mount inside of the shed/garage, it is out of the way, off the ground and can be locked for security purposes; of course this would be an option if it would be unattended for a long space of time. If you don’t like the idea of your bike(s) being kept in the shed with the lawn mower and pots everywhere or in the garage with the car and pressure washers then how about a specific store for you bike(s). 

If you plan to use your bike quite often then you might like to consider rubber-covered storage hooks instead of a type of garden bike storage, (like a shed) which you can hang your bike from the front wheel, this allows easier access than a wall mount, but keeps the condition, off the floor and out of the way. Keeping your bike stored away through the winter is ideal, the weather during winter is never great and it will not do your bike any favours. Rain will cause rust and potential damage and the possible cold ice and snow will ruin the chain and sprockets, they will stiffen and you will need to repair and perhaps replace. So take a look at the link above at the range of bike stores we can offer to you here, I’m sure you will set your eye on something and keep that bike in tact.

Watch our video on small storage options below to get more information on storage options for your bike: